Nicki Clyne with her now-convicted spouse Allison Mack
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Here’s the Marital Scoop on Nicki Clyne and Allison Mack

By Shivani

Oh, I forgot about Nicki Clyne, the wifey of Allison Mack, but WHO wants to bring up a sham marriage?

Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you! Hahaha. ICE, ICE, bébé.

Some of the DOS Tweety birds are too busy worrying about poor Keithy-Weethie to even remember who shtupped who, after all of these exciting years, years of trying to not to miss having sex with anyone but Creepboy.

These women are far too spiritually, sexually and mentally advanced to need to be intruded upon by crimes and misdemeanors. Even today, none of them is ready to ask “Where was Lorena Bobbitt when we needed her?”

Image result for lorena bobbitt
Lorena Bobbitt – could she have been a good slave for Keith Raniere?

Here’s the marital scoop re: Nicki and Allison. “You mean we got married? Oh, come on. That was just one of the Vanguard’s ritual ceremonies. What sham marriage?”

Why, oh, why did those mean law enforcement types have to go and mention it?

Poor, poor Keitthy- Weethie. A dickhead who came ahead of his time, disseminating his Keith Mart Blue Light special human papillomavirus.

But at least Allison might’ve learned something from Nikki before all hell broke loose in Cultville. She learned that sister wives suck, big time. Yet another tool in her belt for prison life.

By the way, if Mack does her time in the Victorville women’s prison, she will be lucky, relatively speaking. That women’s prison isn’t overly populated. It is not much worse than being in a small, economically deprived sorority with too many scheduled, parental inspections from the staff.

Probably the only thing that could knock Allison’s socks off out in the lower Mojave would be an earthquake.

FCI Victorville
Victorville FPC [AKA Victorville Federal Prison Camp] is a minimum-security women’s federal prison located at 13777 Air Expressway Blvd., Adelanto, California operated by the Western Region of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), a division of the U.S. Department of Justice. FPC Victorville is part of the Victorville Federal Correctional Complex and consisting of 2 medium security FCI’s and 1 US Penitentiary. Victorville FPC is a satellite facility of the Medium FCI II and houses 278 female federal minimum-security inmates sentenced and charged with Federal Crimes in U.S. District Courts throughout the United States.

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  • Honestly, Frank, sometimes I wonder why you publish some of the things you do. Stuff like this makes your otherwise awesome website seem like it’s taking a turn for the worse now that Keith has been found guilty. Like you are hurting for decent content.

  • Shivani:
    This curious conversation from an October post of the Frank Report raises a number of questions for me.
    It is between Pea Onyu, the pen name for Nicki Clyne and a person writing under the pseudonym
    Ryanne S.

    Pea Onyu
    October 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm
    Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor?

    Ryanne S
    October 7, 2018 at 9:59 pm
    I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!
    Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name .mentioned before.
    But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow!!
    Finally Pea gets something correct!!
    From the tone of this conversation it appears that Pea Onyu suspects the identity of Ryanne S.

    And it appears that both Pea Onyu and Ryanne S. know one another, perhaps on a personal basis.

    Further on in the same post I have this conversation with Ryanne S.
    Ryanne S
    October 7, 2018 at 10:30 pm
    Sorry Captain Shadow
    I wasnt clear, which was my fault.
    No, Allison did not create Pea Onyu, as far as I know. But she did choose THIS name, right Allie?…And I ever said anything about Mack.
    Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…
    What happened to Bianca and Lara Le Fart?
    I really HATED that Fart bitch!

    October 7, 2018 at 11:00 pm
    Now I think Allie is all mad cuz I’m taunting her with this dumb name…

    Does Allie follow the Frank Report?
    How does she do so in spite of the court order?

    Ryanne S
    October 7, 2018 at 11:19 pm
    She sure does, Captain Shadow. She even writes posts here. In fact, she could be Heidi or Anon or Onewomanarmy or
    OCD. But I dont think she is the scooter/flowers guy, but maybe she is.

    But I know for a fact that she is writing shit here. Right Allie?

    I dont think this Allie is a Mack, though, more like Allie Whack

    Who is Ryanne S.?
    For some time people have suspected that the members of NXIVM, even those under indictment and house arrest have been able to circumvent orders against using social media.
    There has been some talk of Nicki Clyne communicating surreptitiously with Clare Bronfman.
    Did they find a way to circumvent these restrictions?

  • “Allison, do you wish you were an underage Mexican girl?” “I do.”

    “Nicki, do you think little Keith is sexy?” “I do.”

    “Congratulations. You are now as married as you’re ever likely to be.”

  • Thank you Frank for your free speech website. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Do I hear the whaaaa-balance?

    • “Perhaps give some insight into this sham marriage and explain if Clyne is working for the feds or leading DOS? We’ve been told conflicting info here at the FrankReport.”


      I believe that both are possible.
      Clyne could be both informing for the FBI and engaged in various NXIVM activities.
      Many times informants for the FBI or the police are still engaged in criminal activity.
      Witness the example of

      Whitey Bulger, the gangster who headed Boston’s mob for many years.
      Bulger was an informant for the FBI ad he continued his various criminal activities of racketeering, murder, money laundering and extortion.

  • This has to be one of the worst written articles I’ve read in a long while. I don’t know if writing it the way you did was supposed to be funny, or if you were high on narcotics when you wrote it.

    • This place is getting weirder and weirder. I can’t make heads or tales of many of the articles anymore. And the comments. Opposing opinions are one thing, alternate realities a whole other. I’d give up but this is the only place talking about NXIVM.

  • Clearly after you got sacked by Keith you turned into a cry baby. No one cares anymore about this lot!

    I say this kindly. Get a fucking life! Your story always shows on my fucking news feed in the UK. It won’t let me remove it!

    Have a wank id you’re that lonely!

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