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What Are the 5 Content Creation Tips We Should Keep in Mind for 2020?



Content creation is not about practices, techniques, and methods; rather, it is all about communication with the world of real people, unique individuals with their extraordinary features and needs. There is a sense in which content is nothing but a mediator between the content creators and Internet users. Moreover, in the twentieth century, people are sick and tired of the impersonal interaction with programs and technologies, which are deprived of human characteristics. Therefore, successful content creation should be focused more on being than on doing. As a content creator, become an interesting person to spend time with, consider yourself as, first and foremost, a conversationalist, which is the pattern followed at the online essay service Essay Shark.
Here are five content creation tips you should keep in mind for 2020:
1. Be a Researcher
Needless to say, it is impossible for a person to know everything or to be a specialist in all spheres. However, to be a good content creator, your job is to provide the audience with new factual information that can either entertain or educate those who read/watch/listen to your product. Learn to be a researcher so that your content would not be shallow, biased, boring, erroneous, and well-known. Develop your curiosity, learn how to be amazed by the unknown, draw your attention to the things you do not understand (for example, black holes, insects, baroque music, filmmaking), and then do your best to comprehend it. The more time you spend time researching, the more ideas you will get, and the more interesting content you will produce. Research skills are essential to generate ideas and, as a result, to create quality content. As the UK Government Digital Service suggests, “before you begin to create a content strategy, you need to understand your content.” In other words, dig deeper during your research, and you certainly will find the gold that can make your content precious.

2. Be a Strategist
Chaos, improvisation, and impulsive decision-making are not options for good content creation because people do not like disorganized, spontaneous, and incoherent pieces of content. Imagine that you are an interviewer who has a YouTube channel with the recordings of your dialogues. Those who think about subscribing on your channel want to know at least something regarding your content creation strategy. What is the overarching theme of your interviews? Who are your guests or interviewees? How often will you upload new videos? What is the targeted audience of your content? These are only a few examples of how important it is to be a strategist to create quality content. According to the US Department of Health & Human Services, “ensuring that you have useful and usable content, that is well structured, and easily found is vital to improving the user experience of a website”. Therefore, strategic thinking ahead is one of the keys to successful content creation.

3. Be an Experimenter
It appears that human beings cannot stand a lack of diversity, they always want something new, made in a new fresh way, in a new style, presented in a new form. And there are so many tools that can help you to diversify the presentation form of your content. For example, you can publish your content as an infographic with Venngage app, or make a GIF with GIPHY website to illustrate the point or add a survey to catch one’s attention. Thus, be an experimenter who always tries something innovative because people love seeing new approaches and, thus, experiencing new things. For example, you may see it in Essay Shark review.

4. Be a Psychologist
Since content creators are conversationalists who interact and communicate with other individuals, your goal is to know people who consume your content. Understand your audience, know their fears, dreams, desires, difficulties, expectations, uncertainties, and stereotypes. Be a little bit smarter than they are in terms of knowing their personality. There are many people who do not know what they need, and your goal is to analyze society in order to suggest only relevant content that would be needed by your audience. Thus, incorporate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to know what people currently search for, what are the trends of image, music, video, and academic search. Use such tools as Google Trends and Google Analytics, use reports of sociologists and psychologists in order to become the one who knows and understands the audience. In other words, become a (so to say) psychologist using SEO.

5. Be a Storyteller
Content creator should remember that dry facts, digits, numbers, percentages, statistics, graphs, quotations of the scholars, and references to sources may interest only scientists who operate with such kind of information. Most of the Internet users are looking for the stories (either in a textual, visual, or audible form). That is why blogs, video blogs, and podcasts are one of the most popular types of content today. Thus, be a storyteller! We all love exciting stories, don’t we? We watch TV series because we want to know the end of the story, we read books because we are intrigued with the plot, we listen to podcasts because we enjoy hearing about somebody’s life experience. Therefore, learn how to tell good stories, read more fiction literature, listen to other speakers, and be creative when it comes to creating your own content.










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