With Keith Raniere one never knows what to believe.

Keith Raniere Claimed to Have ”Odd Type of Intelligence” as a Boy

The Youtube video is down. Raniere took it down at the request of Park after I broke the branding story.

Happily, before the videos were taken down, I took the liberty of copying them.

Grace Park had a wonderful interview with Keith Alan Raniere

There are several hours of interviews with Park.  And when I get a chance, I will go through them and perhaps post some of the most poignant moments.  I am not interested in embarrassing Park – now that Raniere is convicted. Indeed, I had asked her to help me take him down when we were in the thick of the fight – before the FBI investigation and before the New York Times story.

She politely declined.

For now, I just want to print a few words that the lordly one said about himself.  This is important not so much because we need to know more about Raniere to stop him, for he is finished.  All that remains for him is for the judge to sentence him to a virtual or actual life sentence. The soon-to-be 59-year-old Raniere cannot get less than 15 years for just one of his charges, sex trafficking – and he has numerous other felony counts.

The reason it is important to hear his words, in my opinion, is that there are others like Raniere out there who are currently preying on gullible followers and using these followers to persuade others to follow.

Raniere’s method was to teach that he was sublime and supreme; that you should stop thinking for yourself, stop being independent, and start obeying – for your own sake.

And it began and ended with self acclamation, something Raniere was good at – bragging about himself.

In the interview with Park, Raniere said: “I did things very early. I spoke very early. I had some really deep, profound thoughts at an early age.”

Here the fool is trying to brag about his intellect from an early age. He has said in his bio that he started speaking deep thoughts at age one.  He wants Park and the viewers to realize he is supremely intelligent, that he was always intelligent, far more so than any other child. He is not teaching you how to become intelligent. He is declaring his intelligence is rare. So, you should follow and listen to him.

Next, he talks about what a great heart he has.

Raniere: “I had a real, almost like in a way it would be considered something odd, but I had a very strong personification of even objects, pets, things like that. I was very concerned about the way they felt.”

It is easy to mock this. For he cared so much about pets and inanimate things, but not much about women whom he starved, branded, blackmailed, punished and fleeced. But there is a deeper point: This rascal is trying to convince his audience [and Park] that he is very empathetic. He even cares about pets, toys, inanimate things. He is preaching about his great heart.

He speaks about his concern for a toy.

Raniere tells how in first grade in Brooklyn, the children in his class were required to bring one of their used toys for a fundraising sale.

Raniere says, “I brought my little toy and I bought my toy back… The reason I wanted it was in a way it was like rescuing the toy… That was how I felt about it. I didn’t care about normal things like that as a little kid.”

Raniere made himself the hero of his toy sale. It was almost certainly meant to evoke a reaction of “He even cared about little toys.”

He neglects to mention that as a child, his father had a good income and that he had a generous allowance and that his parents would buy him expensive toys and gifts and pets – on demand.

The point of his story is [and it may not be even true] is that he cares – he personalized his little toy and he knew no one could ever love his toy as much as he did.

His toy could never be with a better person than himself – so he rescued his toy.

The lesson here, I think, is more than one of bad manners – this desire to brag about oneself is common even among people who do not aspire to lead a cult. I think the lesson here is to beware of anyone who speaks of his own intelligence or compassion – and then wants you to do what that person says because of their superior intelligence.

But Raniere was selling the idea that he was a great soul, a supreme mind and people should want to hear about him, much like they would, if only they could, know more of the details of the young Jesus.

Raniere next spoke about how “very early on” his desire for getting Christmas and birthday presents lessened, He said, “rapidly that wasn’t so interesting to me.”

He was beyond the need for material things at such an early age.

At age 10, Raniere said he “worked for a whole summer to earn points go to the toy store [and] when it came time to collect I had a recognition that the toy store did not hold anything I really cared about.  It’s not what interests me … there’s nothing there, it’s not where happiness comes from.”

This is coming from a man who had fuck toys and sex slaves.

He claimed to have been a 10-year-old who saw through the vanity of toys.  He worked the whole summer for a trip to the toy store and then saw through the need to possess toys.

Raniere claims that at the age of 12, he had a recognition that “the only thing that mattered really in life was … why I like this and why I dislike that.”

He said, “The other day I was at Clare’s [Bronfman] house and there was a sound, a siren type of sound and most people were cringing and at the time I felt really good.”

Raniere explained, “It brought me back to this time when I was 12. One of the cars my father owned – my parents actually were separated – and when you open the door… [Raniere makes a horn sound] and liked that bothered me so I sat there one day for like 20 minutes listening to the sound saying, ‘Why does this bother me?’ and then thinking of other sounds that I liked and attributing those feelings to the sound and things like ultimately really feeling a sense of that the sound reminded me of my father and my father’s car and nothing about the sound at all was annoying.  I went through a number of things in that exploration. Now when I hear a sound like that it brings back the car. It’s really great.”

If any of the stories are true, they are not terribly unusual. In many ways, he seems like a boring child.

He cared about a toy he already owned and did not want anyone else to havel.  Later, he did not care to possess anything a toy store had for sale.

He made an obnoxious sound pleasant to himself.

The man is a bore, true. But a dangerous bore.

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  • I wonder if he was one of those kids whose parents thought that he was an “old soul” or “indigo child,” or something similar. I’m very curious as to their beliefs; they must have been at least somewhat unconventional to have sent him to a Waldorf school, which are rather pseudo-scientific and even kind of culty. Recently, the Waldorf school in Rockland County that I’d guess Raniere was sent to, was embroiled in an infamous suit because a large number of the school’s students weren’t vaccinated and their parents were refusing to have them vaccinated, during the midst of a measles outbreak in the county.

    • His mother, if gathered information is accurate, was an artistic person who suffered from poor health combined with a dependence upon too much booze. Not only could she not exemplify to her child how to cope, how to learn the ways of living, but it’s most likely that she overwhelmed him with her neediness and her own inabilities to cope. It’s likely that Keith, as a young boy, was left too much alone to contend with her (very possible) lack of boundaries, as well as her needs or neediness. I don’t get the sense that Keith was really being parented by someone who had much to give, due to her own problems, and the dad had removed himself.

      Now, some people get through this kind of environment by telling themselves, “I’m learning how I don’t want to live, and I’ll make something better of my life.” But some cannot recover. In particular, Raniere’s insanities about himself with regard to women and to girls show a child and the resultant man, who has no reasonable or healthy intersexual boundaries.

  • Can you post screenshots of Rainere please. And, by the way, imagine how many Mexican girls were tortured and sold. The Mexican inmates know what happened. They don’t need orders. Everyone has suffered from these child traffickers in one way or another.

  • “I had a very strong personification of even objects, pets, things like that.”

    It’s not unusual for a child to anthropomorphize a pet or an inanimate object. Children have imaginations. When I was a child I thought there were little people inside the television set. I don’t think this makes me special, or eligible to lead a cult.

    “I bought my toy back… ”

    Even as a child, Raniere could not let go. He had to “rescue” the toy. Later he imagined he was “rescuing” women by sexually exploiting them. He especially couldn’t let go when they strayed, or escaped, away from him. As a child and as an adult, he characterized his obsessive behavior as a virtue.

    • Because it illustrates how ridiculous Raniere is and needed help from a team of evil women in order to f*ck other women and little girls.

        • GirlScoutCookies,

          There are new readers believe it or not.

          Frankreport’s 600,000+ clicks a month comes from somewhere.

          Originally, when I first started following the Frankreport I felt the same way as you do.

          The Frankreport is no different than other news media. The story has to be explained ad nauseam.

          How do you think Krclaviger feels?

  • “In many ways, he seems like a boring child.”

    “The author also says I co-founded the Ethical Science Foundation in 2007 – a fact I had not previously known.”

    These quotes could have come from Johnny Carson’s monologues, once upon a time. There’s nothing like some understated strafe-bombing. After all, Raniere is a low-hanging NFO.
    (nonflying object) His name now sounds like Discard. Before he was convicted, Blowhard. After arrest, Flubtard. If you are a little bit Irish, that easily becomes Flabturd, maybe my favorite.

    Once robed as the most succulent grape
    Busy enslaving suckees
    Today a wrinkled raisin
    Nailed by his own disease.

  • “Indeed I had asked her to help me take him down when we were in the thick of the fight – before the FBI investigation and before the New York Times story. She politely declined.”

    When you use your fame, however mild, to promote a criminal cult and try and use your membership to legitimise the cult, especially after you know this vile being is a pedophile and rapist, you must be criticised. Not using that same fame to help at least try and reverse some of the damage is disgusting. Grace Park should be “embarrassed”. It’s her own fault.

    This also includes cowardly Kristin Kreuk too. All throughout 2017, she was being called out here on Frank Report, but not a word from her. Not even a retweet or two. Now we know she was still in NXIVM in 2016 and lied about it. Too busy pretending to fight a pedophile and race baiting about white people on a white tax payer funded television show that is a ratings flop.


    “The season finale for CW’s “Burden of Truth” settled for a 0.1 rating/1 share among adults 18-49 on Sunday. Its 612,000 total viewers weren’t much more impressive.”


    How long does it take Frank Report to notch up 612,000 clicks? ?

    • “a white tax payer funded television show that is a ratings flop”
      clearly you care more about your white race than you do about ratings

      • Kristin Kreuk and white people were brought up. Inevitably, the same stench of smug beetle fumes showed up…
        It’s obviously… can you guess…?… Sultan Of Shit… again… ????

        • No you fucking retard who calls anyone and everyone who responds to a Kreuk post as me. The only stench is you infesting this site with your incessant whining and crying about Kristin, immigrants, liberals, and whatever else you want moan about.

          No one except you cares about her past NXIVM association to keep bringing her up.

          Not the government. Not anyone who was allegedly hurt by her via her NXIVM association because they don’t fucking exist. She has made a ton of money and is still making it and doing whatever she wants,

          No one except you periodically brings her up in the comments of every other article, even the ones that have nothing to do with her. No one except you responds to your own comments so you can call me out and keep using me as an excuse to keep bringing her up.

          You’re such a fucking juvenile – on the level of VanFake and the manipulative games he played as depicted in a number of the articles posted on this site.

          • The Sultan of Sexiness has rebuked you!!!

            SultanOfSix’s diatribe will bring your racist ass 12 years of bad luck!!!!

            During the next 12 years:

            Your favorite sports teams willl lose every playoff series.

            You will have at least 1 cavity.

            You will be laid off from work twice.

            You will go to sleep with beautiful princess on a Friday night….

            ….only to wake up Saturday…

            ….. and realize you were seriously beer-goggling and your princess looks ike Scott Johnson with a wig…..

            …… It might even be Scott Johnson if you reside in Texas and use Grinder™.

            Dark days ahead my friend!!!!!

          • The spank freak show thinks only one person thinks he is a dickhead and that only one person has called out Kristin Kreuk, his fantasy spank. How many comments come out of a Kristin Kreuk related article? All from one person? Spanky worshiping a pedophile “prophet” and a bad actress who followed a pedophile, knowing he was a pedophile… tut tut.

    • Regardless of what Park knew and when she knew it, she should have helped Frank take down NXIVM once he talked to her and invited her to help, because your logic of her using her celebrity status to get people to get people in is spot-on. And it applies to Kristin Crook as well. Not speaking up is cowardly, self-centered, and ultimately bad for their public images.

      • Not bad, not bad at all. And Frank Report is not funded by taxpayers, nor does it rely on politically correctness and pandering.

    • ““The season finale for CW’s “Burden of Truth” settled for a 0.1 rating/1 share among adults 18-49 on Sunday. Its 612,000 total viewers weren’t much more impressive.”

      In TV Land the CW network is literally scraping the bottom of the barrel.
      The CW network is targeted towards teen age girls.

  • If Park had helped shut down NXIVM, I would be more inclined to not post the videos. But cowards should not be rewarded in that manner.

  • Unfortunate. I met Ms. Parks once. Always thought she was brighter than to get into this mess.

  • Like many only children, he was likely doted on and told over and over again how special he was. I suspect that then the divorce happened and maybe the parents couldn’t effectively follow through in making sure he did not, like many only children, become a spoiled brat. It’s a balancing act – increasing self esteem but pulling on the reins at the same time.

    He grew up to be a cold, self involved, conceited, entitled parasite, IMO. Even as an adult, he reportedly expected everything on demand. When his wishes were not carried out, he turned imperious and vengeful.

    Dangerous, indeed, especially when millions of dollars were placed at his disposal.

    • I like Raniere’s answer that he didn’t know where his clothes came from.
      If he needed new clothing it just magically appeared.
      No thought of who paid for it.
      How much it cost.
      Who traveled to the store to buy it.
      Who delivered it to him.
      Stuff just magically appears.

    • He’s certainly got spectacular ‘Mother Issues.’

      His mother must have loved him far too much, or far too little.

      Jung once said the only worse than having a mother who loves a child too little, is having a mother that loves them too much.

      I’m leaning towards a lack of love.

    • Orangecountydreams,
      I personally know many people who were the only offspring, who had a traumatic childhood and many who had multiple siblings and turned out to possess many of the hallmark traits of psychopaths. Your views denote ignorance on this topic. DEEP ignorance!!

      • I was not implying that only children are inclined to become sociopaths. I was simply opining on what might have happened in KAR’s particular case, to result in what he is today. This article is on KAR’s claims about his childhood, so I felt the comment was appropriate here.

        Everyone is an individual and it’s inexplicable to me that someone could become so monstrous with basically a privileged upbringing.

  • I think Grace Park has suffered enough for her part in being a Nx recruiter…having had to listen to Keith, one on one, in the “several hours of interviews with Park.”
    They have been taken off YouTube but will play in her brain forever.

    Why did some “celebs” take part in these interviews and others did not?
    Were they ordered, or did they volunteer?

    • “Why did some “celebs” take part in these interviews ”

      In the case of Allison Mack, she was promoting her acting school “The Source.”

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