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WED Dec 11 – Home Alone with the BPO

‘Home Alone’ will be shown on the big screen at Kleinhans Music Hall with the BPO playing John Williams’ majestic score LIVE!  It was a brilliant idea for the BPO to perform John Williams’ incredible score live along with the film. Home Alone is one of those particularly American madcap comedies like The Big Lubowski that you can watch over and over, and of course it’s become a holiday favorite. If you don’t know the story it centers on an 8-year-old boy mistakenly left behind when the family leaves for Paris and two bungling burglars attempt to rob their house. Unfortunately for them they are confronted with an ingenious little defender of the family property.

Home Alone: Film with Live Orchestra
Wed Dec 11, 7PM
Kleinhans Music Hall (716) 885-5000
Tickets start at $39, special discount for groups of 10 or more

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