Reader suggests that Keith Raniere was overcharged.
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Guest View: Raniere Doesn’t Deserve 15 Years to Life in Prison

Editor’s Note: It is good to get some opposing views from readers. Here is one that suggests that Keith Alan Raniere was punished too harshly for his misdeeds. 

By Friend of a Friend


Yes, Rainiere was coercive. He collected collateral.

He said he did it help others, but I don’t buy it because it as not an effective means of behavior change.

Negative punishment/self imposed coercive strategies have not been shown to be an effective motivator of enforcing lifelong behavior change.

Apparently, no collateral was released so what should we charge Raniere with: using ineffective, medieval strategies?

Those were the good old days: Heading to court when she was the attacker not the defendant. Attorney William F. Savino of Woods Oviatt Gilman (l) accompanies his client, the ruthless Clare Webb Bronfman (r) as she pursues one of her and Keith Alan Raniere’s enemies in court.

Legal harassment and intimidation?

Yes, he litigated unnecessarily and caused many people harm when he could have acted humbly, admitted his mistakes, made amends and moved on. Raniere and Bronfman should pay people back for the harm they’ve caused them including Frank Parlato, Rick Ross and Joe O’Hara and anyone else they’ve hurt.

But, this is more of a civil matter than a criminal matter.

The pubic brand that features the initials of Keith Alan Raniere – applied to his slaves with a white hot cauterizing pen.


What does it come down to?

A bunch of people got upset about human branding which is not a crime and then the government looked into everything and decided Rainiere was operating immorally. He was having lots of sex, had an underage girl friend at one time, making lots of money, slipping some people across the border, not paying people fairly and litigating anyone who complained and caused him problems. That’s it.

Keith Alan Raniere

What should be done with Raniere?

Raniere is an asshole. He’s a liar who doesn’t live up to what he preaches. What minister or religious leader does? He needs to be publicly shamed and pay those back whom he’s hurt.

Does he deserve 15 years to life in prison? IMO, No!

He’s just another jerk. He hasn’t committed murder, he hasn’t robbed banks or traded secrets to the Russians. He’s done nothing many of our present leaders haven’t done.

He’s had affairs, lied about it, cheated people out of money.

Sound like anyone you know?

Artist Marie White’s “In the Name of Science”. Her painting is of Keith Alan Raniere doing science-based research using his camera to take nude photos of young girls to check their auras.
Marie White’s – Dr. Danielle Roberts and Her Cauterizing Pen. Was Keith Alan Raniere sent to prison for no more a crime than condoning the branding of consenting women? A reader suggests it is the case.


Artist Marie Whites’ stunning “Wear My Brand My Lovely” with Keith in the background overseeing the masterful brand.

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  • You are right, he deserves the death penalty not 15 to life

  • To be honest, he probably doesn’t deserve life. He’s committed a bunch of crimes, they are sinister in nature and people were hurt. At the same time, most of the victims can recover and it’s very unlikely he’d be able to repeat his crimes.

    I’d like to see him released in 15 years or so, with no friends or resources to speak of. See what it feels like to be completely alone, unattractive, unemployable, looking for something way to redeem himself. Maybe NXIVM continues in some form and he’s on the outside looking in, unwelcome and scorned for the illegitimacy he brought to the program.

    And I’d like John Tighe to cover his re-entry into society.

    • Just his repeated rape of a minor should get him 15 years, add all the other awful shit keith has done and life in prison is bare minimum

  • Portraiting Keith Rainere’s criminal lifestyle as a “jerk” is like self-affirming I should get a job in Apple because I love my iPhone SE and I’m a master using it!

  • More of a civil matter? I risk being repetitive: Life savings stolen, careers ruined, identities crushed, sisters lost (“suicided”), self esteem decimated, children aborted, abandoned, or disowned, innocent people falsely accused, arrested, sued, and imprisoned.

    A scheme to have Toni Natalie imprisoned, raped and killed in Mexico – for revenge. A thirteen year old repeatedly raped in the 1990s. Threatening letters sent to people who left, on the letterhead of some Mexican attorney.

    People sued into bankruptcies. Bankruptcies interfered with. Vandalism done to the homes of John Tighe and Joe O’Hara. Dog(s) killed. Money laundered and hidden away. Taxes unpaid.

    He’s not just an asshole, Asshole.

    TO BE CLEAR, this was not simply about a guy who got a lot of voluntary sex and money from willing people.

  • We don’t need any paedophiles and rapists moving freely amongst us. He has expressed no remorse for his crimes and is indifferent to the suffering he has caused; so he should live and die in prison where he can’t rape any children or abuse another woman.

  • Way to go sleepy head, don’t let any facts get in the way of your sweeping generalisations!

  • This was the argument of his attorney and it’s absurd. Racketeering is a crime committed through extortion or coercion and it’s illegal. In this case women were extorted for sex. Whether the collateral was released isn’t relevant. If I kidnap your child and then coerce you to have sex with me, but don’t release your child afterwards, that doesn’t negate any criminal activity with regards to racketeering. Women offered collateral not knowing it would later be used to coerce them into sex. And let’s be totally clear about our justice system, you’re ultimately tried by your peers in society, i.e. a jury. A crime is just some text book jargon. Your peers can ultimately throw you in jail for whatever they want (i.e. deem you guilty), that’s how the system works. They looked at Keith’s body of work and said “this guy shouldn’t be integrated into our society”. Something to think about next time you do something morally questionable. Sorry, this guy needed to go to jail. On top of all his other crimes, including sex with a minor, it needs to be a life sentence.

    • Sorry dipshit, but your ‘child kidnapping analogy’ isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison.

      The original photos weren’t kidnapped. They were given freely. Duh.

      Also… If you gave custody of your child to a kidnapper with your parental consent, then it’s not kidnapping. It’s called babysitting. 🙂

      Also, photos do not have the same value as kids, you fucken retard. 🙂

      Yeah, Keith is a turd who belongs in jail.

      But so does Kristin Keeffe, his most evil wing woman who did many evil deeds.

      Yet Frank and Heidi have forgiven her, even though they haven’t forgiven Nancy, Allison or Lauren for doing lesser evil deeds than Keeffe.

      Frank is a biased asshole.

      Frank will defend Keeffe as though he’s defending a Saintly Angel, yet he’ll shit all over Nancy and Lauren as though they were worse than Keeffe.

      Frank isn’t a real journalist.

      Real journalists don’t allow their personal bias to interfere with their reporting.

      Frank should expose every evil doer, not just the ones he doesn’t personally like.

      I have already asked a Jamaican witchdoctor friend of mine to put curse on Frank.

  • Dearest “Friend of a Friend”,

    Once again please go back to your Troll Lair.

    What’s the matter is playing Fortnight or COD during summer vacation getting old?

  • He has raped many under age women. That might not have been the target of this trial, but if this is the way to stop him permanently, justice is done. Is that in step with the legal technicalities? No. But it’s “ethical” under NXIVM terms and you argue like a NXian so that should satisfy you. No ultimate victims, right?

  • Perhaps this writer is simply sarcastic. I don’t know,but, I don’t agree. I believe he should serve the maximum sentence. However, wouldn’t it be great if he does what John Tighe suggests and gives up names?

  • All of the NXIVM defendants deserve good long stretches in prison for the evil they’ve inflicted.
    Far more years than they will actually get.

  • You are right. He does not deserve prison. Niether do Claire, Lauren or Mack.

    They deserve to be beaten, raped and imprisoned in the most humiliating manner possible, and left to publicly starve to death while stripped naked in the public square.

    That and only that will even the score, imho.

    • The NXIVM elite all deserve severe public humiliation for the rest of their lives.
      They need to be taught to be ashamed of themselves and their behavior.

    • I cant condone prison rape under any circumstance, i do belive Keith should be put into old sparky though

    • He said, I’ve had people killed because of my beliefs,” so we’re talking about more than one murder. “Had people killed,” suggests that he had someone do the killing for him, Manson style. Some of his followers are twisted enough to do it.

    • Chicky,

      The murders Raniere mentioned…

      …….I think Raniere was referencing are the 1-4 suicides he most likely had an indirect role in.

      Meaning he caused such psychological damage to the individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions he drove them over the edge.

      Raniere has been quoted multiple times now that he was “trying to break” various individuals.

      Allison Mack was driven to insanity. Don’t take my word for it read Mark Vincete’s testimony transcripts here on the Frankreport.

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