Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Attacked, No One Defends Her – Why When I Attack Allison Mack Do Nutjobs Come Out of the Woodwork?

Why are there so many conspiracy theories about what happens in the world?

The Liberal Media never stops complaining about Conspiracy Theories and the people, like Alex Jones, who promote those Conspiracy Theories.  (You’re wearing a tinfoil hat.)

Every time there is an important investigation, the government SCREWS IT UP.

Who killed JFK?
A lone nut?
The Cubans?
The Russians?
The Mob?
Rich Texas Oil Men?
Lyndon Johnson?
The CIA?

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JFK was publicly executed on the streets of Dallas and the Warren Commission cover-up still stinks to high heaven over 55 years later.

Now we have a man – Jeffrey Epstein – with powerful, influential blackmailed friends. Epstein is worth $550 million. He is indicted for, in effect, pedophilia and under 24/7 custody who is attacked in his cell and claims he is in danger.

Is this man given 24/7 protection?

Is he given 24/7 surveillance?


Who left MCC in a gurney – Jeffrey Epstein or someone else? Was he dead? Simply because his brother, Mark, claimed the body, does not entirely eliminate the possibility that a conspiracy is afoot.

Epstein is placed by himself in a cell with no working video cameras.

And this man is attacked a second time with fatal results.

Why would anyone be surprised by Epstein’s MURDER?

Alive, Epstein is dangerous.

Alive, Epstein can name who is controlling him.

Dead, Epstein is silenced forever.

A point of personal privilege.

Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell

When I quote court testimony claiming that Allison ‘Pimp’Mack is a sex trafficker, I get attacked by Nutjobs coming out of the woodwork.

Now, Ghislaine Maxwell is publicly identified in a deposition as a pimp and sex trafficker.

How come the people accusing Ghislaine Maxwell of pimping on the basis of a deposition are not attacked?

Because this website’s comments section is infested with NXIVM Nutjobs dedicated to protecting a perverted sadistic pimp named Allison Mack.

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