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SAT NOV 30 – Buffalo History Museum Is Hosting Dozens of Local Authors and Their Books for a Book Signing

When we first heard about the Buffalo History Museum’s annual gathering of local authors we honestly wondered if there were enough local authors to justify the event. Turns out there is an incredible number of books by local authors and many are about Buffalo and Western New York history. Some names are well known like former television newscaster Ed Kilgore, former Buffalo News reporter Matt Gyrta and Buffalo entrepreneur Mark Goldman. Other authors are not as well known but they have clearly been toiling away uncovering the fabulous history of Buffalo and WNY. You can look at the books and meet the authors at this event and get a personalized signed copy of any book that interests you.

The event runs from 11 am to 2 pm at the History Museum. Participating authors this year include: Christina Abt,  Donald Blank, Doreen Boyer DeBoth, Christopher Carlin, Steve Cichon, David Colman, Lorna Czarnota, Rick Falkcwski, William Faught, Doug Funke, Mark Goldman, Matt Gryta, Gerald Hallioan, Mark Haremski, Rosanne Higgins , Sara Kersting, John Koenner , Paul Langendorfer, Jessica Lowell Mason, Nancy Mingus, Lou Paduano, Greg Parkes, Roger Rainville, Mariana Rhoades, Frank Riga, Mariam Shannon, Tim Shannon, Jan Sheridan, Doris Sippel, Christine Smyczynski, Shane Stephonson, Greg Tranter, Nancy Turgeon, Paula Wachowiak, Julianna Woite, and Karen Zale!

Below is just a small sample of some of the books by these wonderful writers:


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