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Shadow: Allison Mack Testifying for the Feds Was Never in the Cards

By Shadow State

The idea of Allison Mack testifying for the prosecution was never really in the cards. It could not be. She’s too dishonest and, therefore, most impeachable.

Let’s examine Allison Mack’s reputation for veracity.

1.) Allison Mack fabricated out of thin air the false allegation that her nephew had been sexually molested by a relative. This was part of her collateral and shows how low she could go to support Keith Alan Raniere.

This type of blatant LIE by Allison Mack could both damage the life of the child and the life of the relative she falsely accused.

Allison Mack did not give a damn.

When the actor Jussie Smollett claimed to have been attacked for his race and sexual orientation, the cost to the Chicago Police to investigate this false charge was $130,000 dollars.

Allison Mack is a white female version of Jussie Smollett.

2.) To double down on her madness, Allison Mack falsely claimed that she herself had been sexually molested by her father.

Again, Allison Mack did not care about the consequences to the victim of her false allegations.

Any competent defense attorney could rip her veracity apart on cross-examination. and Marc Agnifilo is more than competent.

It is doubtful if Allison Mack understands and appreciates the difference between fact and fiction and why that difference is important in a criminal trial.

Besides Allison Mack – I suspect – in her heart and mind is still a True Blue member of NXIVM.  And NXIVM regards Allison Mack as a True Believer.

The Tribute Page to Allison Mack is still up and running and it is being regularly updated with new photos.


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Moreover, NXIVM/DOS, when one really examines it, is a sex cult for bisexual women into BDSM.

Last October, Slave Jane said as much to Frank Parlato.

Slave’ tells about her role in GBD, about Allison & Kristin Kreuk: “I never saw KK do anything illegal’

Jane: I think she (Kristin Kreuk) is fickle and claimed to be of BDSM and then the minute anyone looked, dropped us like a bad habit and shamed us. I do not feel anything KK did was illegal. If you claim to be a sub, you can’t suddenly make like you don’t know us when the Mean Girls are looking. Looking the other way when bad stuff is happening is disgusting but not illegal.

FR: What is a mean girl?

Jane: A mean girl is a feminist who does allow any other women to live their lives unless it agrees with her own choices.


Mk10Art’s excellent painting of Keith Alan Raniere and Allison Mack planning to photograph slaves nude.

Raniere Was Akin to a Queen Bee

Keith Raniere became a figurehead in his own cult.

NXIVM was really financed and run by the NXIVM women with a few males thrown in for variety.  Think of NXIVM as a beehive.

Keith Raniere was the Queen Bee who was serviced by the drone bees, the real workers.  And Raniere would pay off his workers, both female and male, by French Kissing them.

Lastly, when the prosecution said that Allison Mack and India Oxenberg had cooperated by providing two USB sticks, it was clear that neither woman would testify.

Other than the possibility of child porn charges against Raniere, don’t expect the NDNY to investigate or prosecute anyone else in NXIVM.

After laying low for a while, NXIVM will be able to rebuild with money from wealthy Mexicans.

The fix Is In.

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  • Will they put off sentencing for the plea deal girls if there is a re trial ? Seems like they should to guarantee their cooperation.

  • Did the defense request a missing witness charge ? I would think they should…. seems to me that a lot of the testimony was directed at Allison being the mastermind behind DOS. If the defense gets a missing witness charge, the Jury could infer that since the prosecution did not call AM, she would have given testimony that would not have been favorable to the prosecution. People were probably expecting her to be the witness who would link a lot of the activity to Keith. Without her testimony, how is the Jury to make that leap?

    • Allison the mastermind behind DOS..? Not from what I’ve read! All Keith. That was very clear.

      • She worked closely with Tubby working out the details of DOS, and suggested the branding of members, so it wasn’t all Tubby. It Was mostly Tubby, but by no means all.

  • To whom it may concern,

    The Hemi Charger along with the Hemi Barracuda are two of my favorite cars.

    Please stop using the Hemi Charger 426 name as an alias! [the link above ^^^ is to the alias.]

      • Follow a Shadowstate’s link to the Troll account.

        My comment what meant as joke Mr. Nuts.

      • Dennis Please. This fruitcake is not Jeff Peterson. Jeff puts out more intelligence in a fart than this guy will ever have

        • Bangkok or Arizona kid you have not mentioned Dennis in so very long long time.

  • Kinda doubt NXIVM will be able to rebuild or restart, even if KAR is found not guilty of all charges. The government is seizing all assets including the “technology”.

    • Remember the EO on forfeiture of assets for those found guilty of sex trafficking? The attack on their assets helps to make sure they cannot easily start this up again after they get out of prison.

      Allison Mack is a small fish in all this. She will get some prison time. Too many fools on here are obsessed with her.

  • Allison Mack is second only to Raniere in psychopathy.

    She loved having the power that DOS gave her over the other women. She loved punishing them, and blackmailing them. She loved the branding ritual that she created. She wasn’t just some woman who did Raniere’s bidding. She did what she did for her own pleasure. She did it all willingly and eagerly.

    I hope she gets a minimum of 20 years.

    • She didn’t “create the branding ritual”! There was an entire conversation recorded and used in court where Keith is literally creating the ritual and all Allison is saying is “uh huh…. okay…”
      Folks- she was not the mastermind. This is completely over the top.

  • I still would of love to see her if she was going to testfy after all she was actress

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