We Can’t Afford Another Democrap President…!

So that we understand each other…there are normal Democrat people ,with common sense, not a lot, but who believe in our Rule of Law, our Constitution and our Republic with equal rights for ALL. They have more liberal opinions on things  than us normal people but…for the most part they aren’t nuts, like the Democraps! We even have many as friends and they are traditional Democrats and good people… sort of.

Then there are those who have no honor, no conscience, no plan except for self promotion and an insatiable appetite for money and power. They would sell their own mothers to become President of this great Nation, to change it to a Socialist Nation.  “Some”, to their credit …even, actually stopped trying to hide their beliefs , came out of the closet, and admit they’re either commie ,red, pinko’s or Socialist Democrats or Democrat Socialists or Socialist Muslims or Progressive Socialist Democrat Modified Progressive Bisexual Democraps! They define my new word…DEMOCRAP. All they spew is ridiculous, Fairytale, impossible, implausible, unattainable, “nutso” ideas that no 5th grader would even recommend. For example, I want you to assume that 82% of your electric power comes from fossil fuel and most of the rest from 98 nuclear plants in 30 States. Less than 10% comes from other sources like hydro, solar wind, and the hot air spewing from the lips of Democraps.

Now I want you to understand that what I am about to tell you is FACTUAL…not made up by me or  a grade school 1st grader or a homeless crack head. It comes from most of the 20 Democrap hopefuls you just saw on the Democrat Debate. In their New Green Deal…the one that AOC thought up, the one that they almost all promoted but none voted for( that is very telling, isn’t it?) they tell us they want to eliminate “ all fossil fuel and nuclear power plants and eliminate entirely our dependence on fossil fuel, in 12 years”! Really?! They plan on grounding all air travel that depends on fossil fuel and to eliminate totally the use of oil, natural gas and coal!!!!


Okay…do we go back to “off the grid Alaska living”, because all they use is wood…please don’t tell them that wood is a fossil fuel or we will really be f—ed!

Folks that is in line with what Hussein Obama did to us. Before he built the “concentration camps” to hold illegal aliens, that the Democraps blame Trump for…Obama said that he would and almost did… bankrupt every clean coal plant in the US. He dropped our Grid from 120% of capacity to less that 100% of capacity by closing Clean Coal Plants like the cleanest of them all, the Sommerst Power plant about 15 miles from my home. I never saw black soot coming from the stack, but Obama shut them down! Why? Ask him!

It gets better…all 20 of those brain dead  Democrap Candidates want to give people who are here ILLEGALLY free health care, free housing, free food …that’s what they say…not me!

They live in the Land of Oz surrounded by pixie dust that turns into money for the grabbing by waving a magic wand…! That must be why Obama said that neither he nor Trump nor anybody else could bring manufacturing jobs back to the US( that Obama and the EPA) chased away, without Trump waving his magic wand. Obama really said that folks! Yea…he probably meant Trump couldn’t do it in 1…year…after all it took President Trump almost 2 years to accomplish that feat! And we have the lowest unemployment and greatest number of manufacturing jobs in our country’s history and for the first time and  the US is the largest producer of oil and refined petroleum products than ANY country in the World and is ENERGY independent!!! All that, must have been what Obama “started” by shutting down the Green River Oil Reserve, shutting down the  Bakkan Oil Reserve and refinery , stopping the Canadian Pipe Line, stopping oil drilling near Canada and all the other  stupid and down right Treasonous Acts the Great Obama accomplished.

Take a good look at the concentration camps that Obama built and picture your kids there with another Democrap like Obama or a Hillary or Sanders or one of the many incompetents running for the Democrat Nomination who WILL run this country into the ground with refuges rushing here from every s—hole country in the world for free everything .

About the author

J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .


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  • You collect a government pension. That makes you a Socialist. I am so impressed that you know a basketful of non-deplorable “Democraps” Write something that is more constructive and less inflammatory rhetoric babble. Coal is following the path of whale oil lighting. Manufacturing jobs are not at the highest rate in US history. Trump can’t take much credit for a market that started to grow under that last administration. No, I am not a Democrat. Yes, it’s jerks like you who write inflammatory nonsense that serves no purpose other than self indulgence.

    • Thanks for reading my column…but I wish you would read a lot of other things before you criticize somebody who actually really knows what he’s talking about…that’s me…butt breath! In 2008 our grid was at 120% of capacity for the entire country and about 85% of that was fossil fuel power plants…look it up. Only in the land of Oz can you replace that with green anything in 12 years as the Green Deal , Tinker Bell AOC ,proposes. Hussein Obama closed clean coal plants illegally, by using the EPA to make laws instead of regulate because his Democrat House and Senate refused to pass “Cap and Trade’…look that up as well. That reduced our grid to current, 85% which is why NYC keeps loosing power,”brown outs”. There are 3 Grids that supply all our power, East, West and Texas. President Trump is aware of that and that’s why he restored our energy independence because Obama made us vulnerable , intentionally, to put forth his agenda…Islam. Look that up while you start reading something besides comic books.Your 24 Socialist Democrap candidates, think like you…they don’t. It is technically and physically IMPOSSIBLE for any Green power you can think of to replace even 10% of our grid. AND the cost of ALL Green power is astronomical when compared to fossil fuel or even nuclear! Look it up! When all the Democrap Candidates raise their hands to free Health, education, food, housing to illegal aliens ,like they ALL did…it demonstrates just how stupid your candidates are…that too is not financially or mathematically possible either! Each legal, working citizen would have to pay $60,000 per year…moron… for that to happen. That’s why all your Candidates are full of shit …all they spew is BS, racist hatred and pure desperation because they know that AG Barr is about to put half of the last administration in jail and 2020 isn’t even a race, and their “top” candidate, Biden, committed Hobbs Act- Extortion and will answer for that soon! I earned my pension, nobody gave it to me. Your Commie-crat buddies want to give free stuff to people who didn’t earn it and climbed the fences, illegally to get it! The difference with coal is we have an unlimited supply WITHOUT killing anything. If you earn something it’s called working for a living…if you can work but don’t want to it’s called “free-loading…or Democraps! Bernie wanted $15.00 minimum wage for everybody…except his employees, Omar defrauded the INS and probably… Omar is not her true name…Hussein Obama is a Muslim , not born in the USA, and you will soon find out that I do know what I’m talking about…there’s a new sheriff in town and Hell is coming with him…stay tuned! We will never give up coal, it’s efficient, cheap and plentiful…we will never become a Socialist nation and the next election will be a landslide for Donald Trump because his followers…like me are smart and not dumb-asses!

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