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PIGEONS PLAYING PING PONG -2 nights at the Town Ballroom Fri. & Sat. Dec 13 & 14

“We pour every ounce of ourselves into every note when we perform live,” says Pigeons Playing Ping Pong singer/guitarist Greg Ormont. No one could contest that. Their show is crazy energy served up in infectious rhythms, excellent musicianship and an  unyielding quest for joy.  Blending infectious funk grooves, psychedelic jams, and experimental electronics, the Baltimore four-piece’s new album, ‘Pizazz,’ is a reminder of just how much fun music can be.  Expect to hear a lot of tunes from the new album at the Town Ballroom show.

Glide Magazine called them “a band that melts faces and pulls no punches,” while C-Ville Weekly praised the growing “cult around [their] high-energy music, goofy stage antics, and all around good vibes.”

Doors open for both shows at the Town Ballroom at 7pm. Age 16 and over.$25


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