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Those who support efforts to isolate and delegitimize Israel are taking the responsibility to the giving rise of anti-Semitism.

We will not be intimidated. We will not be defined by anti-Semitism. The arc of history will ultimately bend towards tolerance and understanding between people.

This is a ‘National Crisis’ and it requires a “National Response”. A response not only by our political leaders but by all people of good will and good faith.

The list of cities in the headlines with anti-Semitic incidents almost daily grows longer. The virus of hate continues to flourish and incredibly grows stronger.

It is not a time for silence when anti-Semitic attacks are countered with political platitudes of “zero tolerance” followed by revolving door justice. It is almost impossible to believe that suspects arrested in last week’s string of eight anti-Semitic attacks were quickly released right back into the neighborhoods they allegedly terrorized due to bail reform legislation.

When Jews are attacked with a machete in a synagogue while celebrating Hanukkah it is way past time for us to make clear – to our politicians, to our neighbors, to our society, to our country – ENOUGH!

Rabbi Anchelle Perl

Rabbi Anchelle Perl leads the Chabad of Mineola, NY

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