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Emiliano Salinas & Ludwika Paleta: Millions View Mexican YouTube Videos Crediting Frank Report for Breaking News

Mexicans get a lot of news through YouTube and a lot of the news about Emiliano Salinas comes from YouTube reports based on posts in the Frank Report.
One of the videos crediting Frank Report got more than a million views: El SECRETO de EMILIAN0 SALINAS y SU GRUP0 en MÉXICO  — 1,037,393 views.
Others get anywhere from 10,000 – to 700,000 views each.
And legendary journalist Carmen Aristegui has over a million views on all her Frank Report videos.
Visitation to Frank Report from Mexico is consistent and Alexa, a website that ranks other websites, lists Frank Report in the top 5,300 most visited websites in Mexico.
This is not bad for a blog.
The audience continues to grow with hundreds of thousands of views from Mexico.
In addition to this, Frank Report has had the good fortune to have Julieta González translate a number of our stories into Spanish to accommodate our growing Mexican audience.
As the investigation into Nxivm continues – and Emiliano Salinas’s activities come under increasing scrutiny by US authorities – there will be a lot more to report in coming weeks and months.
Without sounding overly dramatic, the ramifications of an indictment of Emiliano Salinas could wind up impacting or potentially toppling Carlos Salinas’s power structure in Mexico – which, in turn, could impact immigration/emigration, sex, drug, and gun trafficking and money laundering between the US and Mexico.
Frank Report will be expanding coverage – as readers will see in coming weeks.
Here are some links to a few of the Mexican videos:


Filtran vídeo de dormitorios de casa de seguridad de NXIVM. Moira Kim Penza

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  • Frank,

    Congratulations on the Frankreport reaching a larger audience!!!

    The Mexican people should know that the Nxivm cult infiltrated the Mexican elite establishment and Mexican government at the highest levels.

  • For years the Mexican media has been run by a duopoly of Televisa and Azteca, two giant media conglomerates with multiple TV broadcast networks across Mexico.
    And Televisa has close ties with the US network Univision.
    Now courtesy of the internet and Youtube and FrankReport there is no way to conceal the Mexican elite’s dirty laundry.

    “could impact immigration/emigration, sex, drug, and gun trafficking and money laundering between the US and Mexico.”

    The US government is eager to choke off the massive money laundering between Mexico and the US.
    Recent news reports indicate that El Chapo, the Mexican drug trafficker just sentenced to life in prison, might have laundered as much as 12 Billion dollars over the years.
    And lots of members of NXIVM traveled back and forth to Mexico, Canada, Britain and other foreign nations, leaving open the possibility that NXIVM might have been profiting from money laundering.

    Mexico has been plagued by a decade long civil war between various drug cartels .
    As many as 100,000 Mexicans, many of them innocent bystanders, might have been killed in the drug-fueled chaos.
    Anything that would end this slaughter and stabilize Mexico would be welcome news.

  • Hell yes! This is fantastic Frank! Making things happen like a boss. You deserve a Pulitzer or a Peabody, you blew the MSM away and changed the course of history, and are still literally kicking ass and taking names. Real men do real things. With the United States and Mexico having big problems with human trafficking, this may have started with a small-ish group but effects our culture, our society, our humanity. It is my suspicion that the successful blow-out prosecution of Raniere was the signal needed for the DoJ to get it in gear and for the SDNY to move on both Epstein and R. Kelly, that they can do this, and if other jurisdictions cannot or will not move, they will. It would not have happened without YOUR work.
    So wait a minute, who is changing the world for good and using ETHICS to do it? Haha, viva executive success, baby!

  • While Frank is neither Jesus nor a prophet, this fits, in relation to being respected more in Mexico than the U.S., at least for now: It’s similar to the saying that an expert consultant is anyone who comes in from more than 50 miles away. By the way, the first video can be translated into English by clicking on the gear in the lower right-hand corner, then subtitles, and selecting English or whatever desired language is available.

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