Richard Branson and Sara Bronfman. She rented his island for $250,000 per week. It is doubtful she sold Branson on the value of the Nxivm 'tech.'
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Richard Branson Not Likely to Remember or Care About Nxivm

By Shivani

One consequence of fame is that a huge amount of people think that they kinda know you, and most of what they think that they know about you isn’t true.

Fun, huh?

You read quotes from yourself that never came out of your mouth.

You could spend your entire life trying to handle it, when usually, no response is the best policy. So you have to learn how and when to pick your battles and to let the rest go by like a cloud of nonsense. From publicity, the famous “you” encounters a lot of misinformation about yourself and eventually, one becomes inured to much of it.

Richard Branson has more to think about than some obscure group of weirdos who showed up and rented his island for $250,000 for a week.

If Richard Branson sat around and read media about himself, he wouldn’t have any time left to simply live his life, do his work. He is an old soldier of fame and its prices vs. its bonuses. I doubt if the man has ever held Nxivm and its publicity under a microscope.

I can understand how come Branson would have superficial recall of Sara Bronfman and her Nxivm crowd renting his Necker Island paradise for a week or so, twice.

Branson is a busy guy and has seen decades of various groups, conferences, parties, business meetings. Of course, he is going to be a pleasant host, and it’s most likely that he would have been acquainted with Sara and maybe even her awkward sister, Clare, socially.

Sara Bronfman had some laughs and perhaps some alcohol on Necker Island with Richard Branson. It is hardly proof that Branson understood – much less cared about – her weird group of friends who called themselves Nxians.

Most of the Raniere-and-company weirdness was still kept behind closed doors in 2007 and even in 2010, when these vacations were happening. If he really gave that endorsement quote, probably what he said was what a polite acknowledgment of the “fluff” which he saw. “The meringue on top of the baked Alaska was excellently made.”

Now, if by some chance, Branson wants to come after “his” Nxivm recommendation with a great big mop, since it is again getting negative publicity, that would be lovely.

But who knows who Branson really is and what’s inside his head? The drumbeats in the jungle about some Necker Island events are already interesting enough. Maybe he doesn’t want to open any cans full of worms.

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  • Also, as far as Branson being solicitous of the Bronfman girls and their group, what is known of his relationships with their siblings? (it’s well known he was on good terms with their father)

    Here he is with their brother Edgar, Jr., – giving another thumbs-up to a group that it sounds like has minimal familiarity with:

    “This year’s event honored Sir Richard Branson – business magnate, serial entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group – and featured a Q&A session between Branson and Endeavor Board Chairman Edgar Bronfman, Jr. During the Q&A, Branson emphasized the the importance of having the right support system and network for emerging entrepreneurs hoping to take their ideas to the next level.

    “The feedback I get from entrepreneurs I’ve met who come in contact with Endeavor is great. Having mentors who can really give you advice is so important, and I suspect a lot of us in this room wouldn’t be where we are today without those mentors. To have an organization that’s going into countries all around the world and doing that is fantastic.””

  • I think Richard had some fun with a certain woman in a photo. The same woman who allegedly seduced the Dalai Lama assistant.

    • Was Sara serving sloppy seconds…to whom, Branson or Tenzin…or was it a 3-way?
      I think Branson would prefer a dish that wasn’t leftovers.

  • I think this is a good explanation of the likely banal reality of a situation like this.

    Important people like Branson not only have all sorts of different involvements, but also often have politician-like qualities including a knack for making others feel as if they and their ideas are being given an ear. They, and their personal assistants, are also usually practiced at writing thank you notes to their business and social contacts. They come into contact with, and leave an impression on, thousands of people, who to them may not be particularly significant or memorable.

    I now have the luxury of being semi-retired, and still have a virtual photographic memory for certain sorts of details, but am amazed from time to time when references to things crop up from a period 10 to 20 years ago when I was often busy 16 hours a day 7 days a week, that I virtually don’t remember even if they might have occupied the equivalent of a day or two’s worth of time, and involved people who I interacted with on projects or activities.

  • Sir Richard could learn a great deal from Vanguard. His beautiful teachings could provide a foundation for Sir Richard’s business model. What is the value of money if it is not tied to ethics ?

    • This gets to an interesting point, though not the one implied – the complete lack of actual, successful people in NXIVM show that it has nothing to offer those who really know how to accomplish things and whose time is valuable.

      “Ethics” in NXIVM, like the twisted version in Scientology that Raniere partly plagiarized, is such a bastardized concept that it can’t be taken seriously – and like Scientology’s end-justifies-the-means take on it, we can now see how in NXIVM and DOS it was just an excuse for the leader to exploit, abuse and even degrade others. Though, obviously, credulous followers buy into it.

    • Pea, Sir Richard could certainly learn a lot from VanGuard’s “beautiful teachings.” He can find them in any library or bookstore’s self help section, the same place where Keith found them.

  • I am sure part of the Nx plan for Necker was to get Branson to join or at least endorse the cult. Maybe Sara flirted as a form of sexual recruitment, but since they traveled in the same social circles this would not be a fresh inducement. More likely some of the bikini-clad nubile coaches were present to serve (wittingly or not) as a more fresh diversion, and offer encouragement to Sir Richard to think well of the sex cult. Perhaps some of the hundreds of missing photos would supply a clue.

  • Don’t need to dig deep to see Branson’s Luciferian history. It’s a big circle with lots of ‘heroes’. Lots of little fires on lots of seemingly unrelated islands.

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