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Useful Study Tips Shared by Reddit Users

 If you are habitual to follow a high school study pattern that is making you a bit crazy then the session of drinking a fuel drink at 10 pm may not be enough to remember the thing you’ve learned. The tips provided by the community of Reddit users can be helpful for you if you need to change your mind maps during the study session. Through this study guide, Reddit users have shared some study tips that made things easier for them. It will also aware you about the importance of sleep than your expectations.

Teach others

When you teach others then along with revising your entire course material you can also revise the sections for which you were not sure. According to Reddit users, when, while teaching others, you will speak loudly then you can also check your knowledge in this regard. When he applied this technique on himself then he realized that it was better than revising them repeatedly. While explaining the things to others he was able to find out his weak point and was encouraged to learn them again.

Write Flashcards

Another way suggested by the Reddit users to memorize the study notes is to write on flashcards. According to them, this technique of students study can take you out of stubborn situations. Once, a user has prepared a flashcard program instead of studying two days before the exam. It took only one day to finish it and he passed all of his exams after using it. You can easily recall the things when you understand what you are studying but they become firmer like cement with the repetition of flashcards. Moreover, you can really recognize what you really understood by writing the flashcards yourself. If you know nothing about something then you cannot write a good flashcard on it.

Listen to what your dad says

Your parents can have good ideas to handle the study plans for a long time as they are more experienced than you by going to university and by using such techniques even when they are the part of a workforce. According to one of the Reddit users, prior to join a college his father gave him tips read the books from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, instead of working at home, work in the library, during those 40 hours work in advance and not to miss the class.’

When he followed the wise advice of his father then he never had to wake-up throughout the night to complete his studies. Nor he has to cram to pass the exam. It also helped him while completing difficult courses in higher classes as well as while attending competitive schools. So when you want to improve your studying pattern then you should ask your parents if they can share some knowledge with you in this regard.

Use a Timer

You should be a bit strict about your study time and breaks if you find that you are delaying your studies more than you should. As explained by one of the Reddit users, you should use a timer to set your timetable for studying for 30 minutes and break for 5 minutes. You will be delaying your studies if you extend break time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. During your time to study you should follow certain rules like avoid getting up for food, snacks, or water as well as for the bathroom unless it is entirely necessary. Studying continuously will exhaust your completely still you should continue unless the lesson is completed. Though it looks a bit difficult but you should be ready to do anything to improve your learning style.

Recognize your ways for effective study

However, one method of effective study cannot be used universally. According to a user, one appropriate method of study may not be suitable for all. Instead of getting scared of this situation you should find out the best suitable real world study plans for you. Some of the school students prefer to study silently themselves by sitting on a desk whereas some may find it easier to speak loudly to explain things to them while walking in a study space to understand the things.

Keep things easier

According to a user, you should write all the class notes by hand. Though typing on a laptop can be an easier way to write anything but it will not allow you to take information effectively. This idea was supported by another user by saying that you should write at a slower speed so that you can summarize and get engaged in the material effectively. It will also help in improving your long term memory.

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