Could Nicki Clyne be a good DOS governor?

Could DOS Benefit From PR Move Like the NBA?

[Thanks to Scott Johnson for suggesting this worthy idea.]

National Basketball Association [NBA] Commissioner Adam Silver announced that the league will no longer call people who own the team “owners.” The NBA will refer to owners as “governor”.

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Escaping from slavery, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says owners shall be called governors, and part-owners will be called “alternate governor”.

The majority of team owners are white. The majority of NBA players are black (about 74%), and, as one player, Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors, says, the word ‘owner’ is racially insensitive.

Green said, “The word ‘owner,’ ‘master’ — it dates back to slavery…. and we continued to put it to use.”

The only man in DOS – its founder and Supreme Master, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard.

Dominus Obsequious Sororium [DOS], its founder, Keith Alan Raniere, and his life-coaching, self-help organization, Nxivm, which uses patent-pending technology, Rational Inquiry TM, is suffering from a spate of recent bad press – much of it on the heels of Raniere’s arrest, trial and conviction for sex trafficking and racketeering.

DOS first line slave, popular actress, Allison Mack’s arrest, and conviction on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, didn’t help things either.

Part of the reason for Raniere’s conviction, no doubt, was that the jury was swayed by the fact that badass women in this male led sorority were forced to perform labor, receive no compensation, were paddled, branded, sleep-deprived, blackmailed, some of them raped, and all of them undernourished.

On top of that they used the words, ‘master‘ and “slaves’.

The First-Line Slaves and their Master – could they benefit by a change of names?

While the concept may be a fine one for Raniere and his DOS slave leaders, such as Nicki Clyne, Monica Duran and Dani Padilla, it may be time to follow the lead of the NBA and change the names to more politically correct ones for the benefit of women who might want to join the badass women’s sorority.

If it is good enough for the NBA, where players slavishly work for an average of $6.4 million per season, it should suffice for DOS slaves who typically work for Clare Bronfman, or her Rainbow Cultural Garden, for $15 per hour, which some say is truly slave wages.

How about “governor” instead of master and “players” instead of slaves?

Or “overseer” and “vassals?”

The problems of DOS from a PR standpoint are enormous and won’t be easily rectified. But with Nicki Clyne, as a first-line governor, [with Grand Governor Raniere in prison], it may be hard to recruit new players to be collateralized and branded, but perhaps, with a change of names, not impossible.

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