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Guest View: People are Blind to Ramtha’s Abusive Behavior

Editor’s Note: J.Z. Knight, the founder and leader of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, claims that “Ramtha,” a 35,000-year-old warrior-spirit, enters her body and speaks through her. When the writer below refers to Ramtha, it is meant, of course, J.Z. Knight claiming to be possessed by Ramtha, who is doing the speaking and acting.

Whether there is really an entity possessing J.Z. Knight’s body, or whether she is a fraud, or delusional, is something that requires further investigation. The writer below seems focused on some of the things J.Z. Knight says when she assumes the role of Ramtha [or Ramtha takes control of her body.]

It has been reported that J.Z. Knight is litigious and, like the sect of Raniere, it appears that some people who have dealt with the Ramtha School of Enlightenment are fearful about using their own names. We experienced the identical thing with the extremely litigious Bronfman/Raniere crime organization. 

Keep in mind that J. Z. Knight stands by her claim that there is a Ramtha and his spirit does enter and take control of her person and speaks with her mouth. She asks people to believe this – and because Ramtha is an advanced being – she wants people to listen to him, and learn, and if they are benefited by it, to help support her work to bring the teachings of Ramtha to a wider audience.


By Sumbuddy

People should know that many of the Ramtha supporters are online and have never been to an event where J.Z. Knight purportedly channels the spirit of Ramtha.

These supporters listen to CDs and many haven’t even streamed a 101 event, or they stopped at the 101 and 201. Maybe some attend a few events here and there. They don’t actually get the full experience.

You don’t get the whole picture until you’re in it for a few years when all the random comments start to paint a bigger picture and when you FINALLY hear Ramtha ranting and making statements that corroborate what you thought was just weird “student” beliefs but in fact is the doctrine of the school.

It’s shocking and disgusting at the same time. You think you’re going there to learn how to be a better person and in reality, you get stuck paying to hear someone spew hate against specific students, teachers, officials, groups, religion, you name it.

J. Z. Knight says she channels the spirit of an entity named Ramtha, who is 35,000 years old and an enlightened. She has many followers who believe she is telling the truth and not delusional or a charlatan.

You can listen to that kind of garbage for free on social media!

On the one hand, you have starstruck “students” who think everything Ramtha says is just peachy keen. They don’t stand up to the lewd behavior and physical violence. (Ask the old timers how many times Ramtha slapped students across the face on stage). They excuse it away and say “Oh that’s just how Ramtha works. He has his reasons! You know.” They created getting slapped after all.

It’s crazy to watch [J.Z. Knight as] Ramtha rail on people and be disgusting on stage and then tell people to “turn to your neighbor and tell them what I just said,”  Then you see people turning to their neighbor to justify what just happened and nobody walks out or calls “him” out or anything.

On the outside, some of the most devoted students seem like really cool people, but they are blind to the abuse and vile nature of this behavior. They’re blind to it all.

Then you have the people from a distance who are starstruck. They don’t have a clue what the Ramtha School of Enlightenment is about or what goes on. They defend blindly because all they know is the cutesy little edited CDs that get published.

You don’t know what you’re getting into when you start with this organization. If you’re entranced by the idea of some ascended master being in J.Z. Knight’s body, then you’ll hang on for the ride because you don’t question an ascended master.

“He has his ways, you know.”


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  • What is this?
    One cult comes to a close soon another about to become highlighted on the Frank Report

  • “You don’t know what you’re getting into when you start with this organization. If you’re entranced by the idea of some ascended master being in J.Z. Knight’s body, then you’ll hang on for the ride because you don’t question an ascended master.”

    I questioned it! I was at my second retreat a long long time ago when “Ramtha” came on stage, obviously hammered, and blubbered about nonsense. I have my own “infinite wisdom” and it said to me that there were some good things I learned while I was there briefly, and I could take them and go on my merry way. The trouble is when people hang on and get obsessed with things and accept dysfunction without using their own mind and good instincts. My rule is if there is any jot of hypocrisy in any teaching, I’m done. If the person who is supposedly “wise and all-knowing” is clearly not — and demonstrating behavior that doesn’t line up with his/her own teachings or my own code of ethics, it’s not the place for me.

    Best thing I ever learned was that my power comes from no one but myself.

  • I assume that anyone who has been reading here for long, or has prior knowledge of high control groups or cults, knows that it’s a common characteristic that followers are kept from finding out much of the real nature of such organizations and their teachings, until they have become deeply involved.

    There’s no evidence that Ramtha has any sort of unique or historical knowledge, and channeling – along with “past lives” – has been demonstrated by research to be a spurious phenomenon of the mind. So Knight is almost certainly either a fraud or delusional, though with leaders and gurus of her sort it is usually almost impossible to determine what they actually believe themselves.

    • Yes,key factor eg in Scientology too in distinuishing normal religion (where you can usually read the whole thing for no charge even before you join) anx exploitative cults.

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