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Will Allison Mack Draw More Jail Time Than Lauren Salzman?

Now that their sentencing dates have been postponed, we have time to consider the question of whether Allison Mack will likely get a longer prison term that Lauren Salzman.

Both Allison and Lauren were scheduled to be sentenced on September 11th. But, as was reported yesterday, both of their sentencing dates have been postponed indefinitely.

Allison and Lauren both pleaded guilty to the same two charges: Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy.

The only difference was the predicate acts they admitted committing as part of their participation in the NXIVM crime syndicate.

Allison Mack’s Predicate Acts

Allison Mack

During her allocution on April 8th, Allison admitted that:
(1) She had committed the crime of State Law Extortion by obtaining “…property, including nude photographs and other things of value, from her lower-ranked DOS slaves, having instilled in them the fear that if they did not, she or others would release their collateral, thereby, exposing a secret, whether true or false, tending to subject them to hatred, contempt, and ridicule, or to harm them materially with respect to, among other things, their reputation and personal relationships”.

(2) She had committed the crime of Forced Labor by providing or obtaining “the labor and services of Jane Does 5 and 8, by means of serious harm or threats of serious harm to those persons or other persons or by means of any scheme, plan, or pattern, intended to cause Jane Does 5 and 8 to believe that if they did not perform such labor or services, they would suffer serious harm”.

(3) She had committed the crime of Wire Fraud by receiving “…property and other things of value from lower-ranking DOS slaves by falsely representing that DOS was an organization comprised of women alone and by deliberately concealing Keith Raniere’s role in DOS, and that the scheme involved the sending of electronic messages over cell phones”.

So, the “bottom line” for Allison is that she admitted to three criminal acts:
– Obtaining additional collateral on lower-ranking slaves by threatening to release other collateral of theirs that she had already obtained;
– Obtaining uncompensated services from Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 by threatening to inflict serious harm on them if they did not provide such services; and
– Utilizing the internet to collect collateral from members of DOS by falsely concealing Keith Raniere’s role in the organization.

Lauren Salzman’s Predicate Acts

Lauren Salzman in 2012, pre -DOS.

Lauren did her allocution on March 25th – and in doing so, she admitted that:
(1) She had committed the crime of Forced Labor and Document Servitude by knowingly participating “…in a scheme to confine Jane Doe 4 to a room in order for, among other reasons, to require her to perform labor and services including book reports and various writings for Keith Ranieri knowing that Jane Doe 4 was instructed that if she left the room she would be taken to Mexico without her consent”.

(2) She had committed the crime of State Law Extortion by obtaining property, including “…sexually explicit photographs and videos, credit card authorizations, and rights to assets from her lower-ranked DOS slaves including Jane Does 6 and 11. Having instilled in them the fear that if they did not, she and others would release their collateral thereby exposing secrets about themselves and loved ones whether true or false tending to subject them to hatred, contempt, or ridicule or harm them materially with respect to, among other things, their reputation and personal relationships.

(3) She had committed the crime of Forced Labor by requiring “…lower-ranking DOS slaves including Jane Does 6 and 11 to perform labor and services including tasks that would otherwise be compensable under threat of serious harm including the release of their collateral”.

So, the “bottom line” for Lauren is that she also admitted to three criminal acts:
– Confining Jane Doe 4 in a room and requiring her to provide uncompensated services to Keith Raniere;
– Obtaining additional collateral on Jane Doe 6 and Jane Doe 11 by threatening to release other collateral of theirs that she had already obtained; and
– Obtaining uncompensated services from Jane Doe 6 and Jane Doe 11 by threatening to inflict serious harm on them if they did not provide such services.


Lauren’s Role as a Cooperating Witness

The major difference between Allison and Lauren is that Lauren testified on behalf of the prosecution during Keith Raniere’s trial.

Allison, of course, was never called as a witness by the prosecution (We’ll have more on that topic in a later post).

Lauren did an outstanding job in answering questions from Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar – and, in doing so, helped the jury to understand just how cruel and depraved Raniere is.

Tanya Hajjar

She also withstood a withering cross-examination by Raniere’s lead attorney, Marc Agnifilo – much of which involved Agnifilo asking her questions directly from Post-It Notes that been written by Raniere.

Marc Agnifilo

Many courtroom observers believe that Lauren’s testimony – and her near-breakdown during cross-examination – was the turning point in the trial.

Much of Lauren’s testimony was extremely humiliating: e.g., how she waited for more than 20 years to have a baby with Keith; how she participated in nude group photographs with the other DOS slaves even though Raniere was no longer having any sexual contact with her; how she was held by police at gunpoint on the floor of a Mexican villa while Raniere hid in a nearby closet; etc.

But she never wavered…she never hesitated or held anything back…she just answered every question she was asked.


Others’ Testimony During the Trial

During the course of the trial, several witnesses recounted interactions they had with Allison and Lauren.

In general, Allison came off almost as cruel and villainous as Raniere himself. She seemingly loved being in charge of DOS – and delighted in running “readiness drills” and in meting out punishments to anyone who failed to meet her demands and standards.

MK10ART’s subtle painting of Allison Mack and her mentor, Keith Raniere.

Lauren, on the other hand, was generally described as a much more tolerant “Master” who did not inflict harsh punishments to those in her slave pod. She also came off much more as another of Raniere’s victims rather than as a perpetrator.


Likely Sentences

Although Allison and Lauren will probably end up with the same sentencing range per the applicable guidelines – i.e., 48-60 months – it would not surprise me to see them get substantially different prison terms.

Allison may well get a sentence that is at the high-end of that range: 60 months. She certainly deserves at least that much.

And Lauren may well get a sentence that is slightly below that range: 36 months.

Either way, they’re both headed to federal prison.

Allison may end up in Victorville Federal Prison Camp in Adelanto, CA.

Victorville Federal Prison Camp

Lauren, on the other hand, will likely end up in the women’s federal prison in Danbury, CT.

Danbury Federal Women’s Prison

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  • Why is James Delnegro going Scott free. Why is he still recruiting, why is he not held responsible for the many crimes he committed. Lives he ruined and money he personally laundered. Why?

      • Scott is correct!!!!!

        It isn’t illegal to sell self-improvement courses or cheap horse based soap or crappy energy drinks that makes milk curdle!!!!

  • wow, i haven’t seen this line (because of your stupid childish drawing)
    “Lauren, on the other hand, was generally described as a much more tolerant “Master” who did not inflict harsh punishments to those in her slave pod. She also came off much more as another of Raniere’s victims rather than as a perpetrator.”
    This show what a stupid person you are…

    Lauren was never described as tolerant as none of her slave came…
    She didn’t inflict harsh punishments, it was said that she was “paddling ” as a punishment and it was a choice of the master of the pod…
    On the other hand, Allison was “punishing” (because it never happened from what the testimony has said) with COLD SHOWER…
    She was punished with paddling and caging, not her slaves.

    And how did she came off more as another Raniere’s victim rather than as a perpetrator? She participated in MANY crimes (confirmed in court) and this for 20 YEARS!
    Allison was in the inner circle for a few years and committed…collateral collection.

    I Don’t even know why I try to argue with a lowlife like you; you always show that you are biased.
    Lauren, who is guilty as sin, is seen as almost a saint by you but Allison who is CLEARLY a victim (including a victim of Lauren, i remind you the role she played in Allison desmise?) is the big bad monster…and of course, all this despite the proof in court.
    Lucky you are just a lowlife asshole with no power in court…Lucky it’s a sane man that will decide of the fate of Allison.

    • Explaining what? he didn’t explain anything and his opinion couldn’t be more biased and wrong…

  • Frank, if I’ve asked you once, I’ve asked 1,000 times (but not really, it’s just a figure of speech): Can you ensure any photo of Mack includes her cankles? It’s the only 100% surefire way of knowing it’s her and not somebody else – such as Raniere dressed up to look like her! Thank you for your cooperation.

    I think what happened during the trial will have much less impact than what is being put together for the judge, which could very well end up making Mack look worse than Salzman, as Mack was into DOS much earlier than Salzman, and was even the DOS co-founder along with Raniere. In a way, Raniere damaging Salzman for almost two decades may save her some prison time. What a “reward!”

    • Scott,

      For once I’m in complete agreement!!!!

      Maybe we died and we are both in heaven!!!!

      I’m sure you are like-minded and believe that cankles are natures handles for making love.

      How else is anyone to achieve the fabled upside down reverse cowgirl? Or the inverted spread eagle?

      Plus women with cankles never sprain their ankles!!!!!!

      Women with cankles even run and jump in high heels!!!!

  • Garaufis has been a judge for 30 years. I’m sure he understands that witnesses who are allowed to testify will come across as more sympathetic than those who don’t. And I’m sure he’s aware, or will be at sentencing, that Allison was ready to testify and the prosecution didn’t call her.

    Allison will get to tell her side of the story at her sentencing, right? Wouldn’t be surprised if has a familiar ring to it..

    • “Allison will get to tell her side of the story”

      Will Allison Mack tell the false story about how her nephew was sexually molested?
      Will Allison Mack tell the false story about how she was molested when she was a child?
      Will Allison Mack tell the false story that she was trying to empower women by branding them and turning them into sex slaves?

      • So let’s get it straight, you are still about the few lies she was FORCED to say but ignore the one that the others have said…
        Nicole also gave a false story about how she was molested when she was a child as a collateral…I Don’t hear you bitching about that, lowlife!

        • Allison Mack enthusiastically tells one lie after another about her family and you forgive her.
          Even lies that can land her relatives in serious legal jeopardy.
          What kind of hold does this woman have over you?
          Because she is a petite, blonde white girl she can figuratively get away with murder.
          If a big tall muscular black man pulled half of the crimes Allison Mack did he would already be sentenced to many more than five years behind bars and he can forget home confinement while he awaits sentencing.

          • Shadow :
            What a moron you are…They all did the lies and how can you be sure she tells “enthusiastically”?
            You know NOTHING
            And i forgive her because contrary to you, low life, i know her and she was not HERSELF!
            She was (contrary to Nicole who said the same lie) Under a strict Diet that disable “common sense”.

            What kind of hold she have over me?
            The one,once again, that contrary to you , I’m not a sicko that create FALSE STORIES but stick by the facts.
            The One that i know her and I know that she was Nothing close to what many nobodies around here try to make her be.

            It has Nothing to do with a race and Don’t play that card with me lowlife…
            If you cared about anything else but your hate toward Allison, you would have pointed the REAL CULPRIT and not a victim that you try to make a monster despite the proof showing the EXACT OPPOSITE!

  • A legal question:

    You say that in the trial:
    “Allison came off almost as cruel and villainous as Raniere himself. Lauren, on the other hand, was generally described as a much more tolerant “Master”.
    And that could result in Allison getting a harsher sentence.

    That doesn’t make sense to me.
    KAR was on trial, they were not. They could not defend themselves against true or false testimony, therefore should not be harmed by it.

    Yes, Lauren could be helped by her testifying–but whether others portrayed her as kinder or meaner than Allison should not alter either of their sentences. They both plead to crimes, and what evidence the Feds had to get that plea should be the ONLY basis for their sentence. Not what happened in someone else’s trial.

    • Don’t listen to this Know Nothing…The pre-sentencing is allowing them to present their side of the story, It’s verified by the authorities and investigated if info isn’t available in court…
      But the fact she didn’t have the opportunity to present in court could have an impact…It’s probably why she wasn’t called.
      Prosecution (one member specifically) was trying to charge Allison more than what she committed but failed, if Allison testified, the little that was left against Allison would have been close to nothing…
      In reality, she already testified before trial as in her plea deal and in her allocution, she already stated that Raniere was behind the situation.

      As for the kinder or meaner, the reality is the trial showed that Lauren was meaner (she was using the paddling for corporal punishment (Allison was using cold showers and nobody was punished)), She retained the document when Dani was kept “locked”…
      She was also for 20 years, participating to various crime (as cited by the witnesses)

      Allison, on the other hand, was not cited in any crime (but the one on Nicole), and was described as being in terrible shape by several people (including Vicente)
      She wasn’t in the inner circle until quite late, She was extremely collateralized, she was on an extreme diet…
      She didn’t show violent behavior and didn’t show cruelty.
      At best, her way to rationalize was stupid…But with the diet she was on, it’s completely normal.

      • Shadowstate is actively being invistgataged now.. he knows it finally now and is being more careful.. freedom of speech and hate speech do not equate to outright lies and mis-information a simple search of his name on the search bar leads to 100plus articles of misogyny and hatred of (all) women..

        Scott Johnson is NOT a good man! Asking for pictures of cankles from a woman with an eating disorder is sick.. anyone else notice Scott never asks his Amway victims on his “radio show” anyone else recoginise he haterd of Kirsten “crook” is just bitter because she got out and didn’t loose everything just like him!

        It’s hard when the people meant to be good are deeply sinister!

        On a separate note I Applaud you Frank! You (and others) brought down a Cult! Women are no longer branded and abused! Men and women are no longer exploited… But please don’t let these lunatics ruin your work.. (yes Alison should do jail time.. but not the electric chair like Shadow’s snuff fantasy)

      • Shadow (7/17 4:18am):
        No they didn’t… When Penza introduced the underaged crime (pretending she would prove the connection with Allison) , she left NO CHOICE.

        Whether she was connected or not, the impact would have been disastrous.
        During the closing argument (of penza) , she recognized that she couldn’t prove that Allison was linked and try to pretend that it doesn’t change her implication in that case…

        For a crime she wasn’t linker, wasn’t aware of and that happened BEFORE she entered the cult and LONG before she became an Inner circle.

        No, They didn’t had an Opportunity.

        And it doesn’t change that this was Raniere’s trial and therefor not Allison’s trial!
        Yet Penza pushed a lot against Allison (despite the long term member showing her lack of implications)
        And all this while WILLINGLY forbidding Allison to defend herself…
        This should be considered as an unfair trial for Allison.

        I remind you that it’s in the constitution? the right to a fair trial? Moron! (sorry but i had too)

  • Titillating use of the cleavage pic!

    The usual fanboy going to spew in his fruit of the looms for sure.

  • I suspect that Raniere didn’t care too much for Mack sexually. She doesn’t fit his type. He likes very young, very skinny girls, with long dark hair. Mack doesn’t fit that picture. Neither does Lauren.

    They were both low-value slaves in Raniere’s eyes.

    And I think they were both painfully aware of their lack of value.

    Mack in particular was desperate to please him.

    And look at where that took her.

    NXIVM: The gift that never stops taking.

    • “Mack, in particular, was desperate to please him.”
      Really? First, she was one of the last girls to have a relation with him…It started after the beginning of DOS (court info) and Nothing showed that she was desperate to please him…she was coerced to follow orders, period

      Secondly, if you talk about desperate, it’s clearly Lauren that was…She fully admitted this in court! She said that ‘she hoped to save their relationship and would do anything for that’.

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