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Fake music never sleeps – South Korean girl-group (G)I-DLE’s single “Lion” breaks 20 million views instantly

It seems K-Pop is conquering the world in spite of obviously corporate fabrication of these K-pop bands. They’re so manufactured they make Disney look authentic. A recent corporate entry stamped out by Cube Entertainment is the girl group (G)I-DLE, six asian Kewpie dolls who are always fashionably dressed in ultra bright colors. Their latest single “Lion” was released November 3rd and immediately had over 20 million views. The syrupy quote for the the teenager girls is jaw dropping, claiming:

“LION” is a powerful song that shows the fierce yet majestic side of young women/queens that are ready to take on the world. With graceful and charismatic choreography that parallel those of a lion and a queen, (G)I-DLE’s “LION” has captivated old and new fans all over the world.

Their fans are appropriately called #NEVERLAND and they come out in droves to support them. As they say one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure.

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  • This is pathetic. True, a lot of kpop groups are manufactured. But this particular group you’ve chosen doesn’t fit the bill. Seriously, is doing prior research before writing an article that hard to do?
    Because you’re too lazy to do so, allow me to waste my time and educate you.
    This group is the complete opposite of “manufactured”. If you had actually listened to their music, you’d know the unique sounds are very new and experimental to the current trend in kpop music.
    The leader Soyeon has written, composed and co-produced all their songs. The members decide on the choreography, they aren’t told what to do. They also choose what concept to do, hence why each comeback is so unique and refreshing.
    I seriously hope this article is another’s treasure, because all we just see is trash.

  • To the piece of shit who wrote this
    Don’t ever write about my girls again you racist piece of shit or i’m gonna ruin you.

    • Please trying to be more mature and less pathetic about successful people around the world jamie. The world is so big, we need to be more open minded and accept that the younger generation will surpass all the expectation of old white people. So pls try not to jealous with a bunch of 20 year old who work hard for several years to debut and then reach the top with their self produce music. You dont need stoop that low man. Grow up jamie grow up. Imagine how your mom, dad, wife, kids, grand kids feel when they find out that you jealous with a bunch of kids, and so bitter to the point that you wrote a shitty long ass article about them to show people your jealousy. Grow up jamie grow up

  • I can smell the fragile masculinity seeping out from 10000kms away..
    Remember when journalists needed a degree to become professional writers, not just some sh*tty blog willing to post their racist opinions on the internet..

  • I read this article and was almost positive it was by an angry bitter old white man and to no surprise, I was right. The article is a mess, no fact checking, the picture attached was of a wrong group,there was too much personal contempt to make any valid point. You would have thought that an old, grown adult man would have learnt to express himself properly at this stage of life but obviously not. While I do feel bad for the girl group being dragged into a grown, white man’s temper tantrum, there’s no point throwing a fit over it because these girls are making a name for themselves globally with critically acclaimed music they produce themselves. I do hope you find some other outlets to express your anger and resentment with life, Jamie. It’s the 21st century, xenophobia isn’t acceptable anymore. Wishing you the best for your future. Hoping you can learn to become more professional and accepting in 2020 and not let the success of minorities in the new century drive you over the edge x

    stream lion

  • This article is so unprofessional. Are you a journalist? Because this content is a big no no. Why don’t you try writing about FACTS next time?

  • However you feel about kpop as a whole, I don’t care. However it’s unprofessional and frankly rude to diminish hardworking women who create their own music. The leader, Soyeon, is very vocal about women in kpop having more control over their music and is setting a great example for groups to come. Please educate yourself more before speaking about topics like these. And stream lion;)

  • Jamie Moses: that picture is not G Idle you moron. “corporate entry stamped out by Cube Entertainment “. Quotes like that says you did not even do basic due diligence just like a good little fake journalist. If you had you would have found that the leader of the group writes, produces, and choreographs almost every song they do. You would also see that they are anything but the normal ‘cookie cutter’ kpop group. How about you do your basic job at a minimal level of competence before writing asinine article and embarassing yourself? You can start by looking at this: since it shows the group member actually composing the song. FYI, they always have videos of how they come up with concepts, work out the lyrics and melody, and determine the dance composition. But of course you didn’t see any of that. Your boss gave you an assignment you thought was beneath you so you just were a snot about it.

  • I’ve read quite a few bad articles about kpop and stuff in my life but I think this one takes the cake.

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