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OCTOBER 29, TUESDAY- Andy Grammer at The Town Ballroom

Multi-platinum pop singer and songwriter Andy Grammer is touring in support of his new album Naive. Grammer writes catchy tunes that invite sing-alongs like his hit “Honey I’m Good” which peaked at #9 on Billboard and “Don’t Give Up on Me” which peaked at #1 on Billboard. He frequently promotes the idea that couples in relationships should be honest with each other and that cheating is for losers. You find any Grammer songs about depression or violence or any other negative subjects popular with other artists.

I have been labeled the positive guy for my entire career. The truth is that I am. But the positive guy is way more three dimensional than the world gives him credit for. Unfortunately, the word positive comes with the after taste of – simple, sweet, and NAIVE. To me, optimism is a full on war that’s fought everyday. It’s hard to stay positive when so much around us is negative. The word positive to me feels way more rebellious, persistent, heroic. This album digs into the story behind the smile. If it’s stupid to see the good in everything, then lord help me please, to be NAIVE,” said Andy Grammer.

The show at The Town Ballroom is 7 pm, October 29th. Tickets $33-$199.


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