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Allison Mack Is Jeffrey Epstein and Jeffrey Epstein Is Allison Mack

By Shadow State

Let’s put this in perspective.

Both Allison Mack and Jeffrey Epstein lured people into compromising sexual situations.

Both Allison Mack and Jeffrey Epstein took photographs and videos of people while they were in those compromising sexual situations.  Both used those photographs and videos to blackmail people.

Both Allison Mack and Jeffrey Epstein are blackmailers.

Allison Mack is 30 years younger than Jeffrey Epstein. He is an old perv. She is a young one.


Allison Mack worked for the former cult guru, Keith Raniere, who is now a convicted sex trafficker and racketeer.


Jeffrey Epstein quite possibly worked for an intelligence agency.

Allison Mack victimized young women eager to be actresses.  Epstein victimized poor girls eager for spending money.

Mack hobnobbed with other actresses and wealthy heiresses. Epstein associated with the political and financial elite.

Allison Mack and Jeffrey Epstein are both scumbags and blackmailers.


Allison Mack is not a poor little lamb led to slaughter

When Mack entered the Vanguard’s inner circle, there were already plenty of women available to serve the pervert.  Younger women. Prettier women. Less self-absorbed, pretentious women.

Both Lauren Salzman and Nicki Clyne were already servicing the Vanguard, as well as a host of Mexican women like Monica Duran, Melissa Rodriguez, Loreta Garza, Daniela Padilla, and the sisters, Mariana and Cami.  Even Rosa Laura Junco was willing to serve up her teenage daughter as a sacrifice to the satyr.

Mack, with eyes wide open, knowing full well who and what Keith Raniere is, elbowed herself to the front of the harem line.  When Raniere suggested that the First Line slaves perform a group slave re-commitment ceremony – which involved group fellatio on him – did Allison Mack object?

Or was she hoping to be the first in line to start off the ceremony? [And the one to drink his semen? As the slave women vied for this privilege.]

Allison referred to other women in NXIVM/DOS as “sister wives.” Yet, she enjoyed her nickname ‘Madam”.

Allison knew what kind of relationship Raniere wanted [including procuring other women by trickery and possibly underage girls for him] and she was hellbent on providing those services heart and soul.

Think of this, when you are inclined to parse the difference between Epstein and Mack: She is an adult woman, well versed in the rhetoric of “female empowerment” and familiar with all of the rhetoric of today’s feminism. Yet, of all of the men I know, many of them quite conservative and traditional, not one would talk about branding women like cattle and turning them into sex slaves.

Epstein is not accused of wanting to brand women.

Let me explain further how ruthless is this woman that so many defend on this forum:

In order to become a First Line DOS slave – which had special privileges in Raniere’s hierarchy – Allison gave collateral [blackmail worthy material] which included false confessions meant to destroy her family.

She gave this to Raniere to hold over her.

Her brother is about two years older than her and has a good job in the field of education.  Allison Mack’s bogus, lying story about him – when she gave collateral – about her nephew being molested by her brother – could have destroyed her brother’s career. Yet she put this in Raniere’s hands to release if she did not do what he wanted. She gave this collateral to advance in the organization.

Allison’s father has a career as a vocal coach and conducts a church choir. She gave [once again, false] collateral that he molested her when she was a child.  She would have destroyed her brother and her father with lies to advance her role in Raniere’s enterprise.

Yes, Epstein was a blackmailer and perv. His blackmail, I suspect, by the way, was based on true crimes of men abusing young women and girls, and not made up lies about his own family.

Mack’s blackmail – offered to raise herself in the sorority of slaves – was based on destroying innocent members of her own family

Allison Mack is not really less culpable than Epstein.

Mack was willing to exploit struggling actresses and turn them into sex slaves.  Save your pity for Allison’s victims like Jaye and Nicole.

In the end, Epstein will stand trial or plead guilty to certain charges. He will get a far longer sentence than Allison.

Allison pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy – and admitted to being involved in a blackmail and extortion scheme.  She avoided sex trafficking charges via her plea deal. Yet, during the trial of Keith Raniere, the testimony of Jaye and Nicole clearly indicated that Mack was manipulating these women into a sex trafficking operation.

How many more women would have been trafficked is anyone’s guess. It only stopped because Frank Report revealed the branding scheme and DOS women escaped. Then the New York Times published a story, crediting Frank Parlato for breaking the branding news, which prompted the FBI to begin an investigation.

This caused Raniere and Mack to flee to Mexico.

Otherwise, there would have likely been many more sex trafficking victims.

And, again, before you cry for the poor little victim Allison Mack, read Catherine Oxenberg’s book, “Captive,” which discusses in detail how Mack used and abused India Oxenberg.

That book, like the testimony of Nicole and Jaye, paints a very stunning and disgusting picture of Allison Mack, as a ruthless woman – despite her charming smile and innocent demeanor.

As for Kristin Kreuk coming [or not coming] to Mack’s rescue, don’t criticize Kreuk. She is, wisely, more concerned about her own career and not getting tarred with Allison Mack’s madness.

It was madness.

Yes, I submit that Allison Mack is Jeffrey Epstein and vice versa.

Both are insane in a way to think they could have gotten away with what they did.  But that won’t let them off the hook.  Both must be punished to prevent this kind of insanity from spreading in the world.

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