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8 Do’s and Don’ts When Studying Abroad in Australia

 For many, studying abroad in Australia is a dream. From the friendly culture to the amazing wildlife, it’s a place many look to when it’s time to head off to college. But fewer students really know how to study abroad in Australia. It goes beyond being able to navigate through study abroad programs in Australia or reading articles about the best place to study abroad in Australia. You need to know how to live your life, keep up with your studies, and experience the culture there. This list will help you accomplish that.

Go Exploring! Abandon Your Education
Try Some Vegemite Feed Homesickness
Socialize Through School Forget the Essentials
Keep Track of Australian News Play Too Hard (Or Work Too Hard)

DO Plan to Explore

After all, what’s the point of going to another country for your studies if you spend all of your time sitting in your dorm or classroom? If you don’t get out and about, the only difference you’ll notice is the accents. When you head off, you’re going to want to pack your adventurous side. Go out, make friends, and experience new things. That’s one of the biggest parts of studying abroad in Australia, and you shouldn’t miss it!

DON’T Forget Your Homework

While you should be out exploring whenever you can manage it, you shouldn’t just abandon your assignment to the drop bears. You’re in Australia to get an education, too. If you need help, EduBirdie helps with assignments. If you would prefer not to use online assignment help, then set a schedule for your studies and stick to it. This goes for your homework as well as your study time. Remember:  Education comes first. Always. Once that scheduled time is over, though, it’s all up to you!

DO Eat Their Food

Though many don’t know a lot about Australian cuisine (Vegemite, anyone?), you’ll be eating their food for the entire time. You’ll eventually get tired of heading to Maccas morning, noon, and night. Understand what you’ll be eating. Maybe try some of the snacks before you hit the plane. Most of it is good, and you’ll likely love it. Yes, that includes Vegemite.

DON’T Cling to Home

There aren’t many people in the world that are completely immune to homesickness. And nobody expects you to be, either. But clinging to home can make the pain even worse, and you’ll forget to enjoy yourself when you’re here. That doesn’t help anyone. How are you clinging to home? Keeping too close of an eye on your home country can hurt.

DO Get Involved in Your School

Your school isn’t just for turning in the odd assignment, studying, and wishing you were out having fun. For those in a new country, surrounded by new people, it can be a great way to make friends. Consider the school your “entrance” to the Australian culture.

 DON’T Pack Too Lightly

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. While many who travel by air choose to pack lightly to save money, consider what it will cost to buy that item once you actually get to Australia. This isn’t an excuse to bring everything, including the kitchen sink. It is a reason to bring those extra books, your drawing supplies, or whatever your interests might be.

DO Watch the Local News

In order to feel like you belong in Australia, you need to act like an Australian. That means staying up-to-date on the happenings in both the entire country and your local area. Watching national and local news can keep you knowledgeable with the current state of affairs. This is where you live now, after all. 

DON’T Overdo It

No list of studying abroad in Australia tips is complete without this advice. Those who study abroad sometimes decide to overdo it and risk either their own health or their grades. Overdo what? Practically anything. If you overdo partying, you risk the health effects from that, the chance of committing a crime (not good if you’re there as a student), and the chance that you’ll fail. If you overdo school, you risk your mental health and burnout, leading to lower grades and probably a return trip home.

Studying abroad in Australia is the adventure of a lifetime. By following these tips, you’ll be doing it smartly. In the end, you’ll have experienced the culture and gotten an education!


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