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7 Ways to Make Your Writing More Interesting to Read

A straightforward rule about making your text more interesting is to be simple. There is nothing that flows better than simplicity in text. If you are a student and you are wondering, “how can I make my essay better? – The first thing is to stop using massive vocabulary. Don’t try to sound intelligent through the use of complex statements. This voids your piece of credibility and flow. But how can you make your writing spike interest in the reader’s mind?

First, you need to understand that writing essays can sometimes be a challenge, as a student. To counter this obstacle, consider using free resources online. There are many of these available at your disposal. For instance, and several other resources, help students with free essays as a guide. Following this, you will easily create your piece without hustle. So, here are the seven ways you can use to make your essays appealing:

Use simple words and phrases

It is quite annoying to read complicated sentences, not only for laypeople but also for experienced scholars. It doesn’t add flavor using hard terminologies. Instead, it makes your text difficult to comprehend, which is the worst thing you can do to your reader. Unless you are referring to a scientific phrase, evade hard vocabulary. This is how to write a good article.

Avoid using long sentences

This is to ensure your text is easy to read and comprehend. Also, it helps to maintain breaks when reading. An excellent way to prove whether or not your sentence is long is proofreading. If you find yourself struggling to read through paragraphs, then you probably need to edit them into shorter sentences. Besides, you need to learn how to make essays longer without necessarily using long sentences.

One effortless and effective way is to have only one thought per sentence. Avoid combining several thoughts and ideas under one sentence. Failure to observe this essential tip leads to confusion.

Use active voice instead

Often, many writers and students use the passive voice, which is wrong. In most cases, students don’t realize the difference. An active voice has a subject-verb-object order. On the other hand, the passive voice has an object-verb-subject type of sequence, which tends to bore readers.

An example is: 

  •   The assignment was written by the student – passive
  •   The student wrote the assignment – active

Note that in some cases, you might be forced to use the passive voice. When this happens, learn to do it in moderation, only when needed.

Have brief paragraphs

Aside from keeping the sentences short, your paragraphs equally need to be brief. If you have read a newspaper before, you must have noticed the short form paragraphs. This is because it is easier to read a text that has shorter paragraphs than one with long ones. The concentration span of a typical human brain is short. And as a writer, consider how long your reader can stay on the text. So, if you’re still wondering what makes writing good, then here you go with the answer.

Get rid of the fluff

Fluff entails baseless words that don’t add any value to a text. The best way to deal with fluff in your writing is by finding an interesting thing to research. In most cases, fluff comes up due to poor research and insufficient content. Most writers add it to meet the set word count. If you feel you are unable to meet the required number of words, then consider stopping where you are and explaining to your tutor, rather than being irrelevant and boring.

Avoid repetition

Redundancy makes your text irrelevant and loses the interest of the reader. Say something once, and that is enough. Look at some of the examples of free essays online to understand this further.

Proofread your work

Whether it is an ordinary essay or term papers, you need to go through the content. Sometimes you may make mistakes when writing and fail to realize. Human is to err, but you can make amends to change the norm. Take a look at the various research papers online and understand what it means to proofread content.

Acquiring help from professional academic writers like Case Professors is also a quick fix where you can get not only your work proofread and assessed by professionals serving in the field but you can also get custom-written assignments and papers right within the deadlines and on budget.

In summary, the tips above will help you make your article superb. Of course, with constant practice, you will become an expert writer.


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