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In this article, Abel Koka, who has a Bachelor of Law from the University of Dar es Salaam relates how he was able to obtain a village scholarship from his small village in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to the University of British Columbia. He also describes how the scholarship has helped him affect the lives of others in his community. Thus, this person serves as an inspiration to other village students in various communities all over the globe and helps them to know the right path to take if they must seek college scholarships. If Abel Koka could do it, nothing should stop you. Here is the story of this village student, where he tells us about his challenging but successful life.

  • How long will the scholarship from the University of British Columbia last?

The scholarship program will last for ten months. Eight months will be for classes at the university, while the remaining two months are meant for internship in my country.

  • How did you find out about this scholarship for college and the university?

I stumbled upon the opportunity when I was searching for free papers on the After School Africa website. It was provided by the University of Columbia in collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. My major for this Masters Program in International Forestry. But I have a Bachelor of Law from the University of Dar es Salaam.

  • Why did you decide to study in Canada of all places?

I chose Canada because it’s considered as one of the giants in Forestry aside from Australia, and the right choice for anyone looking to major in Forestry.

  • When you applied for the scholarship, did you find it easy?

It wasn’t easy at all, and the hurdles usually make many college students give up. I had to send my transcript and CV to the course coordinator of the University of Columbia; he accessed it and decided I was eligible. After that, I proceeded to the final application. It was cumbersome for me, and at some point, I was asked to provide a custom essay sample to prove my willingness for sending the application. I was also asked to send a letter of recommendation from my school, which I did with the help of some professors who gladly recommended me.

  • How were you able to write the essay and gained their approval?

I followed all the instructions carefully. I made good use of a plagiarism checker for my work to ensure there were no grammatical blunders before submission. Then I approached some professors in English Language and pleaded to help me grade my paper, so I see if there are still errors before forwarding it to the University. I was advised to use PaperAp for my essay writing to make things easier for me, which I obliged to quickly. That’s why I met the deadline without any troubles. This made the approval process easy and smooth.

  • How do you feel now that you have won a village scholarship?

I was more than happy, not just for myself but for the numerous village students aspiring to win a college scholarship someday. I felt I was now a pillar of support to them. My study at the University of Columbia will offer me the opportunity to realize my dream of working for community development after graduation. Hence, the reason why I opted to study International Forestry, which is a branch of natural science and deals on issues of natural resource management.

  • What were the documents you submitted?

I got a recommendation letter from my school professors who attested that I was a student in their school. Other documents included are the statement of intent or purpose, copies of academic certificates, birth certificates, passport, and CV.

  • How did your family react to the news?

My family was pleased and proud of me. They prayed for me and wished me the best of luck as I travel far away to another country for studies.


To sum up

The main advice for those who have been trying different village scholarships for college – not to give up. First of all, they have to understand the process and apply diligently without making mistakes. This will increase their chances of winning. Abel Koka is living proof of how perseverance can help anyone.







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