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Taking Environment Seriously : Start Riding Your Bicycle More & Here’s How To Do it

According to a report published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Forbes, one of the ways of saving our planet is by cycling more.

Further, this report claims that cycling will prevent “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” and this includes the social, economic, political and environmental.

Sure, we can all agree the above statement is quite bizarre and in my opinion, quite grandiose. After all, to what effect will it make if I switch from motoring to cycling? Will it make a dent in the number of cars on the road? Will it stop the global rise of temperatures?

Well, not exactly as you’ve have wanted, but if you critically assess the effects of making a switch to cycling, you’ll realize that the “grandiose” statement is not further away from the truth.

Now, before we look at the benefits of cycling to the environment, let’s look at the far-reaching consequences of commuting to work using your car.

Effects of Cars on the Environment

Why we’ve decided to highlight vehicles, as opposed to other modes of transport is because vehicles are the most popular mode of transport. And more importantly, they’re seen as the perfect substitute to the bikes, and in reality, they’re not.

Vehicles affect the environment in several ways, but today, we shall focus on their emissions.

According to Sciencing, car pollution is the leading cause of Global Warming. Cars and trucks usually emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which contribute to rising global warming.

These greenhouse gases will trap heat in the atmosphere, resulting in increased global temperatures. If you’re a keen geographical enthusiast, you already may have heard the glaciers in the North, and the South Pole is increasingly melting because of the high global temperatures.

The result of the meltdown is that the water levels in the oceans increase, and ultimately, resulting in catastrophic floods.

Beyond the carbon dioxide, vehicles emit other substances such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, all of which are major contributors to acid rains. This is not to mention that once this particulate matter is deposited into the soils and plant from the rain, it can affect the food chain. These nitric substances are known for affecting the reproductive, respiratory, immune as well as the neurological systems in animals.

To give an idea of the impact of cars on global warming, Union of Concerned Scientists, claims that both collectively, cars and truck emissions contribute to a fifth of global warming in the United States.

Now, that is just a glimpse of the jarring effect of vehicles on the planet and therefore, having a bike as an alternative to the car is now a wise idea.

Biking To Save the Planet

Biking has been touted as one of the ways of saving the environment, and today, we shall look at some of the ways which biking does this.

Save on CO2

For those who drive short distances to their offices, you might think that the effect of carbon dioxide is negligible. However, even short commutes around 5 miles to work each day will quickly add up to hundreds of gallons of gas over the years, and correspondingly contributing to global warming.

Biking, on the other hand, doesn’t require any fossil fuels and will help you contribute to climate change on a personal level.

Reduce Smog

Beyond the contaminants, emissions from cars are responsible for smog and blurry weather.

Cycling, a mundane form of transport does not generate any emissions and will help to keep the city air clean to breathe.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Bikes are generally silent.

Having bikes in cities will drastically reduce the instance of noise complaints, and will create a more pleasant environment.

This is not to mention that reduced noise pollution has plenty of physical benefits since extended exposure to noise can result in auditory damage.

Reduced Water Pollution

Bikes do not require any oil, and so, riding a bike will help to keep the water we drink free of toxins.

Save Animals

A staggering statistic indicates that animals in tens of millions are killed by cars yearly.

While this does not pre-empt, bike-animal collisions, the slower speeds on the bike make the collisions more avoidable and far less dangerous or both humans and animals.

Humans often prefer to ride cars because of the comfort and ease of transportation. But it is causing great harm to animals and the environment. Bikes are generally considered a more environment-friendly alternative to cars, but the comfort and ease of riding may be an issue.

Fortunately, motorized bikes are available as a more eco-friendly option for transportation. These are bikes that have been attached with a two-stroke, four-stroke, or electric bike motor kit.

Motorized bikes are as environment-friendly as ordinary bikes but enhanced with a motor to offer more speed and power without exerting a lot of effort on the pedals. They work perfectly on any terrain and help you move faster and easier over uphill paths.

There are fully assembled motorized bikes or electric bike motor kits that you can easily attach to your existing bike.

How To Get Into Cycling; Rediscovering Cycling Once More

I’m both an environmental ad cycling enthusiast, and in my blog, I’ve come across many people who had the enthusiasm of going greener, by ditching their cars and rediscovering their bikes, but they don’t know-how.

Well, in the section below, I shall highlight some of the tips you need to take to re-discover the cycling-you.

Get a Right Size Bicycle

This is a no brainer; you can’t get into biking without a bike.

However, it’s not just getting the first bike you set your eyes on; you need to get the right size bike. I did some research & as seen on mybikexl, choosing the right frame size bicycle is as important as the brand.

The definition of the best bike might vary considerably, but in my definition, the best bike for your needs is what will address your cycling needs.

It does not matter the brand, Price, or even features, the right bike for your needs should make you feel comfortable, safe, and most importantly, make you feel safe.

Create a Habit

Once you find your perfect bike, you need to create a habit.

For starters, commuting to work on a bike might be depressingly tiresome, but this is because your body is yet to adjust.

However, if you stick to the habit, you’ll soon get used to cycling, and you’ll not want to see your car near you.


Cycling has numerous benefits for the environment.

You might not realize these benefits on an individual scale, but when there’s enough awareness, and an increasing number of people get into cycling, the benefits will start to manifest.

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