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Four Activities You Can Do in California

California has so much to offer its residents and vacationers alike – you’ll never be short of things to do when you visit. From forests and mountains to beaches, there’s something for everyone no matter what you feel like doing on any given day. Yet because there’s so much choice, you might have difficulty in deciding what to do when you book your vacation so you can get the most from your experience.

Universal-Studios Jurassic-World Raptor Encounter

Go to Disneyland and Universal Studios

If you haven’t been to a theme park or on a studio tour, have you even been to California?! These sites are popular with tourists for a reason, so you may wish to spend a day or two going to each of these top attractions. The Disney theme park is a great place for kids big and small to spend many hours of fun. Enjoy all of the different rides and themes at the resort – such as Star Wars, Toy Story and Guardians of the Galaxy. Then there are the many shows and parades you can watch in amazement throughout the day, with their awe-inspiring displays and the chance to see your favorite characters. You can also take a tour, sample the themed foods and create unforgettable experiences with your family.

If you need another day or two of excitement, then Universal Studios Hollywood is the place to go. You can have a VIP experience with a backstage tour of the studio and see places the rest of the public can’t access, or alternatively explore the many ranges of rides and themes, including The SimpsonsTransformersHarry Potter and Jurassic World.

Play golf

There aren’t many things that are better than a round of golf on a sunny day – and there are plenty of courses in California. There are many different ways you can enjoy this sport – you can have a round on your own, or with other people, for example. You can play a nine-hole round, or an 18-hole one, or as many or few as you have time for. There are numerous formats to play, you can compete with those of different abilities, and you can enjoy a bit of exercise too.

So it’s no surprise there are so many golf clubs to choose from in the state, no matter where you decide to stay. You could think about planning a visit on a day out or during a road trip – if you’re driving between San Diego and Los Angeles and you get onto the Interstate 405, you can then drop in to Strawberry Farms golf club in Irvine, CA, and play a round there before continuing onto your next stop.

California’s Redwood Forest State Park

Visit a national park

That next stop could then be to one of the many beautiful national parks within the state of California. You’re never that far away from one of these places, and there’s a great variety of natural landscapes in which you can explore.

If vast and rugged landscapes sound dreamy to you, then head to Death Valley National Park. Even in winter, midday temperatures have been known to hit 30C, but there are many vibrant colours to take in. Zabriskie Point is a good place to see the park, either at sunrise or sunset.

Then there’s Yosemite, 200 miles east of San Francisco. The glacier-formed landscape is popular with hikers, wildlife watchers, and rock climbers alike. Although open year-round (and particularly popular in the summer), the colder months make it a winter wonderland for cross-country skiers.

Surfer in Huntington Beach, CA

Go surfing (or just visit the beach)

Surfing is an awesome hobby and a sport. Wanna try to learn to surf? There are so many ways to do it. Just check Ombe for more information. California is where surfing started off in the US, so if you want to try it out (or just watch others have a go), then you’re in luck. There are plenty of excellent places for surfers to take to the waves.

Huntington Beach in Orange County is great for surfers of all abilities because of its consistent conditions, with the best waves coming in the winter. Near Santa Cruz there’s Steamer Lane, where you can get some of the best waves in the state – and is also home to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and many surfing events. For the biggest waves – and to be tackled only by advanced surfers – there’s Mavericks in Half Moon Bay. These world-famous breaks have huge waves for the bravest of skilled surfers to tackle, and is a great spectacle to watch.

Of course, these are just some ideas for what you could do on your trip to California. There are so many different things you can do in the state, you won’t regret one moment.

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