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Make A Pledge To Talk About Climate Change

Dear Artvoice,

Want Artvoice readers to be able to have the tough conversation about climate change with your loved ones this holiday season, but don’t know where to start?

Climate change can be an intimidating topic to bring up, but the more we talk about it, the more we shift public opinion and knowledge. Together, we can increase the urgency around saving our climate, food and water simply by starting a conversation with the people who matter the most to us.

Take the pledge to talk about climate change with your friends and family!

Once someone takes the pledge, we’ll send them a guide with tips to help start the climate change conversation! The guide is a helpful starting point for how to find a lighthearted segue into the conversation, and how to effectively communicate how climate change makes you feel.

If your readers haven’t chatted with friends and family about climate change, they’re not alone.

A recent poll found that more than half of adults rarely or never talk about climate change with their family or friends.¹ — but we can change this! As the holiday season approaches, we have an opportunity to start this important dialogue.

By taking action and fighting alongside Food & Water Watch, you are already making huge strides in protecting people and the planet. So what got you involved? Why do you wake up in the morning ready to fight climate change?

If we start by explaining what the movement to protect our planet means to us, we open up the door for others to share their thoughts.

Stopping climate silence is going to take all of us, and we don’t have much longer to turn things around. It’s time we find common ground, inspire others to take action and fight like we live here.

Every single voice can power these critical conversations to stop the climate silence — join me in taking the pledge.

Onward together,

Wenonah Hauter
Founder and Executive Director
Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action


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