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10 Careers for Creative People

People with personalities that are expressive, inventive, or creative, are best suited to careers that make use of these talents. Though the ideal path is not always easy to find, communicating with others with more experience through online social groups is often the best way to get started. The right kind of work for you is out there, but it may take some research and experience before you find it. You should also have a well-written resume. There are services available to help you with your resume or a resume rewrite.

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Interior designer

For those with a feel for aesthetics, design, and their application to physical space, interior design could be a suitable career path. Around a quarter of interior designers are self-employed, though positions can also be found in architectural firms, engineering, residential building, or specialized design services. This requires the use of hand-drawn sketches and computer visual representation, such as CAD.

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The demand for creative wordsmiths ranges from roles in marketing, copywriting, and blogging to technical writing, journalism, and screenwriting. While writing fiction can be very competitive and offer less job security, technical writers that produce instruction manuals and FAQ resources can be well paid and with more stable positions. Marketing also provides many positions for skilled writers.

Graphic designer

These are creative professionals that use their artistic skills to create advertisements, logos, marketing, and promotional materials for various organizations. This involves interpreting ideas and messages through visual communication and the use of hand-drawn sketches or computer design programs. There is usually a wide selection of available positions in a range of industries.

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Creative types looking for hands-on work may consider the craft of jewelry. This will involve designing and creating bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings from different metals, stones, woods, and other materials. It requires artistic skills, manual dexterity, and a steady hand for operating machines. This vocation will appeal to creatives who enjoy control over the artistic process and like to see and feel the result.


Art director

For design professionals who like to oversee a larger creative project, choosing to work as an art director may be a smart career choice. This is someone who chooses the art and visual elements that are used for an advertisement, film, performance, or publication. Art directors may work in creative industries, advertising, marketing, or public relations, and usually have a background in fine art, photography or design.

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For creatives with a talent for drawing or painting, the illustration could be an advisable career path to pursue. Illustrators draw or paint pictures to a specific brief, and usually for commercial purposes. This may involve working with traditional media like pencils or paints, or with digital tablets and illustration software. Illustrators usually work freelance, though they may also work for agencies.

Art therapist

Art therapists use their creative skills to help people with behavioral, emotional, or mental disorders. This requires an understanding of art, psychology, and therapy to help people cope with difficult conditions. The process of art therapy may involve sculpting with clay, painting pictures, or other media. Art therapists need to receive an education in various disciplines before obtaining a license.

Web developer

Web development is for creatives with a strong understanding of the computer code, languages, and systems that are used to create and manage web applications. It can be in front-end, back-end, or mobile development, and it could also mean specializing in a particular language, such as Javascript, CSS, or PHP. Web developers are not required to receive any specific training, and many are self-taught. And two of the more popular programming languages this year are Redux and React. If you want to learn more about these frameworks, we recommend you click here.

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Music composer

Musicians with a talent for creating original music are able to find work composing music in different styles for various purposes. This can vary from creating jingles for advertisements, closing music for TV programs, or pop tunes for large audiences. Music composers are usually proficient in various instruments and able to edit tracks with music software. Work is often found through an agency.

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Make-up artist

With a wide range of applications, make-up artists work for weddings and other events, theatrical productions, or TV and film. Make-up artists require an understanding of color theory, application techniques, and how different cosmetics can be used with different skin types and face shapes.

There are numerous creative career paths to choose from, but these should be well matched to an individual’s talents. Those with creative skills should not be afraid to pursue the career of their dreams, and not be discouraged by the inevitable challenges.


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