Kristin Kreukm a Canadian actress, was once a member of Nxivm.
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He’s Baaaack: Sultan Excoriates Critic of Kristin Kreuk

A person using the name, “Anonymous”, recently wrote a comment on a post about our old friend, Sultan of Six.  Anonymous was making the comment for the benefit of a newer reader of Frank Report.

Anonymous’s comment was: “Unless you have been on the [Frank Report] blog the last few years, you may not understand what we have been through dealing with This JERK, ‘Sultan of Six’, a Kristin Kreuk groupie. He uses many aliases (18 to date), hates Frank, has pedophile tendencies, and lives here to defend his dream girl, Kristin Kreuk. Look back into early posts of his and you will see why many here greatly dislike him.”

In response to this, Sultan, after an absence of several months, returned to comment on the Frank Report in reply.

Anonymous says Sultan hates me. But I certainly like him. He has faithfully defended Kristin Kreuk for years and, as he says in his article, he attempted to warn Kreuk about Nxivm years ago, when she was still a member of Nxivm, before the DOS scandal erupted and the later arrests occurred. In fact, Sultan once went to the Albany area – right to Nxivm Village – with the intent of rescuing, or trying to deprogram Kristin and met with, as I understand, John Tighe, and a noted, female leader of Nxivm, who has been lately both a vocal critic of Nxivm and its leader, Keith Alan Raniere and, as she says, a woman who has seen much good in the tech, and in Raniere – with whom she was once involved with in an intimate relationship.

Sultan, I do not believe met with Kristin at the time.   

So, please give a warm welcome – and a show of civility – to Sultan of Six, one of our notable commenters. He has been part of the fabric of the Frank Report and before that, Saratoga In Decline.

To a Certain Critic of Kristin Kreuk and Me

By Sultan of Six

I haven’t posted on Kristin Kreuk in months on Frank Report. Not since March or so.

My temporary Twitter account, where I responded to the critics of Kristin, I got rid about a month ago.

I have a real Twitter account but, of course, I’m never going to tell you about it.

You’re welcome to search all 250,000 of Kristin’s followers and try to find me there to satisfy your stalking obsession. You won’t, because I don’t follow her on Twitter.

In fact, I currently don’t follow any persons.

Kristin appears to be completely free from any NXIVM bullshit, no matter how many times you try to keep bringing her into it. No one of relevance cares. Only you.

And, as one of her few fans who expressed concern about her involvement in it, I will happily take some of the credit for keeping her safe from any serious ramifications that could have come to her as a result of her involvement with NXIVM.

I know it bothers the fucking hell out of you.

But I have read some of the articles and comments here off and on and have seen how many times you’ve posted on Kristin and me calling out everyone and their mother who you think is me, trying to find any tenuous connection in any irrelevant article to her to throw her into the comments every chance you get.

I never said I left Frank Report. I said I wasn’t going to post about Kristin and I didn’t until now.

I have the willpower not to respond to your constant-bashing of me and Kristin. I’ve fasted the month of Ramadan every year for decades so I can easily hold out for several months not responding to your vulgarity if I really want to.

Talk about insane fucking obsession – how you have to keep calling out everyone as me so you can have an excuse to blame me, just to talk about Kristin and me.

I see you’ve even called out AnonyMaker, who is so obviously not me and has now – unfortunately for him – although I don’t really think he cares – garnered your wrath due to your obsession with me, as have others. He does appear to be intelligent, so I’ll take that as a compliment, even coming indirectly and unintentionally from you.

At least my obsession with Kristin is based on something good. You’re just a freak.

Your kind are a disease. NXIVM is a disease.

Rumi said “Be with those who help your being.”

None of you in this whole saga have helped my being. Even my fan-ship of Kristin hasn’t really helped my life.

So, fuck you.


P.S. By the way, congrats to you Frank for getting much credit for helping bring the VanFake down, even if you were an asshole to Kristin for clicks and letting such idiots post shitty masturbation articles about me in the name of free speech.


Sultan of Six

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Frank Parlato


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  • I also always thought there were just a couple dimwits sitting in front of their computers waiting for the chance to call somebody spanky. It is probably a game between them, to see which of them can post first. I’m not sure they are gay, but they are teens

  • Branded DOS slave Kris Kook is as guilty as Mack and Raniere. Period. She is just fortunate to have not been arrested.

  • The Kreuk posts still are the strangest posts on this page in terms of the comment section.

  • We are back to the boring actress that had a successful role in the early 2000s? You must be fun at parties when fantasizing about some girl they have seen on TV and how much they are fixated on hating her. How about getting a real woman in your life?

  • OMG, Spanky is still at it.

    “Anonymous For Kristin” is one of his MANY aliases.

  • Kristin had nothing to do with this case. You had every right to defend her from mean girls.

  • Kristin indeed has never been involved in this case. Ms. Oxenburg in the recent People magazine interview ,has made it clear, that the
    leaders of DOS was her main and only target. Oxenburg was basically the spearhead of the take down of this Cult which wanted to keep her daughter in captivity. Kristin was indeed a victim as many others in this situation. Kristin fortunately had the sense to move on and a loving family to watch out for her.

  • Frank, are you hinting that the Spankin’ Stalkin’ Skid mark showed his little halal pecker to…. Barbara Bouchey?

    She was in a relationship with VanCunt and has praised his so called “tech”.

    Also, the Spank Phantom is claiming credit for Kristin Kook not being in jail getting her clit flicked by a bull dyke. That’s hilarious.

    And here’s the “masturbation articles” Spanky spoke of, tee here! :

    • You mean the mega gorgeous babe Kristin Kreuk, that mean girls attack for sad and self destructive reasons.
      Yes Kristin, she’ s otherworldly beautiful, and a multimillionaire, and has a bright future.

  • Nope. I never had any intention whatsoever of coming back. At all. That was my first post in three (maybe four) months on Kristin and was intended to be my last. But I had a feeling you would post that comment as an article.

    –In fact, Sultan once went to the Albany area – right to Nxivm Village – with the intent of rescuing, or trying to deprogram Kristin and met with, as I understand, John Tighe, and a noted, female leader of Nxivm, who has been lately both a vocal critic of Nxivm and its leader, Keith Alan Ranier,e and, as she says, a woman who has seen much good in the tech, and in Raniere – with whom she was once involved with in an intimate relationship


    I have never once been to the Albany area in my life, at least that I could remember. The only time I could’ve possibly been there is if my parents took me as a baby since I was born in New York State and lived there for a year or less. I’ve never been anywhere near NXIVM village. I don’t even know where that is. I never met with John Tighe nor any female leader of NXIVM. The closest I’ve ever been to John Tighe is on his blog where I had a discussion with him on one article in the comments section. That’s it.

    I’ve asked for proof of this a number of times but haven’t received any. I read right here on the Frank Report that Joe O’Hara said I’m a white guy who slept with a high ranking female NXIVM member but it wasn’t his prerogative to tell anyone who I was. Only John Tighe could do so since he’s the one who knows. I’ve seen John Tighe post some articles here recently. Well, now is the time to ask him to explain.

    “Bring your proof if you’re truthful.”

    If this story is even remotely true, I’d really like to know who took on my alias and introduced himself as such. I mean, who the fuck does that? Who introduces themselves and then lies about using someone else’s alias? For what purpose? And why would John Tighe care about such an alias in the first place?

    Because as God as my witness, it certainly wasn’t me. WITHOUT A DOUBT.

    Now isn’t that a story worth sharing on The Frank Report?


    • Sultan – I have heard from more than one source that an individual who claimed to be Sultan of Six – and who also claimed that he posted comments on the old Saratoga in Decline – came to the Albany area to try to meet with Kristin Kreuk and potentially rescue her from Nxivm. This Sultan of Six met with several people in Nxivm and others who are defectors or enemies of Nxivm/Raniere. They could easily identify the individual who claimed to be Sultan of Six. This Sultan of Six spent the night [or two] with a certain female Nxivm member.

      • Very interesting. Perhaps you could ask said individual why he ripped off my alias to pretend to be me so he could do such a silly thing? Why would he meet with John Tighe – a noted long time enemy of NXIVM – along with both defectors *and* current members of NXIVM and also spend the night or two at one high ranking member’s place and bang her if he was trying to “save” Kreuk? I mean, why would I go to Albany to “rescue” Kristin when she lived in Vancouver at the time and never lived in the Clifton Park area? Doesn’t all of this sound a *wee* bit contradictory?

        Besides, why would I need to go through all of that trouble when I could have indirectly expressed my views to her at that time through an email to one of her best friends?

        Things to ponder. 🙂


      • Frank,

        Maybe there are 2 SultansOfSix? LOL

        Either way clearly the current SultanOfSix is not playing with a full-deck of 52. We all trust the validity your reporting Frank.

        • If I wanted to go to Hollywood to talk to a movie star, I sure as hell wouldn’t use the stars biggest stalkers name to do so. I don’t believe this Spanky guy.

      • Sultan we love you. Can we have a ride on your magic carpet and pull your turban? Tee Hee!

    • Ewww… the cancer has come back.

      If you do a Ramadan fast, do you ever have a Kristin Kook spanking fast.

      You are insufferable, like a fart under the covers in the desert.

    • Beetlejuice (Sultan) has never left. Being on a blog awhile you notice things. As soon as folks start commenting or disagreeing with his point of view he would start sissy name calling and berating others which would result in more dislike of who we now call “the Spanker”
      When the little sissy couldn’t take it any more he would just start another screen name or alias. Using one of his incognito screen names “the judge” he called Frank “a worthless cu*t. You don’t forget stuff like that. He has never left this blog. he will post as anonymous or a new name but is only here to “white knight Kristen Kruek and or try to divert attention away from her which only results in the opposite effect. He admits to following her for over a decade (STALKER). He admits to interacting with young girls on the Girls by Design website.
      (PEDOPHILE STALKER) He admits to hunting down and contacting Kruek’s Father (SUPER STALKER). A past poster said “Kristen is probably more afraid of him than she is the FBI” and I truly believe that comment. Another poster said that he did not want to piss off Spanky because he did not want to end up as a lamp shade in the spanksters living room. I’m still laughing at that one. A group of people did not all just decide at once not to like this guy, he brought it on himself over a short time. Oh and thanks to the poster who came up with the name “Beetlejuice” due to the fact that he appears out of nowhere to defend his dream spank Kristen Kruek whenever her name is mentioned..

      • “Being on a blog awhile you notice things” How true.
        I’ve noticed the similarities of comments that criticize Sultan and I’ve determined that there are just two posters who use various screen names to have a childish dialog, complimenting each other’s lame “wit” and naughty racism. I am pretty sure they know each other, probably go to the same high school, and are both in the closet,

  • Sultan claims that because he ‘fasted’ for the month of Ramadan, therefore he’s a person with super human ‘willpower’?


    Look dummy, real fasting means no food.

    Gandhi did REAL fasting. That mother fucker had willpower.

    You’re just a pussy in comparison to him.

    Here’s Sultan’s schedule during Ramadan…

    He pigs out for breakfast, before the sun comes up. Probably eating like 1,200 calories. He also drinks himself silly full of water.

    Then he merely skips lunch during the day. Big fucken deal. Anybody can do that.

    Wow. Big fucken whoop. You skipped lunch.

    Do you want a medal for that?

    Then when he gets home from work and the sun goes down, he pigs out again with tons of calories.

    Where’s the willpower in that?

    I ain’t impressed.

    I bet he gained weight during Ramadan. That fat fuck!

  • I hope the Sultan stalker/haters actually debate what he says in any future posts, instead of what they have always done—insulting him in crass, juvenile “naughtiness” that reveals the low level of maturity and intelligence (LOL) of the insulter, and lowers the low standard of this blog.
    However, I expect my hopes will be dashed before this comment is posted.

  • If only Sultan of Six could devote his vast talents to teaching Kristin Kreuk some acting skills.
    The only way Kreuk gets acting jobs at all is from Canada’s Canadian Content Regulations for the media.

    • Actually Kristin is a successful actress for 20 years, who has now the power to produce her 2nd CW series before turning 40.
      Networth over 10 million by now. And getting awards and nominations for her shows. She is a good and extremely talented actress,
      Which Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum have praised in their recent podcast. She always knew everyone’s lines, and a pleasure to work with.

      • Do you want to worship Kim Kardashian too? Your dream spank is less than Kim Kardashian in the fame and money department and Kardashian is useless.

        Get a hobby (and a sex life).

    • Canadians in the “industry” don’t like the Canadian media rules. It’s a point based system for how “Canadian” a show is.

      So non Canadian actors enter Canada LEGALLY and get acting roles funded by Canadian tax payers and rich spoilt brat dickhead Canadian actors don’t like it as they want the roles and tax dollars for themselves.

      However, if a hard working tax payer, who has to work, who funds the CBC says foreigners should not come in illegally and steal jobs, these same virtue signalling sanctimonious liberal actors would have the audacity to call them “racist” and “nazis”!

      Hypocrites. Awful people.

      • Foreign actors are hired because they don’t say “A” at the end of every sentence. It saves a lot of time and money not doing retakes.

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