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Ghislaine Maxwell Is a Mossad Agent & Alive and Well [Protected] Now in Israel

By 007-24-6

[Guest View]

Dear Frank:

Had I known my comment in Shadow State’s post Evil Woman: Allison Mack Would Have Been as Cruel and Heartless as Ghislaine Maxwell Had She Not Been Arrested had a future as its own article, [i.e. Ghislaine Maxwell Is/Was a Master Spy; Allison Mack, Just a Fool] I would have had more to say, such as:

– Where Jeffrey Epstein’s money came from.

– Why Les Wexner gave Jeff Epstein a $75M (est.) mansion in Manhattan for $1.

– Epstein’s other properties that weren’t listed in his will, or in the 1953 Trust (such as the homes he maintained in CO, OH, and CA, in addition to the other properties he had outside of the US). These homes are owned by corporations & interlocking directorates that Epstein controls, similar to the way his other properties are held (structured share ownership), but virtually immune against any kind of legal action due to the opacity and complexity

– The role of Ossa Properties in Epstein’s organization. Ossa owns 301 E. 66th St, and most of the apartments in the building are long-term rentals. They own a few other apartment buildings as well. Jeff rents several units from Ossa, via two separate companies, and the apartments are used to house very expensive working girls. (As an aside, there is a Burt Reynolds movie called “Sharky’s Machine”, which is where Jeff took some of his inspiration from. It’s one of his favorite movies).

– Why Ghislaine Maxwell went to Israel. (She holds dual citizenship, and as an Israeli, she is not subject to extradition to the US, particularly due to the fact that she was involved in sensitive operations.)

– The “nuts and bolts” of Epstein’s operation.

Jeffrey Epstein

I appreciate the skeptics reading this, and let me state for the record that (unfortunately), I can offer no proof of the veracity of my claims. No offense, but I’m not willing to publicly post scanned copies of classified government property, especially not in the middle of an active investigation. It would mean losing my job (not to mention my freedom), and I’m just too close to the end of my career to risk having to start over (following a jail sentence).

Of course, you are free to believe whatever you want to believe, and I am not here to sway your beliefs in either direction, only to share what I know.

I believe I said that Maxwell is a Mossad agent, not a “Master Spy”, so please don’t put words in my mouth –

Her father got her the job, back in the mid-80s. Her handler, “back in the day”, was Mike Harari, but I am unsure of who it would be now.

While she certainly isn’t the best looking woman that ever lived, she is nonetheless well educated, and her skills and social connections made her uniquely valuable in growing and developing Epstein’s organization. She was the source of most of the contact information contained in Epstein’s ‘black book’.

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