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Why All Professionals Must Stay Up to Date with Technology News

Technology is our way of life. If it were to vanish the social structures and framework of our societies, then they would surely crumble and fall. We would be plunged into the dark ages, except this time we wouldn’t have the skills or ability to adapt.

This dystopian reality, of course, is not the reason why all professionals, from business people to artists, should stay up to date with technology news. Instead, it’s for a brighter future. There are so many possibilities when technology merges with other sectors.

From the healthcare industry to art, to culture, to business, to charity – all of it can be improved substantially when fused creatively with technology. If you want to improve your career prospects and even to launch a new field within your industry, it is essential that you keep up to date with technology news and even consider investing in learning how you can personally use this new tech within your career.

There are so many reasons why professionals from all walks of life must stay up to date with technology news, and here is an overview of some of them:

Technology Drives Certain Industries

In some sectors, modern technology is an absolute must. As James Cook University outlines, modern technology is key to providing better healthcare and, more importantly, more efficient services. This reduces the cost of the procedures and care, and allows for countries to offer their healthcare and reduced rates.

For those who work in healthcare, staying up to date with technology news means that you can be an expert by the time that tool is brought in to your hospital. If you were a nurse, for example, with eyes on becoming the Director of Nursing, then staying up to date with healthcare tools and programs is how you can progress your career and be the leader your team needs.

Technology Improves Services

Technology doesn’t just provide better healthcare, but better care in this case. Hospitals can commission artists to create VR or AR experiences for their patients who cannot leave or for those who are on death’s door. VR can take them away from the sterile environment and stimulate their imagination. This in turn improves their spirits, reduces risk of depression and anxiety, and can help give patients the strength to fight on.

If you work in marketing or in wellbeing, keeping up to date is essential to make art and messages more accessible to all. Done right you can use technology to, say, create an award-winning viral campaign. In this example, keeping on top of technological changes can mean you stand out well above the rest for your innovative thinking.

Technology builds social audiences

Technology has changed the way we interact, with more performances and shows heading online, apps like TikTok are gaining popularity – followers are in demand on such apps, see here. Technology has also changed the way in which we read online news, watch movies and more.

It Will Leave You Behind

It’s hard to believe that almost thirty years ago the Internet did not exist, and now look at it. Though it had a bit of a rocky start, with so many people using it and investing in it and then, of course, the .com bubble burst in 2002, it is prevalent around the world. It drives industries, societies, and governments. Businesses who are not online today can, without doubt, benefit hugely from having a presence here.

Hindsight, of course, is 20-20. It’s very easy to look at the companies that didn’t adapt and subsequently burned out as a result. This is due to them not being able to see the potential before their eyes, and it still happens today. Many new technologies are being introduced and it is up to professionals in all industries to recognize which ones will succeed and which ones will phase out.

Speculative bubbles are very hard to see at the moment, and it’s even harder to predict how new tech is going to evolve, but by keeping on top of industry trends and following the news on the tools you think will work best is a great way to prepare for the future.

How to Stay Up to Date with Technology News

There are many great ways to stay up to date with technology news, and using one or more is how you will actually use the knowledge you have gained to put it use towards your career.

Industry Magazines and Journals

There are two subscriptions you will want to make. One is to an industry-relevant journal. This journal will be academic, the articles published within will be peer reviewed, and generally speaking it is going to give you the most in-depth information.

Subscribing to an industry magazine will give you a better overview. As you are likely a busy professional, it is best to use the magazine as a way to keep up to date, and then investigate tools you believe will help your business or career further by reading up on them in academic journals.

Follow the Authors and Inventors

Industry magazines or journals are great to help you learn what is out there, but if you want to stay up to date with a specific tool you will want to follow the authors or inventors in question. This can be done by reading all the articles or papers they publish, or, it could be done through social media.

Formal Education

Formal education is necessary in many industries. If you are a nurse, for example, then you will want to go through the certification process so that you are legally licensed to use a new tool that your hospital has brought in. By keeping up to date with industry news as you have until now, you will be able to pick out which machines and programs will be brought in, and can get your certification in the interim between the announcement and it being installed.

Technology consistently changes, and though one day we might finally plateau on what can be discovered we have not and will not reach that point for a long time. For now it is best to stay as up to date as possible on industry trends and tech so that you can either implement that technology directly into your own business, or use that knowledge to further your career.

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