This is the the government's exhibit 39 - submitted in evidence. It is a photo of Allison Mack.
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Guest View: Allison Mack Had Options Throughout Her Time in NXIVM

Allison Mack Is a Guilty Felon

By: Seeking Justice for Victims

I’m not buying this load of crap that Allison has no responsibility in her actions. Allison chose each action she did for her Master and at any time could have said, as others had before her:


Would it not be a better outcome for her had she done that?

Now, she will also be known as a federal criminal and Keith Raniere’s “Madam.” She will wear his brand into a federal prison and will have plenty of time to think about her evil deeds.

Allison had several chances to get out of NXIVM long before her arrest. Several times she chose to believe her Master instead of taking in any other DATA that is out there. Much like those who are still “The Believers.”

Susan Dones of the Nxivm 9 [painting by MK10ART]
First – let’s talk about the Nxivm 9 – the nine women who left in 2009.

Did Mack check out why they left and why the Tacoma Nxivm Center where she had trained at closed its door suddenly?

NOPE, she followed her Master Keith Raniere long before DOS was even born.

Allison Mack with her Vanguard Keith Alan Raniere discussing collateral. [Another gem by MK10ART
Second – let’s talk about the 2012 Times Union series of articles “Secrets of Nxivm”[2012] that came out with shocking reports from women who her Master, Keith Raniere, had sex with before they were the age of consent.


Allison Mack chose to believe her Master Keith Raniere. Once again, instead of taking in any DATA other than what she wanted to believe was a reality. Again, this was long before DOS was born.

Third – Allison is introduced to Keith Rainier’s alternate lifestyle when it comes to sexual relationships.

Allison Mack started to have sex with Raniere knowing he has sex with many women, but she can only have sex with him. Hum… what kind of woman agrees to this kind of “one way, he “gets-it-all” kind of relationship?

Allison Mack chose this handsome devil – her Vanguard – over all others – to become his life slave and commit crimes for him. Was it because he had collateral on her?

One who is looking for something she thinks is missing? How can she get it from the external world if she is following NXIVM’s so-called “Tech”?

Fourth – let’s talk about the news articles about how Keith Raniere had plotted with Emiliano Salinas to have four women lured to Mexico, arrested on false charges, imprisoned, tortured and then “disappeared”?

Allison Mack choose to believe her Master Keith Raniere instead of taking any DATA that he was a dangerous man

Fifth – Allison becomes the kind of woman who is willing to do anything for her man. Regardless of anything that pulls her into “hey this guy is nuts” direction, Allison ignores all the red flags coming from her gut. Allison decides to step over the line and become a criminal.

A criminal for what purpose? She was getting paid as a head trainer. Those who were in NXIVM know if you upset the Master, such things as a head trainer are taken away from you.

Since Mack chose to give up her acting career, what options did she leave herself to make that kind of money and have that kind of power within NXIVM?

Me three – Allison Mack joined Dani Padilla to enjoy threesomes with her glorious Vanguard. Was that because she was coerced?Mack was in the same boat as Lauren Salzman. If you leave, you lose your income and your “family,” the Nxivm community. You might even get sued, as many who left had been. Who wants to work at the Cheese Cake Factory like many in NXIVM did when they could no longer work within NXIVM or for Clare Bronfman?

Six – Raniere got arrested, and Allison Mack did not go to the FBI upon returning from Mexico. She decided to wait for herself to get arrested. Once arrested, Mack waited a very long time before making a plea deal with the DOJ.

• Her lawyers knew the first on the plea bus get the best deal.
• Her lawyers knew this was a RICO case and the government was not going to spend the money on two trials
• It was never Clare Bronfman’s responsibility to pay for Allison Mack’s defense
• The judge held a special Curcio hearing, and Allison Mack told the judge she was happy with her defense team. Now Mack wants to be a crybaby about how the DOJ handled her deal. WTF?

If I work for a mob boss and I shot a guy in the back of the head because I fear for my family or my own life, I’m still breaking the law. I have refused to look at what my options are other than murder the guy for my boss. It’s still murder. NXIVM teaches a class to take a look at what all your options are.

Mack had the tool of looking at what all her options were throughout her time in NXIVM in her toolbox.


Keith Raniere is now in jail. Allison Mack who followed her Vanguard will follow him there also. [Painting by the artist MK10Art].

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  • I don’t think KAR chose to have an alcoholic mother who would turn him into a narcissistic sociopath. At what point does anyone become responsible for their behavior?

    • At the point of doing what they do.

      That’s all that’s being judged.

      What they do.

  • Here are the facts, she confessed to criminal activity. She gained from that activity. Body mutilation with AM initials, recording Allison agreeing with the process of branding. Victims describing forced labor and service. Human captivity and starvation through blackmail. She was 2nd in command. This is what the judge and jury will look at my guess. The length of time to be served will depend on how intensely Allison enforced and planned the treatment of her members, and suffering caused. India Oxenberg’s story will be the point of interest since it was her fate that started the national interest in this case IMO. Either way, Allison will have time to think of her actions and hopefully change.

    • I don’t see the AM initials, I think it was a slip of the cauterizing pen and/or scar tissue that healed unevenly. The jury isn’t involved in the sentencing, it is soley the judge. National attention started with Edmondson’s scar picture on the NYT.

  • Could be but in these cults people get more and more drawn in and the cause and its supposed goodness triumphs (in their head) over the law of the land just as a Catholic may not perform a lawful abortion or you might abandon your family to join a cause (as Jesus suggested and many many others including Chairman Mao in his day). They end up thinking the ends justify the means – such as the rajneeshis and poisoning in Oregon to help ensure they won an election.

    People get sucked in bit by bit for the “greater good”.

    That is one reason I am delighted all my children often have totally different views from each other and from me in part because I have ensured they are exposed to loads of different views, have a very good education and can think for themselves and not always follow the herd of people who are around them.

    • Equating not doing an abortion to statutory rape is an interesting analogy. Jesus was a one-time, special case. Of coure, if you don’t believe He was the Son of God, then He was just another guy wanting you to follow Him. Thinking a scam or cult can’t happen to you or those you think are smart isn’t very smart. Most of the time, the herd doesn’t follow cults and scams, it’s just a very small percentage of those around them that do, that’s why cults and scams are so small in numbers.

  • Is Allie any more or less a victim than Lauren? We heard a solid chunk of Lauren’s story directly from her at trial. I’ll be the first to admit, I was rattled to my core with sympathy and empathy and all the other “thys” when I read her testimony here and in other news platforms. In fact, the judge risked a mistrial because he “is a human” and didn’t want her to have a nervous breakdown in his court room.

    They believed that doing bad shit dictate by the “most ethical man in the world meant that they were pure.

    • I didn’t have any sympathy for Salzman at all, because at the trial she was put through a tiny fraction of what she put others through.

  • Art from MK10
    Allison Mack in Ecstasy after her three way sex with Keith Raniere and Dani Padilla.

    #AllisonMack writes an email containing her euphoric epiphanies after enjoying a threesome with #Nxivm leader #KeithRaniere and Dani Padilla:
    “i arrived home and looked at myself in the mirror and what i saw was such beauty and grace.

    i am new to this:

    to being with more than one person.

    to exploring and experimenting with my body and others in a free and open way.

    to sharing and releasing and relaxing and enjoying.

    the level of vulnerability is high and i feel nervous and insecure.

    but when i am with you two something changes. i not only feel allowed to face this vulnerability with encouragement, i laugh my way through it.”

    Does that sound like Allison Mack was abused?

    • Well it does actually sound like what the other victim wrote and therefor, If they were abused, seem to me like she was too!

      But that, of course i going WAY over your head.

  • Allison Mack is a victim/criminal in a similar way that News paper heires Patty Hearst was over 40+ years ago.

    Hearst was the daughter of America’s most successful newspaper publisher when she was kidnapped. Eventually she would suffer from Stockholm syndrome or “brain washing” or coercion, take your pick……
    …… And end up taking part in a bank robbery.

    Hearst committed crimes and had to be held responsible regardless of her extenuating circumstances. Allison Mack is the same boat.

    One hell of a dichotomy to be stuck in. Victimhood and villainy…….

    • Except that in Hearst case, she really committed a serious crime…
      Allison , not so sure.
      The collateralization as to be accounted both way!
      Did she really had any other choice but to do what she was asked?
      Even some of the other victim committed the same crime but nobody consider that they deserve to pay the bill…Only Allison has!

      How do you justify this? you should have used your notniceguy alias for this post…

  • Allison had been on house arrest for over a year, which really is punishment in itself. She should just get probation and some community service.

    • I doubt that her victims would agree with you, and I’m certain that the judge won’t.

      I can see that you are coming from a compassionate place, and I respect that, but the crimes she has committed are crimes that justify a custodial sentence.

      A custodial sentence is the norm for blackmail cases, and she blackmailed a lot of people.

      Justice has to be done for the victims.

      20 years minimum.

      • “she blackmailed a lot of people.”

        Allison Mack might have blackmailed as many as 150 women and she collected new blackmail from each and every woman every month.

    • Max
      Real punishment for Allison Mack would mean being forced to watch this video over and over and over and over again for five straight years morning, noon and night.

    • I agree, Especially seeing how cooperative she was with the prosecution since the beginning

      The prosection, on the other hand, was not cooperative…i remember the prosecution being scolded (back in september,last year) for not transmitting the change of date for the hearing to Allison…nope, it was an accident! not trying to make her lose her bail.

  • You use the example of shooting someone in the head. In manipulating Daniela’s mother, Raniere used the example of killing a child. Daniela did not kill a child, and Mack did not shoot anyone in the head.

    • Dianne,

      Of course she didn’t murder anyone no one is saying she did. How silly of you.

      Not all DOS salves broke the law or pimped out women for Keith Raniere either.

      Allison Mack is a criminal who pleaded guilty to some of her crimes. Now she has to pay the price.

      House arrest with her parents and a swimming pool in L.A. California hardly mades up for what Mack has done to her victims. She was Raniere’s #1.

      Other charges could come up for her in the NDNY. Mack had/has a sham marriage that allows Nicki Clyne to remain in the US.

  • “Allison Mack with her Vanguard Keith Alan Raniere discussing collateral. [Another gem by MK10ART”

    That painting is priceless.

    I Laughed my ass-off and was disgusted concurrently.

    I have never experienced nausea and laughter at the same time. Thank you 🙂

  • In her own words under oath:

    “I now realize that I and others engaged in criminal conduct. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying NXIVM, Keith Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise that is alleged in the indictment.”

    “I encouraged Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 to deliver this collateral to me, through my participation in a scheme that was designed to instill in them a fear that if the property was not delivered, we would expose collateral previously given to the organization, which could have been embarrassing and personally damaging to themselves or others, if released.”

    “From in or about October 2015 to June 2017, within the Northern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, and elsewhere, I knowingly and intentionally obtained the labor and services in the form of so called acts of care from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8.”

    “Acts of care included having these women perform services for me. I obtained these labor and services from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 through, among other things, being part of a scheme, namely DOS, designed to make them believe that if they did not perform the requested acts of care, they could suffer serious harm.”

    20 years, minimum.

    • Except that the trial failed to prove this and therefor , she is not supposed to be guilty…
      BTW guideline sentence are recommendation by prosecution, lowlife…
      So it’s 3 to 5 for them and hopefully WAY less as she is clearly a victim.

      • The trial doesn’t have to prove it, Mack admitted her guilt. She was both a victim and a perp. Because of multiple crimes and instances, hopefully her sentence will be long, but she is a first-time offender, so perhaps this judge will just treat her to a lunch in the court cafeteria.

        • i kinda like the visual of samepaul speaking outta both sides of mouth but … could be two pauls in succession

          coincidence? <==there are none

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