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J. Z. Knight Has Become a Plastic-Faced Drunk in Her Seventies

By Shivani


J. Z. Knight 2012

Reading about this old bag, J. Z.  Knight one gets the impression that she might already have slipped into the “maintenance” phase of her fraud.

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.

Like L. Ron Hubbard, who drank and drugged himself into untranslatable oblivion and was hiding in a Bluebird trailer at the end, unable to wipe his own hiney. But he was still surrounded by a few stars! Gotta latch onto a few stars.

J. Z. Knight has become a plastic-faced drunk in her seventies, who has to be babysat by her inner circle of dumbasses, so that she doesn’t embarrass everyone in Washington State.

She has been shown on video conducting a “ritualistic” 16 hour drunken rampage. (The video is not new.) The rule: Each time RamadamaMan [Ramtha] took a belt of booze, everyone in attendance had to swallow some booze in accompaniment.

She, from her throne, was drooling and snarling and dreaming that she runs the universe but is more like Sally Field playing Sybil, only wearing a huge, ’80’s-style wig of televangelic splendour.

Image result for sally field as sybil

After enough alcohol had permeated her system, JZ Ramaboozy started unleashing her rage against Mexican people, Jewish people, etc. Do not forget the non-heterosexuals. She got her claws into people of all kinds, come hell or high water. Her remarks were incredibly cruel, bitter, sarcastic and dissolute. Unaccountably, she also offered her hatred organic farmers.

Organic farmers! “You can’t write this shit.”

Meanwhile, Ramtha has made her sculpted mugface look as much like her devotee, Linda Evans, as possible.

Image result for linda evans j z knight
J Z Knight and Linda Evans a few decades ago,
Image result for linda evans today
Linda Evans
Image result for j z knight today
You can have a remarkable mind, promises J. Z. Knight.
Roseanne Barr, J.Z. Knight and Linda Evans (2011)
J. Z. Knight purportedly channeling Ramtha

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  • Here is a “Ramtha” quote often used to sum up J. Z. Knight’s “work.”

    “Fuck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now.”

    How is that for cruelty, divisiveness, scorn? This is deliberate ignorance, used to bring people down. Down! It condones the opposite of understanding and is blatantly uncompassionate. Where is the least bit of kindness? Yet, beneath all of the ancient/new age “enlightenment-seeking” sold by Knight, here is the toxic underbelly.

    Even Knight’s own group has been shaken listening to this stuff. She has also been witnessed being cruel to her own followers, as Knight continues, inevitably to degenerate. Some who have left her circle want the world to know how bad it has been around Knight. That is exactly how come her sickening words have been brought to the public. It shows who Knight really is.

    Mexican people, during this same quoted session given by Knight, are called “poison” and are described as people who” breed like rabbits.” One can easily trace these prejudices to Knight personally if you look at her own background. Ramtha is her projection, her nonexistent EXCUSE. It is her marketing of herself and has been used by her to try to gain wealth and power and admiration.

    All during the same “ritual ceremony” of boozing, she continues on to note her ill will towards anyone who is not heterosexual. She wants the audience to know that Catholics , as well as organic farmers seem to have offended her predujicial “sensitivity.”

  • “She has been shown on video conducting a “ritualistic” 16 hour drunken rampage.”

    Look at the bright side:
    With all that booze the mortician won’t have to embalm her.

  • You should stop posting your wicked comments about Ramtha the Enlightened One. Learn my children. I was once as you are now. Then after a brutal assassination attempt I was forced to direct my thoughts inward. Do thou the same and become enlightened. This comes from love and the deep space within. Go forth and love one another.

    • “Do thou the same and become enlightened”….? Not even remotely close to how she’d phrase her thoughts, but okay….Name one thing that “Ramtha” has done to prove he/she’s “enlightened”? Name one thing anyone coming out of there has ever done/mastered consistently?? Not a fabled story of some 35,000 year old bullshit. Here and now…wtf has she ever done?? 40 years is a long time doing disciplines, and manifesting millions off the backs of her “students” doesn’t count…btw. She can grift with all the philosophies she wants, at the end of the day, she’s an old, litigious, fake, scorned woman who’s afraid of the truth! Watch her walk…she can’t match her talk!

    • I am not afraid of ugly words or seduced by pretty words. Look into yourself. Hang your head down and cry. Before you miss the chance.

  • I think the next goal should be to beat the abusive Scientology cult. Trump even suggested that he wanted to revoke its religion status and let the IRS do the rest to destroy them. I am truly rooting for this.

  • While you talk about plastic faces, Christine Marie will be on my radio show this week and we’ll be discussing how to help people not join cults and scams in the first place. Carry on.

  • Shivani,

    Your quick wit and humor and incredible insightful observations have surpassed Bangkok and Acneteon.

    Your the Kurt Vonnegut or Hunter S. Thompson of a new generation.

    Sadly Bangkok should stick to what he does best…. making shit in is bedroom sticky.

    In other words Bangkok, stick to masturbation.

  • BAAA ha ha ha ha!! OMG stop! I can’t breath! Thank you for that laugh. Unfortunately it isn’t funny when people are affected, but that plastic face is too much!! What a freak!!

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