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Brother of Criminal Drug Pusher NYS Assemblyman Sayegh Becomes Drug Pusher Himself

By Teresa Reile

Less than a year ago, Dr. Nadem Sayegh (along with 4 other doctors) was arrested for illegally prescribing and distributing millions of oxycodone pills in exchange for money and lavish gifts.

He was a doctor.  A person one goes to for help.  A man who took an oath to first and foremost:


Instead, he created harm.

He could have done the right thing.

But, he didn’t.

Instead, he contributed to the opioid crisis and ruined people’s lives.

And for what?


Fast forward to less than a year later and we have his brother NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh doing a similar version of the same thing but this time through legislation.

Nader was in the unique position to be a veritalbe hero.

He could have saved the day for millions of kids.

But, he didn’t.

But, he opted out of that.  Apparently the lure of drugs, money and gifts is just a bit too much to turn down.

On Thursday June 13, 19 Sayegh  voted “NO” in the Health Committee on a bill which would take away the religious rights to millions of NYS children and would force them to get drugs injected into their systems against their will.  These are drugs which cause cancer, encephalitis, autism, debilitating disease and in the worst cases – Death.

This NO vote would have killed the bill right there.

Voting NO was the RIGHT thing to do.

And, he did it – for a minute.

But, that was just a bit too much for him to handle because he caved to pressure from NYS Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

In less than one minute history was changed.

What did Carl Heastie whisper in Nader Sayegh’s ear that made him cast his vote for the unnecessary destruction of families across NYS?

Nader Sayegh COULD have saved these children.

But, he didn’t. 

This moment in history will signal a death knell for children across America.

With mothers sobbing in the room, Nader Sayegh had his chance to save them.

But, he didn’t.

It appears that members of NYS legislature are on the payroll of Big Pharma.

What other reason could it possibly be?

In an official statement from the CDC, the CDC admittied that unvaccinated children were NOT among the measles outbreak which ‘supposedly’ triggered the dire need for this bill,

“More than half (approximately 58%) of the cases in NYS outside of NYC have been children too young to attend school (infants through age 3), as well as adults (age 19+) who are no longer in school. Religious exemptions do not apply in any of these situations.”

Perhaps, Nader is looking to ‘one-up’ his brother in the drug dealing business but this time – legally. LITERALLY.

That move…that 2 minutes in time changed history.

He was the man who could have saved the children.

But, he didn’t.

Being around criminals one tends to go criminal oneself.  It’s hard to uphold a level of ethics when those around you have none. Carl Heastie, Jeff Dinowitz, Brad Hoylman, and David Carlucci all fall into this category.

Sayegh makes a feeble attempt to justify changing his vote, but the damage was done.  It didn’t take much to make him cave.   With the exception of a very few, what we have in the NYS legislature now are spineless, sniveling jellyfish who apparently hate children and have less than zero percent integrity.

They COULD be heros.

BUT, they aren’t.

Watch the Video here: (fast forward to 44 minutes and watch Heastie whisper in Sayegh’s ear)


About the author

Teresa Reile

Teresa is a strong leader having worked closely with Nobel Peace Prize Nominees, business and entertainment icons, political and religious leaders the world over.


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  • Great expose Teresa. I published this re-vote all over the place but there was never any official inquiry. Nadem is supposed to be sentenced this month, October. Have you heard anything?

      • The whole family is corrupt! I live in one their buildings and James or Nadeem Sayegh (who knows which one) is trying to evict me while pregnant with two children knowing they overcharged me rent. They submitted false documents to DHCR and I can’t wait to show the state my evidence. They even have relations with judge Evan InLaw whom has abuse his totle to help this criminal.

  • Thank you so much for your article. I also watched that video of the legislative vote with the same disappointment and disgust. People don’t realize that depriving the ‘anti-vaxers’ of choice deprives EVERYONE of choice. The medical police state is not good for ANYONE. All it takes is one vaccine injury in an individual or someone they know to ‘suddenly’ want your choice back.

  • This is the perfect demonstration of why our country is on a downward spiral. Uneducated, self-interested and arrogant people, not unlike the writer of this article, should not have the ability to spread ideas that are wrong and harmful to the community. I suggest that you do some research on the benefit of vaccinations, not only for the poor children who can themselves get sick , but for all of the contacts of those sick children who, in their vulnerable state, can become sick as well. I wonder if your superficial and clouded mindset is able to make the connection between the anti-vaccination craze (a craze that has been founded in a disproven study from a corrupt and subsequently imprisoned doctor, which is ironic being that the author of this article chose to sling mud at a respected community doctor) and the rise of this measles epidemic. As a human being, YOU shouldn’t be doing any harm, but you are perpetuating an uneducated idea for YOUR OWN interests (as trivial and dumb as they are) which is harmful in itself. I feel sorry for the children of you and the likes of you.

  • It’s my understanding that legislators are allowed to change their minds before committee meetings are over. Ever heard of the quote often misattributed to Otto Van Bismarck about the making of laws being akin to sausages with regards to people preferring to not see them being made? I’m glad Antivaxxers were able to catch up on their social studies, if only they’d do their science homework. It appears to me that the anti-vaccine community is filled to the brim with individuals who are used to getting their way, no questions asked. Eliminating the religious exemption polled at 84% across New York State, across party lines, a remarkable achievement for an issue in today’s polarized political environment. If a robust democracy is supposed to reflect its constituency then our process, along with reason, has prevailed. Long ago, I had genuine sympathy for people in the anti-vaccine community. I believed that although they were misguided, they genuinely wanted what was best for their kids. The headline to this article and subtext indicate otherwise and confirm the suspicions of many that it’s indeed an unhinged group, willing to throw anyone under the bus if it means defending what they perceive to be their inalienable rights. I must ask you, have you ever thought about what life is like for other people who depend on us to be vaccinated because they don’t have the luxury of choosing to believe in pseudoscience? As someone with immunocompromised children and elders in my family, I hope that you never have to see a loved one suffer from something entirely preventable because of the arrogance and selfishness of people who refuse to concede that in the year 2019, we live in a society. Shame on you for harassing this legislator from across the State, and shame on Art Voice for validating this opinion as a based criticism. Oh how the journalistic greats have fallen in WNY.

    • Dear Mike from Elmwood: Have you ever wondered why, the notice for visitors outside intensive care units, asks people who have been recently vaccinated with live vaccines (ie. the MMR vaccine) NOT to enter? This is because the immuno-suppressed can catch a virus due to virus shedding by the vaccinated, NOT from the healthy unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are NOT the enemy -corrupt poiticians are! Which was the point being made in this excellent article. Don’t let fear cloud your judgement. That is how they (the corrupt politicians and their masters in the pharmaceutical companies) WIN.

  • Ashamed that a paper from my hometown would write an article as disgusting and unfounded as this, shame on you.

    • Unfounded? Did you even bother to read the article? I was there and it’s fact.

  • Thank you for slinging the truth. People have become so brainwashed it’s pathetic.

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