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Photos of Salzman’s House and Cash Seized – But Where’s the Other $300,000?

Once upon a time, Nancy Salzman, known to Nxivm members as Prefect, lived in a nice house at 3 Oregon Trail, in the suburban town of Clifton Park – not far from the cities of Albany, the New York State Capitol and Saratoga Springs – famous for horse racing.

Nancy lived for years there in glory, as the wondrous Prefect.

Few ever dared to laugh at her because her leader, the Vanguard, had given her such a lowly name.  For a Prefect is usually just a senior student who is authorized by the teacher or principal to enforce discipline on the other more unruly students.

One of the things Keith Alan Raniere, who was the like the principal of Nxivm – they called him Vanguard – did was to allow Nancy to hold on to some of his cash.

So when the FBI raided her house they found a tidy sum – about $520,000 in cash.

Now this presents an intriguing problem. For one of my sources tells me that there was about $820,000 in cash from Nxivm stashed in under the table payments that Nancy had control of just prior to Raniere’s arrest..

What happened to the other $300,000 is anybody’s guess.

In any event, the Feds seized $520,000 and it won’t be returned to Keith or Nancy.

Here is a list of what the feds took from Nancy’s house:

A shoe box [with $390,180 in it]

Another shoe box [with $15,637 in it]

A red bag [with $109,727 in it]

A white envelope [with $2,770 in it]

A yellow envelope [with $700.]

Misc cash lying about: $1,923.

60,000 Rubles [$967]

100 Pesos  [$5.50]

$2,180 Travelers Checks

Bank Of America Check

Thumb Drives

Portable File Box With Numerous Folders [of bank records and other info as part of their spying on enemies]

Black Iphone

External Hard Drive [Silver]

Apple Airport Extreme

Kyocera Cell


Apple Mac Book

Sandisk Cruzer Glide Thumb Drive

Sony Recorder Micro Sd

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cell

Apple Iphone

Hp Pavilion Line P/c

Dell Desk Top With Digital Editing System

Fujitsu External Harfd Drive

Mac Pro Computer

Maxtor Hard Drive

Lacie Hard Disk Drive

Maxtor Removable Hard Disd Drive

Western Digital Hard Drive

Blackberry Moble Device

Kyocera Mobile Device

Blackberry Nobe Devicde

Sandisk Thumb Drive

Imac Computer

Samsung Mobile Device

Maxtor Personal Storage


Dard Disk Drive

Hitachi Hard Disk Drive

Plumax External Hard Drive

Swann Hd Video Recorder

Adt Dvr

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive

Western Degital Passport External Hard Drive

Toshiba 32g Thumb Drive

Staples Relay Thumb Drive

Apple Time Capsule

Airport Time Capsule

Logitech Thumbdrive

Verbatim Thumb Drive

Buffalo Drive Station

Apple Ipad

Nancy will not likely get any of these things back – except perhaps the empty envelopes.

But at least she should be able to keep the remaining $300,000 which was evidently not left on Oregon Trail. Keith is in no position to demand it back from her.

Nancy Salzman’s house at 3 Oregon Trail in Waterford NY. Some 51 electronic devices were seized by the FBI, along with some petty cash.

Here are the pics:


Viva Executive Success!



Cash was stored in the attic – which you will notice is nicely insulated.
Nancy – despite her high rank as Prefect – lived in a modest middle-class home.
A cheery kitchen.

A piano set aside for Keith when he would come over and play.
This cash was in a nice little bag.
Everyone has a junk room. Not everyone keeps $500,000 in cash lying around.

The FBI found cash at Nancy Salzman’s house in the darndest places.
A safe – and files on Nxivm enemies.

Workout room


Perhaps some of her cash was not particularly well hidden.

3 Oregon Trail was raided on March 27, 2018. [Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.] The gents gracefully carried out Nancy’s possessions and a load of cash believed to be stored there for Keith Alan Raniere, her Vanguard.

A Vanguard, by definition, is a person leading the way in new developments or ideas. Our Vanguard had a lot of new ideas. One was to brand women on their pubic region with a hot cauterizing pen to mark them as his slaves.

Another was a multi-level blackmail company using collateral.

Another was a female empowerment sorority secretly that featured a man as their master and women as slaves.

Another was a life coaching success training program that somehow made everyone who took it poorer except him.

Another was an expensive acting course devised by a man who never acted professionally.

Another was a multi-language child training program – devised by a man who could only speak one language.

One could go on and on in praise of the Vanguard and his unique ideas.

But what I want to know is where is the other $300,000?

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  • Nancy was in it for the money and only for the money. She left the court full of smiles after lodging her guilty plea. She knows that she will get a relatively short sentence in a nice cosy prison, for ‘ladies of a certain age’, and she’s got millions stashed away in places known only to herself. She’s not worried about her future. She was the knowing racketeer of the gang. She knew exactly what laws she was breaking, and she knew she was much smarter than ‘the worlds smartest man. She played a big part in transforming Tubby Keith into the Vanguard. She’s a Gran with a Plan. She will come out of the whole NXIVM affair better off than anyone else involved. There are worse things than retiring to the South of France.

  • A prefect is also a chief magistrate or regional governor. And at 3350 square feet, 3 Oregon Trail is hardly modest, at least for those of us who grew up in a time when houses were half that size.

    • Remember that Nancy doesn’t OWN the house, Clare does. She had to move out after the FBI raid.

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