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Fave Comedian, TOMMY DAVIDSON, will be performing at the Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY Sept 13-14

One of the funniest, most talented comedians with exceptional range, TOMMY DAVIDSON – known for standout roles in film, tv and animated series — is performing at the Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo, NY from Sept. 13-14 . As you can imagine, Tommy delivers any time he is interviewed; his current material is a whole new level of funny. We would love to set up an interview with you tethered to the performances at Helium Comedy Club.

As you know, Tommy has earned a reputation as an extraordinary performer. Best known as one of the stars of the groundbreaking television shows, In Living Color — as well as the force behind Turner Network’s #1 animated series, Black Dynamite, Tommy’s visibility has allowed him to become a household name known for his innovative talent. Also, known for hysterical roles in features ranging from starring opposite Jim Carrey in “Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls” to Halle Berry in “Strictly Business” and in Spike Lee’s “Bamboozled.” Most recently and upcoming project is his book set to release in Jan 2020, “What’s Funny About Me: Tommy Davidson.”

Helium Comedy Club- Sept 13-14

30 Mississippi Street

Buffalo, NY 14203

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