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Bangkok: It Won’t Be Easy to Exonerate John Tighe

By Bangkok

I agree that people should help donate money to John Tighe’s prison account, if he needs it.

The thing is, I really doubt that he needs people giving him commissary money since you can only have a small account balance anyway.

I’m sure that John’s doing just fine with his commissary account.

I think it’s rather bizarre that everybody here is assuming John’s penniless and without friends or family who can send him his monthly commissary balance.

However, there’s another point I want to make.

Frank is telling us that he believes there will be an ‘exoneration’ of John Tighe.

But Frank is not acting in his capacity as an unbiased journalist here. Instead, Frank is acting in his capacity as a guy totally ‘enamored’ with John Tighe.

This is nothing more than ‘fairytale-style’ wishful thinking on Frank’s part.


Because no state trooper will EVER admit to framing John Tighe.

It will take MORE than John’s own ‘word’ that he was framed.

John’s WORD (all by itself) is not enough to even get him a hearing on the matter.

In the eyes of the law, John is a convicted felon and his WORD is equivalent to every other felon who says he’s innocent. They all claim that.

Frank is just not being honest with us about the complexity of exonerating a convicted felon.

Frank is leading us to believe that if John gets out of prison and writes a blog post accusing NY state troopers of framing him, the Justice Department will immediately hold a hearing and clear his record. LOL.

That’s BULLSHIT. It’s a lot harder than that to ‘exonerate’ somebody.

Even with REAL EVIDENCE it can take YEARS for that to happen.

However, in John’s case, there is no evidence other than his ‘word’ (which has the meaning of shit to authorities, cuz he’s a convicted felon).

What about the testimony of Keith or Clare Bear?

Regardless of John’s hope that Keith will eventually come clean, he just won’t. Ever. For any reason.

What about Clare Bear helping John in exchange for lesser jail time?

Nope. The chances of that happening are SLIM since the government ain’t gonna cut her any special deals UNLESS she’s got REAL EVIDENCE that NY State Troopers have actually framed John Tighe.

Her WORD (all by itself) won’t be enough to even get a hearing on the matter, since she’d have an incentive to lie if it meant lesser jail time.

And I seriously doubt that NY State Troopers sent Clare emails talking about how they intended to frame John Tighe. LOL.

Likewise, I seriously doubt that anybody from NXIVM ever ‘paid off’ any NY State Troopers directly, so there’s likely no financial trail to prove corruption there.

Here’s the likely reality…

NY State Troopers knew that Keith and Clare wanted for Tighe to be indicted. They didn’t need to be told directly.

Therefore, they likely took matters into their own hands to facilitate that indictment, without actually being paid off or sending emails to confirm what they were doing.

They were likely doing favors for NXIVM in the hopes of being given future favors themselves.

Look people, Frank couldn’t even get Clare Bear tried for racketeering, LOL, even with TONS of REAL evidence proving her involvement in the NXIVM racketeering enterprise.

Getting John Tighe ‘exonerated’ will take a HELL OF A LOT more effort than convicting Clare Bear of racketeering.

Frank needs to be more honest with us about the chances of exonerating John Tighe. It won’t be a cakewalk.

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