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Epstein and Raniere Would Make Charming Cell Partners

By Shivani

The bail decision on Jeffrey Epstein will come July 15th and he waits in jail. The delay was initiated by the defense to afford them three extra days to sort out their bail tactics.

Meanwhile, the feds are laying claim to Epstein’s multitudinous assets, and the prosecutors say to expect no “imminent” superseding indictments. Tra la la to the other fancyboy entitled pervs who play in Epstein’s cesspool.

Right now, they can still exhale, and this is the way it usually goes for the self-designated social elitists. No doubt some have already revised their own personal, social histories regarding Epstein. “I really don’t know him.”

You can see by the expressions on Epstein’s face that he is going to keep trying to use dodgeball to beat the American court of justice. It’s questionable how long he’s going to be able to maintain this attitudinal smugness, though.

He’s trying to claim that some young girls, ones he recruited for sex, were “prostitutes.” The slop buckets of evidence which Epstein has left behind prove otherwise. The once-young girls are talking too.

Epstein might’ve already used his “get out of jail free” card during his last go-round of sex charges anyhow. He has used his interim free time to keep busy with the same habits. He left his usual careless evidence behind again, too.

Here is a guy so disconnected from being a good man that he remains oblivious to the harm he does, and he used his money to make his predatory sexual habits into a daily routine, redolent with evidentiary details carelessly scattered everywhere. He had staff handling his sex life and recruiting young girls for him. Then, if a suitable girl was noticed, she would be paid to recruit her friends, etc. Epstein ran these little industries in more than one location. So this case can be a geographic treasure trove for the Department of Justice, etc..

With Epstein, there are a few similarities with Raniere, such as a prevailingly arrogant, above-the-law insouciance about either “doing wrong” or getting caught for it. Also, you can see a kind of obsessed sexual habitualism has taken over a huge amount of Epstein’s attention, on a daily basis, and for many years. Again, similar to Raniere in behavior. These two men operated in somewhat different, but intersecting arenas, the cultist and the mogul. However, they would make charming cell partners for one another. Imagine the kvetching!

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