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Samantha Sidley The Queen of LGBTQ-friendly Jazz-Pop

Jazz-pop singer Samantha Sidley told the Los Angeles Times that her recently released album Interior Person “addresses the pleasures and torments of romance from an explicitly gay point of view.” The album’s opening song “I Like Girls” speaks to the torment and the pleasures of romance from a gay point of view. While clinging tightly to traditional jazz roots Sidley manages to bring a modern sound to the jazz bedrock formed by old stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day and Blossom Dearie.

A fan of the Great American Song book, Sidley puts an LGBQT spin on classics like “The Man I Love” where the lyric is changed to “Someday she’ll come along, the man I love.” Sidley said it makes the song much more interesting, “Who am I talking about? A trans person? A really butch girl? It just makes this other world of characters.”

Sidley also covers a Ry Cooder classic on the album “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt.”

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