Put a MOM in charge and see things get DONE – Why Erie County will WIN with LYNN

By Teresa Reile

People Above Politics 

That is how it should be. But, alas, that is not how it IS – Yet.

However, it CAN be that way, if you vote the right people in November.

“For too long, I have seen politics run county government.  It’s time we give Erie County government back to the people.”  Lynn Dixon

Mothers everywhere know that once you have a child, you don’t only think about yourself anymore.  When you have a child, the picture gets MUCH bigger.  You start thinking about future generations, about what will happen after you are gone, how the world will be for your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

When you are a mother, you do whatever it takes to make the world a better place so that your children and your children’s children will have a world to grow up in which will be safe.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, many mothers are wondering if their children will ever have a chance to actually grow up.

Lynn Dixon is a single mother of four children who is running for Erie County Executive.  She KNOWS that something MUST be done now to secure the futures of our children and our children’s children.

Our current County Executive does not have that same viewpoint.

He can’t.

He doesn’t have children.  He hasn’t experienced the anguish of worrying about what kind of world his children will grow up in.

Lynn has.  Lynn gets it. And, she is doing something about it.

She must win.

When she wins, you will win.   

We all will win.  With Lynn.

 “I am an Independent who will work to address the issues facing this community. I will re-prioritize.” Lynn Dixon

The current County Exec’s obvious lack of reality on the future is apparent in his stance on several issues, namely the issue of letting illegal aliens into Erie County and wanting them to get driver’s licenses.  He simply couldn’t see how this would be detrimental to the next generation.  He just doesn’t get why so many people are up in arms about this.

What he DID get, was the overwhelming public outcry against it and how it may affect the next election. Nary a thought to the wake of destruction this heinous policy would leave behind.

People woke up to the fact that he is only thinking of himself and only thinking short term.

He doesn’t get it.  And, he won’t get it until he becomes a father.  But, that is, at best nine months away, and by then it will be too late.

A different KIND of leader

 “I want to focus on fixing your roads and your parks, ensure a better foundation to create jobs.”  – Lynn Dixon

People in Erie County pay some of the highest taxes in the nation, so one would think that the infrastructure would be pristine, yet we have some of the worst roads one has ever seen. Some of the roads in Erie County are in such disrepair that they are dangerous.

Our children play on playgrounds in parks with high levels of lead paint.  Only a parent would have the foresight and the compassion to know that this is just wrong.   Only a parent would put these issues on the forefront.

Dixon is an outspoken opponent of drug abuse and an active participant in drug prevention organizations.  She is because she has kids.  I don’t think there is a mother alive who wants their children to be exposed to drugs.

Committed to making the world a better place.

“My focus is not on political agendas, but on getting things done.” Lynn Dixon

Born and raised in WNY, she has been in the county legislature since 2009 winning 5 elections in a row.  She has delivered on her campaign promises and has held firm in her resolve to keep taxes low in her district.

She is very well known for being a very nice person, but, make no mistake, do not confuse her kindness with naiveté’.  She is a tough cookie when it comes to taking the hard line on issues that matter.  She can do it, but the funny thing is, she always does it with a light touch.

That is her magic.

She is not forceful, she is just right.

Prior to being a legislator, she was a well known journalist for twenty two years on both TV and radio covering everything from crime to sports.  That experience has given her a unique perspective on things.

She knows what Erie County needs and quite frankly, it’s time for a change.

Put a mom in charge and see things really getting done. 

“As a single mom of four kids, I understand the daily challenges facing our citizens.  It’s time we get back to taking care of their needs and take politics out of county government.”  Lynn Dixon

Moms are known for being superhuman.  They can cut a steak with one hand, while holding a child in the other, handle the world’s hunger problems while organizing a corporate dinner – all this at the breakfast table before the day begins.

Dixon has cut her chops in the business world, the non-profit arena and the political realm.

A founding member of the local chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation, and a board member of numerous non-profits, Lynn is no stranger to the word, ‘help’.

That means something when it comes to running a county.

Precisely what Erie County needs

“We need a County Executive who is willing to listen.”  Lynn Dixon

A mother’s touch – firm, but nurturing, available to lend an ear, incredible time management and organization skills coupled with that uncanny woman’s intuition.

She’s a busy gal, but then again, if you want something done, give it to a busy person – a mom.

Lynn Dixon has proven her competence, her caring, her compassion and her savvy.

Call it ‘women’s intuition’ but Lynn Dixon is the SMART choice for Erie County Executive in November.

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