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DEC 1 – BOOK SIGNING for Whisperers of Secrets: a community of short stories by Pricilla Hill


Whisperers of Secrets:  A Community of Short Stories, the latest literary offering from Buffalo, NY writer Priscilla Y. Hill, will be available at her first book signing on Sunday, December 1, 2019 at 1 p.m. at New Covenant United Church of Christ, 459 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY  14208.

A collection of diverse stories that span a timeline from pre-Civil War America to the present. They are stories of challenges, romance, family remembrances, historical trauma and challenges, and some humorous situations. The new anthology is a page-turner. The stories span a timeline from pre-Civil War America to the present and lend palpable insight to nuances of the African in America experience from the perspective of the Great Migration from the Jim Crow South to a better life “up north.” 

The book is also a resounding anthem to the significance of Buffalo, New York – an Underground Railroad terminus, former steel mill city, and Hill’s beloved hometown.
“My passion is for disseminating knowledge and information about African American life and experience through my storytelling.  I also think of my writing as a journal I keep about my life journey,” Hill says.
In addition to the December 1 signing at New Covenant United Church of Christ, Whisperers of Secrets will be available for purchase at signings on:
Fri, December 6, 5pm-7pm at Outside the Box 1272 Delaware Ave. (at the carriage house)
Sat, December 14, 4pm-6pm at the Frank E. Merriweather Jr. Library 1324 Jefferson Ave.
The book is also available for purchase online at for $17.95, or by contacting Green Hill Publishing at
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