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Guest View: Allison Mack Was a Victim of Everything the Other DOS Slaves Were

By a Friend  

Allison Mack is a victim.  The victimizer part was not demonstrated in court.

The only crime demonstrated(-ish) is her collecting collateral.  The rest is prosecution BS – made to create a RICO case.  The forced labor charge is BS.

Keith Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifillo, made an excellent point, when he asked Allison’s slave Nicole, in reference to contacts Allison used to get Nicole an audition on Broadway, ”Did you pay for Allison’s help?”

The point is they helped each other. It was not forced labor.

Allison didn’t threaten anyone with anything. She said clearly, “My master wants to release your collateral”.

This was confirmed later by the fact that Raniere threatened Nicole.

And don’t forget, Allison was being extorted by Raniere as well.

Three Reasons

I think she pleaded guilty for three reason:

1 – The prosecution said they would try to prove she knew about the pedophilia. Even if they couldn’t prove this, it would have been dramatic. Juries vote with their hearts.

2 – The judge refused to give her a separate trial (and since the pedophilia of Raniere was to be shown to the jury, it would have had an impact on her defense. Juries vote with a “birds of a feather” mentality in RICO cases.

3 -No more money. [The Clare well ran dry].  Perhaps her lawyers were pushing Allison to take a plea deal to avoid working for free. [It may have been the right choice given #1 and #2 above.]

The Raniere trial did not show Allison guilty of anything else but, at worst, extortion.

And that is true only if you selectively interpret the context and forget that Allison was under the same collateralization system that victims, Nicole and Jaye, [DOS slaves who testified about Allison] were.

Was She a Victim?

Frank Report asks about Mack in the article Part 1: Gems from Trial: Allison Mack Email Describes Threesome with Raniere and Dani Padilla:

“What if she really, truly did it all with the goal of being a better person, a more genuine woman, a more spiritual one, a woman who wanted to go from wrong to right, darkness to light, death to immortality, and the man she chose to lead her led her to darkness, to wrong, to death almost?

“If that is true, is she not then at least in part a victim?”

The email mentioned in the article (not only this email but other emails shown at trial] show that Allison’s goal was to be a better person (She said this WAY before Nxivm).

She had a poor opinion of herself. It was not humility, but lack of confidence (I know, it’s a contradiction with her being an actress, but to her, acting was being someone she failed to be in real life.)

Remember also two things about her threesome email:

– Strict unsafe diet since 2013 and sleep deprivation made her unable to think properly.

– Other slaves clearly stated they had to praise dickhead (Raniere) or face possible punishment.

Even victim-witnesses [Dani, Nicole, Jaye] had sent this kind of (for me) creepy mail [praising Raniere].

Allison isn’t more or less a victim than India, Nicole or any other victim. She is completely a victim.

So abused that she tried to rationalize the situation (or make the best of it).

Many victims (for years, and without anyone trying to help them) end up finding excuses and defending their victimizers.

A List of Proof

Allison was a victim of EVERYTHING the other DOS slaves were:

-She was beaten (on several occasion if we believe what was written on Frank Report).

-She was put to starvation (that is obvious, just look at the pictures).

-She was sleep deprived (ask Nicole about that. She testified about the strange game Allison was doing in the morning).

-She was obviously having sex against her own desire (when you read the threesome email, why would she talk about vulnerability, insecurity or being nervous. She also said, ‘I struggle with love and relationships.”)

-She was collateralized (and at a higher level than the other victims).

Who knows what Raniere told her before she was fully collateralized?

It’s highly likely that the slaves didn’t know what they would have to do once they were fully collateralized.

And Allison was really badly collateralized.

She had to choose between accepting the situation or destroying her family.

And before we go with the usual, “but she gave them willingly”.  No, this isn’t true. Some people in Nxivm saw that he was pushing her to give more collateral as far back as 2013.

For me, it’s clear that she is a full victim – either that or others have to be considered to be victimizers too. Jaye admitted she was trying herself to bring (almost) a new DOS slave (while she knew it was bad).

Allison’s email about her threesome is just sad and shows the emotional and psychological distress he was putting her through.

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  • I think it is impossible to know. Even people involved in this kind of thing often are not sure. Any woman (or man for that matter) who has given in to a partner for a quiet life will not really know if they have consented or not. Bring into the mix those into BDSM and it gets even harder to know what is consent and what is not.

    If KR had had the self improvement backed up with weekly weigh ins like Weightwatchers rather than his or whoever suggested it idea of naked photos and if he had kept sex out of it all he would not be where he is.

  • After paying tens of thousands of dollars to learn they are not victims, that they create their own lives, that it’s all about integrity, standing up for what you believe despite all adversity … to now claim victim status is rich.

  • Yes! Agree 100%. That being said she is still responsible in part and should face consequences.. but I also have a problem with people like Bronfman and Nancy Salzman facing less time than Allison. India was actively recruiting people.. is India somehow more of a victim than Allison (who endured the abuse and manipulation for MUCH longer) just because she had a mother that recognized what was happening and did everything in her power to stop it?

  • You need to read Mack’s statement at the guilty plea hearing, the trial didn’t have anything to prove about Mack.

    A lot of actors lack confidence.

    Mack doesn’t know what being a “better person” means.

    Mack may be no less a victim than the others, but she is much more the perp than them.

  • Perhaps.

    But she also had a unique role as a perpetrator, Raniere’s henchwoman who had the collateral DropBox, and who was effectively in charge of DOS and also reportedly lead it once Raniere was arrested. That’s why she was indicted by a grand jury that reviewed much more evidence and testimony than we’ve ever seen, and had to plead guilty – though there are definitely questions remaining about exactly what her role was.

    • No , she didn’t…
      The Dropbox is likely not hers…I remind you that many people had their account “controlled” or “managed” by others…
      The only person retaining the collateral in the end was Raniere.
      And in charge? what are you talking about?! you do know how to read?

      “though there are definitely questions remaining about exactly what her role was”

      Not really, It was proved that her role was really minor…Only a few here try to prove she was more but the reality is that she was just another victim.

      The creation of DOS ? Raniere
      Branding idea ? Raniere (and we now know for sure that her Initial were never part of the branding)
      Giving Orders ? Raniere
      Sexual assignement and order sexual stuff? Raniere (messages show this)

      Did she had Something criminal to do outside of DOS, witnesses say clearly NO

      Lauren was in for 20 years(ish), Vicente was for a long time too…most other, same.
      Any of them tied Allison to any other crimes than the one in DOS? no

      Dani’s case ? Allison was related? no
      Cami’s case? no

      The only crime she was linked was the extorsion , that’s it! and her role is the same as Lauren , India and technically anyone who tried to recruit for DOS…

  • ‘I kicked my dog because my wife burned my toast. And if she does it again I’ll kick the dog twice as hard. I just hate burned toast, and thats why I kicked the dog.”

    Bearing that in mind, I am blameless.

  • “I shot Jack because Jim kicked me.”

    “I beat my wife because my brother used to beat me.”

    Excuses can only go so far, and they really don’t excuse anyone who has been an abuser.

    The law is the law, and when you break it, there’s a price to be payed.

    Allison Mack is guilty.


    • That is all you can come as an argument? wow!

      you are just an absurd troll…
      BTW abuser? how? she isn’t behind any of the physical violence but received it!

      She was not the one who threaten but was herself!

      You are just a moron that talk about things he Don’t understand or a troll…make your choice!

      • Paul is brilliant, witty and an expert in the field. Sorry, but it flew over your head.

  • All white women are victims of men and they have no agency or responsibility for any crimes they commit. It was all due to the bad men who made them commit their crimes. Blonde women especially are always innocent of any crimes.

    • ACA your race stereotyping Raniere had whites, Asiana, latinos, etc. Agency?

      Watch an episode of cops and then tell me about how white women are the only women without agency.

      Reverse discrimination, you own it ACA.

    • What are you talking about? i’m talking about a specific case where i gave clear explaination and your argument is that?

  • Totally agree
    Plus Mark Vicente told that Keith himself said that he was trying to break her
    After Pam died I think he convinced Allison to replace her…
    Sad stories right?

  • Anyone that followed this idiot to Mexico and who was preparing for a group BJ is not a victim. They enjoyed this lifestyle and enjoyed victimizing others! The consenting to the DOS lifestyle but tried to wrap it in a pretty package of “badass women” instead of being honest about needing a BDSM lifestyle. The witness “J” was badass. She rightfully identified Allison as a vindictive and manipulative human being. I give Allison permission to enjoy prison. The only one that deserves a low ball sentence is Lauren Salzman who had the guts to testify. Allison and Clare Bare are cowards and victimizers.

    • She did enjoy it. She loved the power and used it with pleasure. Thats been made clear by the people she abused.

      • I don’t disagree with you but in the photo above, she looks sick and starved. Don’t forget the brain fog that comes from calorie and sleep deprivation. Not an excuse, but maybe an indicator or Raniere’s insidious influence to get people to do what they would not, under normal circumstances? Just a thought.

        • Your thought is spot on. And the calorie and sleep deprivation were minor when compared to the mental chaos they were trying to navigate.

    • DOS was a co-creation of Raniere and Mack. He had the idea, and then they worked out a lot of the details together. She admitted in an interview that she came up with the branding idea because a tattoo wasn’t enough. She lied to her victims, saying that it wouldn’t hurt much and then held them still, while the screamed out their pain. That alone is worth a lengthy custodial sentence.

      • And once again you show your stupidity and lack of knowledge…She was showed as Nothing more than any of the other victims…
        She didn’t created anything or was part of creating it!! Trial shows this

        The interview is also BS and was confirmed as such by Lauren…They decided to put the blame on Allison because Raniere asked!
        Lauren stated that they (first line) believed it could be to test their strength …

        But please, continue to make a fool of yourself and blow BS based on…BS.


    • I ask the Lawyers:
      Did the Feds decide which of the plea-taking women would testify?
      And testify or violate your plea agreement?

      • It’s a decision made by the prosecution…They select what they need to prove the case.

        Sometime, they can keep a witness (by guilty plea) out to make sure the person can’t justify themselves.

        Lauren’s testimony was both critical for the case but a absolute Failure for the prosecution as she is seen as a victim by the court.
        If Allison came to court to testify, it would have helped the case but the plea deal would be proved to be unfair and she could have avoided completly jail time.
        The trial is still showing she is not as implicated as the prosecution pretended at first. Their own witnesses shows that.

        Allison was ready to testify.(She actually started this process by giving the data usb key and her allocution)

    • I agree with you. Lauren testified. She was strong, but a broken woman. I wish here the best in her recovery. She’s going to prison yes, but she feels guilty for what she did.

    • Excuse me but actually all the victims did it too!
      Therefor,there is no victim as per your limited view.

      If you knew what you were talking about , you’d know that even Nicole (the only victim that was to “Allison’s credit”) asked herself to have sex with Raniere.

      Learn to read and then come back with a better argument!

  • It’s my understanding that once collateral was given, it negates consent.
    A blackmailed person cannot give consent to be exploited. Period.
    So from the time she gave collateral, she was a victim.

    • But then she took collateral from others, managed the collection of collateral, and leveraged it against those under her.

      She was also a co-conspirator and perpetrator, in a way that others were not – which is why she was indicted, and plead guilty.

  • I’m not buying this load of crap that Allison has no responsibility in her actions. Allison chose each action she did for her Master and at any time could have said

    Mack could have said at any time as others had before her;


    Would it not be a better outcome for her had she done that? Now she will also be known as a Federal Criminal and Keith Raniere’s Madam. She will wear his brand into a federal prison and will have plenty of time to think about her evil deeds.

    Allison had several chances to get out of NXIVM long before her arrest. Several times she chose to believe her Master instead of taking in any other DATA that is out there. Much like those that are still “The Believers.”

    First – let’s talk about the Nine (9) women who left in 2009 – Did Mack check out why they left and the Center she trained at closed it door suddenly? NOPE, she followed her Master Keith Raniere long before DOS was even born.

    Second – let’s talk about the 2012 Times Union articles that came out with women who her Master Keith Raniere had sex with before they were the age of consent – HE RAPED THEM. Allison Mack chose to believe her Master Keith Raniere. Once again, instead of taking in any DATA other than what she wanted to believe was a reality. Again this was long before DOS was born.

    Third – Allison is introduced to Keith Rainier’s alternate lifestyle when it comes to sexual relationships. Allison Mack starts to have sex with Raniere knowing he has sex with many women, but she can only have sex with him. Hum… what kind of woman agrees to this kind of “one way, he gets it all” kind of relationship? One who is looking for something she thinks is missing. How can she get it from the external world if she is following NXIVM’s so-called “Tech”?

    Fourth – let’s talk about the news articles about how Keith Raniere had plotted with Emiliano Salinas to have four women lured to Mexico, arrested on false charges, imprisoned, tortured and then are disposed. Allison Mack choose to believe her Master Keith Raniere instead on taking any DATA he was a dangerous man

    Fifth – Allison becomes the kind of woman who is willing to do anything for her man. Regardless of anything that pulls her into “hey this guy is nuts” direction, Allison ignores all the red flags coming from her gut. Allison decides to step over the line and become a criminal.
    A criminal for what purpose? She was getting paid as a head trainer. Those who were in NXIVM know if you upset the Master, such things as a head trainer are taken away from you.
    Since Mack chose to give up her acting career, what options did she leave herself to make that kind of money and have that kind of power within NXIVM? Mack was in the same boat as Lauren Salzman. If you leave, you lose your income and your “family” the community. You might even get sued as many who left had been. Who wants to work at the Cheese Cake Factory like many in NXIVM did when they could no longer work within NXIVM or for Clare Bronfman?

    Six – Raniere got arrested, and Allison Mack did not go to the FBI upon returning from Mexico, she decided to wait for herself to get arrested. Once arrested, Mack waited a very long time before making a plea deal with the DOJ.
    • Her lawyers knew the first on the plea bus get the best deal.
    • Her lawyers knew this was a RICO case and the government was not going to spend the money on two trials
    • It was never Clare Bronfman’s responsibility to pay for Allison Mack’s Defense
    • The Judge held a special hearing, and Allison Mack told the Judge she was happy with her defense team – Now Mack wants to be a cry baby about how the DOJ handled her deal. WTF

    If I work for a mob boss and I shot a guy in the back of the head because I fear for my family or my own life, I’m still breaking the law. I have refused to look at what my options are other than murder the guy for my boss. It’s still murder. NXIVM teaches a class to take a look at what all your options are; Mack had the tool of looking at what all her options were throughout her time in NXIVM in her toolbox.

  • My last post was meant to say, if she’s just a victim, why did she plead guilty, why did her lawyers advise her to do so, and why did the judge accept it? That’s an awful lot of “guilty” for someone who’s innocent.

  • Completely agree. You’ve said it far more articulately than I could. The only person without collateral hanging over his head was the asshole in charge. The whole system was his idea, and that’s why in my mind, the clearest line to draw is between him and all the women in the DOS pyramid. He created something evil for his benefit and no one else’s.

    PS, Shadowstate hates women

    • “PS, Shadowstate hates women”

      Tell that to my financial adviser who is a woman.
      Tell that to my Doctor who is a woman.
      Max, you are as dumb as a box of rocks.
      In other words you are as dumb as Allison Mack.

  • Wow, the Nuremberg defendants would have loved to have you as their advocate.

    After all, they were not the ones who ordered the Jews to be gassed and turned into forced laborers. It was their master’s orders, Adolf Hitler. They were merely following the orders of their master. Therefore they are innocent in your eyes.

    Great argument.

    Are you a legal scholar from Harvard?

    • “I vas chust vollowing orders!”

      By this standard, everyone in Hitler’s SS was a victim too.

      I have to laugh at the article above. She wasn’t guilty of anything but extortion. Oh, is that all? Just a little extortion.

      Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering because she was guilty of racketeering. She followed Raniere’s every instruction, to the letter and with enthusiasm. She seems to have been his most loyal lieutenant, a central part of this criminal racket, involved in the operation up to her eyebrows. Central to the deception, essential to luring young actresses into the slavery ring, central to collecting blackmail material. Just listen to the audio of the two of them, out for a nice little stroll together, planning how the branding of their slaves was to be carried out. In revolting detail.

      She was clearly involved in sex trafficking. She was extremely fortunate that the prosecution was generous enough to drop that charge against her. She should be looking at a minimum 15 years in a federal penitentiary on that rap alone.

      • Maybe her defense should be: “I was ordering followers”

        That is, Mack was just the intermediary, passing on the orders that KAR’s followers were eager to obey.
        No DOS gals were forced into an “oven”…they hardly even went into the kitchen.

      • In addition to all of that, Mack was a (minor) celebrity and her job was to add credibility and interest to NXIVM, something most other women could not do.

    • All of these woman he had sex were his victims. He stood in the way of them having a happy life with a monogamous husband and to have children. He only cared about himself. Most of these woman are beyond child bearing years and still single. What about the love that all humans deserve. society will be served for his to be put away for many years so these woman can get some professional help and move on with their lives.

      • Mary, I agree with you. He stole from them in the name of a fabricated “higher purpose,” when all he cared about was himself. I will bet a certain percentage of the contributors here have been victimized – not by KAR, but by someone else they thought had their best interests in mind.

    • Well when you’ll learn to make sense, i’ll consider to give some credit to your nonsensical post with a decent answer.

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