Mr President, You Are the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States and Have the Sole Responsibility to Insure That Justice and Our Rule of Law Are Satisfied…Get Involved Now!

DOJ is hesitating to  Indict Comey for lying and leaking…we do not know the true reason and understand there may well be a reason that involves other charges and testimony as part of a deal…HOWEVER, if he is getting a free ride for all the OTHER serious Felonies he committed, without testimony that goes UP the pay scale, then Lady Justice is getting a knife through the heart.

DOJ should have stated clearly that the “declination” applied only to lying and leaking and other serious charges that are still on the table!

Comey was behind the illegal FISA warrants that he signed off on knowing full well that his sworn signature was based upon his belief that the information was true, correct, accurate TO THE BEST OF HIS ABILITY. It was not! He knew the information was “unverified and salacious” according to his own statements that we all heard and that is a felony, in the least! He violated the Civil Rights of several US citizens including Carter Page. He did it to conspire to affect a US Presidential election, a Felony. He conspired to tamper with evidence  to obtain an illegal FISA wiretap on a US Citizen, a Felony.

Comey also conspired to remove a Duly Elected President by creating a false FBI Investigation,  a false Counter Intel Case, to unseat a duly elected President, another felony. He used his Official Position as Director of the FBI to Obstruct Justice in the Criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton, to retain a high paying job, a Hobbs Act- Political Corruption violation. He tampered with evidence by withholding evidence from the FISA court, withholding evidence found on  the Weiner’s computer allowing Peter McCabe to break The federal Rules of criminal Procedures and by NOT reporting that the evidence was found, requirements of  FBI Rules and Regulations  and Best Evidence Rules on reporting evidence found.

James Comey was FBI Director and not Jesus Chris himself. He committed multiple Felonies that almost destroyed the criminal investigation on Clinton and the Presidency of Donald Trump!



 It is undeniable that Comey and EVERY OTHER DOJ Official who signed the Carter Page FISA Wiretap Application committed Fraud Against the FISA Court!

As the Chief Lawman, Mr President…you cannot allow that to go unanswered!

Indict everyone who signed the warrant and related papers. Then deal with each case individually…DO NOT LET THESE BASTARDS GIVE YOU, US  AND LADY JUSTICE THE FINGER!


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J. Gary DiLaura

J. Gary Dilaura, a 28 year veteran of the FBI, spent his career in South Carolina, the New York Office, and Buffalo. Active in the FBI’s Violent Crimes Program, finishing his career as Bank Robbery Supervisor. He received Commendations from every FBI Director he worked for and after retiring he became a Businessman and Conservative, OpEd Columnist, "The Right Side", for several publications including, the Niagara Falls Reporter and the Ft Myers, Sun bay Paper. Visit his website at .

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  • Comey may well have received a pardon from Obama when he left office, however Comey and Rosenstein signed FISA warrants AFTER Jan 20th 17, at which point in time Obama was no longer president… those are the ones which ULTIMATELY exhibit the problems for those who signed them…

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