Raniere's defense team: Marc Agnifilo [l] and Paul DerOhanessian
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Raniere’s Lawyer, Paul DerOhannesian Wrote the Book on Sexual Assault Trials

Paul DerOhannesian II was quiet up until today, sitting beside Keith Alan Raniere during his 17 days of trial and not saying one word, as far as we know, to the jury.

As far as we could tell, he was there to receive hundreds of post-it notes from the world’s smartest man, his client, the defendant — and maybe to make Raniere appear taller than he really is.

DerOhannesian’s expertise is criminal law and, in particular, sexual assault trials.

Today, he cross-examined the government’s expert witness Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychiatrist.

Now, before we go farther, I first want to help people pronounce the name, DerOhannasian.

YouTube has several interviews with him. He was YNN’s ‘Legal Eagle.’

This video pronounces his name at 34 seconds.

But let me try to help cut to the chase and help out phonetically. It is really simple: DerOhannasian is pronounced Dare-a-Nxian.

Now, let us return to our topic: Keith Raniere has been charged with sexual misconduct crimes.

DerOhannasian is an expert in defending these.

He wrote a book: Sexual Assault Trials, available via Lexis Nexis. It’s in its 4th edition and is available in hardcover or as an e-book. The cost is  $254 for the two-volume set.

It is meant for lawyers, law enforcement officials, and experts in the field.

Paul DerOhannesian II, is a partner of the Albany law firm, DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian.

According to the Lexis Nexis online store that markets his book, he has “…over 25 years of experience as a trial attorney and specializes in the investigation and trial of sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence, and child homicide cases. He has written and lectured extensively throughout the United States and conducted over 300 presentations to trial attorneys and law enforcement officials on the topics of trial tactics and sexual assault.”

His book is described on Lexis Nexis:

Sexual Assault Trials [is] the only book of its kind written by an active trial practitioner.

“Covering virtually all aspects of sexual assault trials, this resource is a complete handbook for anticipating and fulfilling the special demands of sexual assault cases. Get expert guidance on discovery and pretrial issues, jury selection, direct and cross-examination, hearsay, expert testimony, presentation of evidence, and jury instructions to help you develop a winning strategy for your case.

“The discussion also includes an analysis of the medical, scientific, and social science issues that come up in sexual assault litigation, such as the interpretation of physical findings in the examination of assault victims, the psychological aspects of sexual abuse, sensitivities involved in interviewing the child witness, and DNA and related technology.

“Whether you’re searching for answers on how to proceed in a sexual assault case, or just want expert advice on trial tactics for any criminal trial, you’ll find the information you need in Sexual Assault Trials.”

The table of contents are:

Chapter 1 Pretrial Issues, Discovery, and Motions

Chapter 2 Fair Trial, Free Press, and Dealing with Publicity

Chapter 3 Jury Selection

Chapter 4 Opening Statement

Chapter 5 Direct and Cross-Examination of Complaining Witness

Chapter 6 Direct and Cross-Examination of Defendant

Chapter 7 Consent

Chapter 8 Identification and Identification Defense

Chapter 9 AIDS and Sexual Assault

Chapter 10 Hearsay

Chapter 11 Expert Testimony

Chapter 12 Medical Evidence and Testimony

Chapter 13 DNA and Scientific Evidence

Chapter 14 Painting the Picture: The Use of Real and Demonstrative Evidence

Chapter 15 Summation

Chapter 16 Jury Instructions





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  • Does Paul Dare-a-Nxian receive primary or secondary gain from justifying rape?

    How much money does Paul Dare-a-Nxian earn per hour from justifying rape?

    If Paul Dare-a-Nxian receives secondary gain from justifying rape, does that mean that the rapists commit sex abuse without having any primary gain from their criminal acts?

    Is Paul Dare-a-Nxian aware of a study in which it was determined that 97% of rapist defenders do it for monetary gain, rather than a belief that their clients are innocent?

  • Of he’s so educated and smart, why is he defending Keith? That throws all credibility out the window for me. Ohhhh, it’s because of $$$. If he wasn’t corrupt, he would have denied defending the monster. So he’s a whore of an attorney. Got it.

  • His book seems meaningless for this trial.


    Cuz he’s asking standard questions and not really hitting any grand slams.

    Any public defender could do that.

    In essence, he’s saying that women are liars.

    It’s an argument that worked better before the #metoo movement started.

    It’s not very original.

    Looks like he’s stuck in a time warp. He thinks it’s still the 1990’s or early 2000’s.

    Methinks that Paul is disco dancing in the courtroom about 40 years after it went out of style, but the jury can’t relate to that Bee Gees shit.

    Methinks that Paul is falling flat on his face.

    But what do you think?

    • I think he did his job. He established that Dr. Hughes had no clinical contact with any of the women who testified, and therefore she was speaking in generalities rather than anything specific to this case. He brought up the fact that their testimony may or may not be the truth. I don’t get that he’s saying women are liars, he’s simply leaving the possibility open.

      Not all men accused of sexual abuse are guilty. Men lie, women lie, it’s something juries need to keep in mind.

      How likely is it that ALL the women who testified against Raniere are lying? Not very. Infinitesimal, with the audio and text messages in evidence. The defense has a weak case, but this attorney did what he could for his client.

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