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Top Trends in the Movie Industry On and Off the Screen

The movies of today have come a long way. The industry continues to find innovative ways to capture the attention of the audience and enhance the movie-watching experience. Ditching old methods, adopting new techniques, and developing trends, moviemakers and supporting staff are always implementing ways to keep buffs wanting more. Just what are some of the trends you’ll see this year and in the years to come? Here’s a look at some of the top trends in the film industry:

Low-Budget Films and Streaming Services

One of the biggest changes you may have noticed in the movie industry today is the increase in movies on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Rather than going to the big screen or straight to DVD, many smaller budgeted films are making their debut with exclusivity to these sites. You may have realized big-time actors starring in Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Originals that you can watch at your disposal for a low monthly fee.

A scene from “A Wrinkle In Time”

Increased Diversity in Casting

Likely as a result of more social groups speaking up and demanding equality, the movie industry has become more diverse in their casting decisions. Films, that may have at one time been a primarily white cast have now been incorporating other races. Women are being cast in movies that were once categorized as “male roles”. You’ll also notice that more civil and social topics are being discussed or displayed within the casting. Think of movies like Moonlight, Black Panther, or Ocean’s 8.

Fewer Cigarettes More Vaping

There was a time when cigarettes and Hollywood went hand in hand. Smoking cigarettes was thought to be sophisticated and cool. Not only were people pulling a cig behind the scenes, but smoking was also scripted into scenes. Now that the climate has changed and many realize the risks of smoking cigarettes, lots of people are trying to quit. That’s where e-cigs come in. Many believe in the idea of vaping to help you quit smoking and it’s catching on. You may notice some of your favorite stars puffing away on an electronic cigarette.

A scene from franchise remake “Men In Black: International”

Franchise Reincarnation

If you thought Rocky was the only movie franchise that could be remade into an amazing feature film like Creed – think again. In the upcoming years, you’ll notice a lot of directors and writers looking back at old movie franchises and remaking them for today’s audiences. Men in Black, for instance, gets a makeover with Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth. Charlie’s Angels, Hellboy, and the Grudge are also on the comeback. Get ready for some old classics with a new twist.

Reserved Seating

No more waiting in long lines to see the next big feature film just to end up with a seat at the front that cramps your neck. Innovators in the movie industry have made it possible for customers to reserve their seats in advance. Skip the ticket line and get seats wherever you’d like no matter what time you show up. This certainly improves the viewer experience which means huge returns for theaters.

Better Food Choices

Remember when all you could get from the movie theaters was a bucket of popcorn, some nachos, a box of candy, and a soda? Well, movie theaters around the country are changing the dining experience for viewers. Now, you can get everything from mozzarella sticks and soft pretzels to mini sliders and chicken fingers. In fact, there are some movie theaters that now offer alcoholic beverages.

Movies are Getting Longer

Moviemakers may not be trying to top The Titanic in length, they do want audiences to get their money’s worth, while also having enough time to give a quality story. That’s why you may have noticed that films are a lot longer than they used to be. On average, movies are longer than 2 hours these days.

Watching movies on the big screen and at home remains a favorite pastime for people of all ages. The film industry, realizing this, invests in making the experience from start to finish more enjoyable. From better seating and food choices to more relatable topics and diversity in front and behind the camera, these trends continue to evolve with time giving you the best viewing experience imaginable.

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