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Louisiana’s soul rockers the Seratones release a new smokin’ great video

AJ Haynes, the lead singer of this Shreveport Louisana band has a wonderful voice and a lot of charisma. Their new video over you is the best song I’ve heard from this band, however, I’m not sure why the whole thing is filmed in a bathroom. That’s kind of weird, especially since it opens with AJ taking a piss and reaching for the toilet paper while she’s singing. Artistic choices can be confounding sometimes. Nevertheless, the music speaks for itself.Haynes was trained as a gospel singer and she’s in good company there, think Aretha Franklin for starters.

In an interview with Grandstand Music Haynes explained the reason she chose the bathroom as the setting for this vid.

“‘Over You’ was written fresh after an acrimonious break up. Lewis Pesacov and I came up with a beat and a bass line and then I basically free-styled over the track. There was a point at which I realized-while making the song-that I truly was over the split. That I was better. I had to deal with how I was complicit in the emotional manipulations and blame game tug-of-war. I had to look at myself.

“The bathroom is one of our most intimate interior spaces because we have to be alone with ourselves, which is a really uncomfortable place to be after a breakup. We have to look in the mirror to see what we’ve done.
“The bathroom is also a place of transformation. We reflect, we recoup, we refresh, we re-learn how to come back to ourselves, to reframe our axis of pleasure. I think that self-love is about far more than baths, incense, and masturbation-however, these rituals remind us that we are worthy of pleasure and peace. Self-love is a practice of healing, of getting better.”

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