Michelle Hatchette got her friends into DOS and got them branded as she is herself.
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Bizarre Nxivm: Black Woman Fights to Be Called Slave of White Man, Keith Raniere

Then you have Michelle Hatchette.  She is black and joined a master-slave group, called DOS, as a slave.

She is presently a slave to a white women, former actress Nicki Clyne, who leads DOS.

Michelle is also a “grand slave” to a white man, Keith Alan Raniere, who is now in federal lockup having been convicted of sex trafficking and racketeering.  He faces life in prison when he is sentenced in September.

Evidently that is not enough for Michelle to want to be free.

Hatchette joined DOS, Raniere’s sex-slaver group, in 2016, initially as a slave to another white woman, actress, Allison Mack.

Mack left DOS by April 2019, most likely to try to shave off a few years of prison, by denouncing Raniere and her role in the sex slave cult.

But Hatchette remains faithful to her Grand Master Raniere, and switched female masters from Mack to Mack’s spouse, Nicki Clyne.

Allison Mack starred on the TV show Smallville then quit in 2010 in order to devote herself fully to her master Keith Raniere.
Nicki Clyne had a regular role in the TV show Battlestar Gallactica. She quit the show in 2008 in order to devote her full time efforts to following her master Raniere.


The first line slaves and their master [in center] Keith Alan Raniere.
Clyne – who was one of Raniere’s eight first line slaves – was not charged with any crime.

Mack was charged and pled guilty to federal racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She faces up to 40 years – but federal sentencing guidelines suggest a sentence in the 3-5 year range.

Mack, publicly breaking from Raniere, said at her allocution, when she pled guilty before Federal Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, “I believed that Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them.  I was wrong….. My misguided beliefs and dedication of what I believed were the principles underlying … Raniere’s teachings, resulted in my agreeing to support the criminal enterprise….

“At Raniere’s direction, I and other women sought to recruit other women to join DOS [as slaves]…. I concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the head of DOS and characterized DOS as a women’s only organization, knowing that Keith Raniere was the head of the organization….”

The Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, the Grand Master of Michelle Hatchette and the Master of Allison Mack and Nicki Clyne,

Michelle Hatchette’s anatomy was admired greatly by Allison Mack.

When Michelle joined DOS in 2016, she thought perhaps she was only going to be a slave to Mack. She gave collateral [blackmail-worthy material] and then later found out she was a slave of Raniere’s too.

Still, you gotta hand it to Michelle. Even after Mack’s and Raniere’s convictions, Michelle is still in – a dedicated black woman fighting against the odds to remain a slave to white people.

One would think she might be sensitive to the ignominy of what she is doing – to voluntarily become a slave to a white man, and two white women.

Michelle Hatchette – before she joined DOS.

Before she joined NXIVM, and became a coach, then a branded DOS slave, Michelle was co-founder of Harlem Seeds, along with her sister. Harlem Seeds was designed to bring awareness to healthy living and food choices to children. She also worked on Farm Girl Farm, a female owned Farm in the Berkshires that supplies produce for area restaurants and farmers markets.

In 2014, she became involved with NXIVM. By Nov. 2016, she started her job at Rainbow Cultural Garden. [This was about the time she went with Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, India Oxenberg, and Nicole to her family home in the Berkshires. There, Mack photographed all the women in closeup nudes and exclaimed about Michelle, “You have a beautiful cunt,” according to Nicole on the witness stand.]

Michelle was in London from 1/12/2017 to 3/1/2017, where it is believed she was a Rainbow nanny for Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

Michelle, as a branded DOS slave, served as a MDS [Multicultural Diversity Specialist [MDS], i.e nanny] for Rainbow Cultural Gardens – a child experiment devised by Raniere.

For a time, she was reportedly an MDS to Penelope Cruz’s child in Rainbow. Cruz pulled the child from the Rainbow experiment after reading about the DOS branding and that Rainbow nannies doubled as Raniere’s DOS slaves.

Michelle Hatchette reportedly served as a Rainbow nanny for Penelope Cruz. She reportedly yanked her child out after reading about DOS branding women on the Frank Report in June 2017.
DOS slave Michelle Hatchette got branded with her white master’s initials in 2016.
If you turn the brand sideways you can see Michelle’s white master’s initials. K-R


DOS slave Michelle Hatchette [left] smiles like she were posing for a cigarette commercial. She is clearly happy at the very last Vanguard Week – in 2017.
DOS slaves Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michelle Hatchette, Samantha Le Baron and Dr. Danielle Roberts.


Michelle’s horrific 500 calorie diet helped her slim down to the weight Keith Raniere wanted for her. It also helped her lose her hair and stop menstruating.
Michelle, the black slave of DOS.

For a time, despite being a top coach at Nxivm, an obedient DOS slave and hard-working Rainbow nanny, Michelle had to work at a restaurant, Lucas Confectionery, to make ends meet.

Today, Michelle remains in DOS. Waking up at 3 am to answer readiness drills, trying to stick with her 800 calorie diet so she can cure her disintegrations. She is fighting for the right of a black woman in 2019 to be a slave, just like the white women of DOS.

Image result for michelle hatchette
A gruesome smile: Michelle at her thinnest – posing with fellow Nxivm members.

Michelle even once recruited her own slave, a black woman named Zoe. But Zoe got out of DOS choosing to not be a slave to Michelle. It is not known if Michelle is trying to recruit new slaves into DOS.

She lives with Dr. Danielle Roberts, who still possesses the cauterizing pen.

Some might argue that to deny Michelle, because she is black, the right to be a slave, to give collateral, to be branded with a white man’s initials on her pussy, might be racist.

When all these smart and successful badass white women, like Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, Dr. Danielle Roberts, Esther Chiappone Carlson, Amanda Canning, and others can be worthy DOS slaves, why can’t a black woman be a slave too?


Happier days. Michelle with India and Danielle Roberts when all three were slaves of Allison Mack. India has since defected. Danielle and Michelle are now slaves of Nicki Clyne.


Michelle pre DOS was not too skinny. But she was too fat for Raniere.

People have likely tried to reach out to Michelle, to try to lead her away from Nxivm and DOS. But she seems too devoted to her masters Nicki Clyne and Keith Raniere.

She lives with Clyne in Brooklyn with Justin Elliot and Samantha LeBaron. Dr. Roberts lives there sometimes.

They reinforce each others’ belief that DOS is good for women; that it can grow and thrive once the bad press dies down and that – and this is their mantra – that “This was NOT justice” for Keith Raniere.

His conviction was not just, nor was it fair, they say, and they hope for the day when they can be obedient slaves in his presence and send him closeup nude pictures for his pleasure, and await his next command.



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  • I guess freedom includes the freedom to be a slave, too.

    I just don’t think any of these women know what master they are serving and would, will be horrified when they learn how little their admirably high ideals match with the lowlife reality of who and what their “masters” stand for — which is, of course, the enslavement of everyone to greed, lust, violence and artificial power at any cost. Including, especially humanity.

    • What id like to know is how many of these chicas with high ideals passed Dr. Porter’s Psycho-test?

  • This is so fcked up, where’s family?
    It’s time for an intervention and possible extraction.

  • I am curious if the skank report is going to do write ups on other mindless whores of Keith’s suchs as Dawn Morrison, Angel Smith and so on to expose there crimes in NXSCUM as the NDNY investigates?

  • What I want to know is if Allison thought Michelle’s cunt was more beautiful than Erica Durance’s.

  • Hey Frank – One day, if you become a real journalist, do you think you’ll be able to hire a proofreader and fact checker? That person could start with checking the spelling of Hatchette’s first name for you.

  • A number of funny quips passed through my head when I read the title of this article…….

    It’s really a sad story though. I hope Michelle Hatchette leaves NXIVM and gets her life back.

  • Well there is nothing darkly ironic about this news story. 😉

  • Nice article, though I believe Frank is writing much of this tongue in cheek since race or heritage isn’t an issue in this cult.

    I have to believe the majority of these women who wish to continue this master-slave relationship at this point are doing so because that’s what they want to do. They have found some comfort in this arrangement. What it will take to shake them out of it remains a mystery. But I would would think in a situation like this where your head master is in the process of being sent away, that it’s natural for the underlings to double down and circle the wagons. These women seem to suffer from some inferiority complex while at the same time having a form of pride that doesn’t allow them to self-reflect on their current situation. That’s a marginally fancy way of saying they’re too proud to see they’ve been taken advantage, so they’ll “show them”.

    What it might take to break away is the new top masters, the Nicki Clyne’s of the world, to be unable to control the situation like Keith did and the slaves become disillusioned with the newest arrangement. But who’s to say with their personality they wouldn’t seek a new master-slave relationship in some other setting.

    I also have to wonder about the Lauren Salzman’s of this cult and their future. She expresses regret now and talks about how she did things she knew was wrong but felt obligated to do so. But after 20 years of living like that and considering it to be the norm, can she and those like her really de-program in 6 months or a year? Hopefully, she getting professional help and will continue to work through this. However, this is parallel to a junkie who used for a long time and is now trying to detox. One slip and you’re back to doing it again, and maybe this time you have to intensify the situation to get the same high.

    • Barry,

      Are you trying to ‘say’ that you find this article darkly ironic?

  • This is why I don’t believe Mack was so much a victim. She apparently seemed to be WAY more far into the cult than some of these other people like Danielle and Michelle. Yet, she’s completely seen the light, left, and denounces him while these girls still believe what he did was good and stay? If she was THAT brainwashed (and therefore a more likely victim), she would’ve never taken a deal or spoke against him. Nah, she knew what she was doing was wrong at the time, was on a power trip, and then tried to save her ass at the very end.

    • I agree that a number of things show that Mack wasn’t just a victim, but a perpetrator as well.

      However, I think it also has to be kept in mind that Mack was arrested and handcuffed, held in jail, charged with crimes that could have put her in a high security prison for 20 years to life, and then sent back to live with her family under house arrest with an ankle monitor strapped to her. That would have provided a real shock to her worldview, and also separated her completely from the social milieu of the group.

    • It’s been reported that she completely freaked-out into a state of terror at the idea of going to prison, and thought she wouldn’t survive it. She intended to plead not guilty for months, but I think her lawyers managed to get her to see some sense. Either way, she will be doing some time in prison. And rightly so.

  • There are quite a lot of posts in the BDSM community generally where consensual D/s relationships have a female who is black. It certainly makes it harder for those with that sexuality given the US slave history. Obviously here it is not consensual BDSM or so we are saying so a different kettle of fish.

    • I am guessing her last name Hatchette is french, so she is probably Haitian which means of course she speaks french.

      Scott you may not look like a Texan but you are definitely from the south. 🙂

      Just kidding. Kinda-sort of sort of.

  • I’m quite what to think about the issue of her being black, except that it’s largely irrelevant to the issue of women from a variety of backgrounds have gotten themselves into being slaves – perhaps most incongruent and even hypocritical because it was done in the supposed name of female empowerment, and many of them apparently somehow thought of themselves as feminists as well.

    However, isn’t the brand in the photo an example that some of them have an “A” and an “M” in them for Allison Mack, as well as KR? It seems to me that there’s definitely an extra leg that forms an “M,” no mere slip of the cauterizing pen. Could that have been a mark of slaves in Allison’s pod?

    • Anony, I think that very often individuals like Knight both believe their “stuff” and are fabricating it, too. There is a kind of uneasy mix going on inside, but attachment builds about being special, about getting attention, admiration and material rewards. Then it almost becomes a “job” and it becomes increasingly necessary to keep up the illusions all of the time. Inevitably this makes for some awful inner conflicts, and the so-called spiritual leader can get right down to the razor’s edge of insanity, usually semi-functional insanity initially, as the “enlightenment fiction” begins to take its toll.

      I watched at close range a woman who led a new age movement lose her mind and her health. She isn’t alive anymore and died young, really from her (secretive) substance abuse. There was considerable strain involved in trying to maintain her image versus what she was really feeling. She wanted power so badly but was pretending to be detached and saintly. Her sexual conduct was messy. She began to become too intoxicated to keep her talks with her disciples coherent. She and a few of her intimates began to get as gross as J.Z. Knight. Her original consciousness-raising intentions went totally off the rails into almost obsessive interference into the lives of her followers, as she became more and more ugly in her behavior, avaricious and downright vulgar.

      There is a price to be paid for becoming attached to illusions, and very often the illusionist pays that price by falling into a seriously delusional state, because that exhaustive, sleight-of-mind fiction which cannot be maintained. It is degenerative.

        • Raniere, on the other hand, seems more as though he was pretty conscious and deliberative about his fabrications and certainly used no original ideas. It doesn’t appear that any unusual spiritual experience started him into either lying or self-deception. He tried to recommend himself via his pretend intelligence level. Sociopathic?

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