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5 ways to proofread your text and avoid using an academic paper editing service

Editing and proofreading a text are among the most vital aspects in academic writing. If you don’t consider yourself to be one of the academic experts, as well as don’t feel like addressing your request to an academic paper editing service, there are still lots of options for you. Here are a few alternatives to an academic writing service to take into account, especially when you are currently looking for academic writing help services and can’t come up with anything. 

Ask for constructive feedback

As soon as you are done with paper writing, ask your friend, a relative or a professor at an academic institution to take a look at your piece of writing. They may be those academic experts you have been looking for. Thus, they will be able to provide constructive criticism and offer suggestions on how to improve your paper writing skills. What is more, you will not have to ask for assistance from any academic writing services. 

Use a service that checks your grammar, punctuation and spelling

One of the most useful services to help you make sure you have not missed any punctuation, spelling or grammar mistakes is Grammarly. Apart from that, the service will offer you a few suggestions on how to make your writing style clear and concise. In other words, it is that kind of academic intelligence you have been looking for to make sure your text does not contain any mistakes. What is vital to mention is that it is not an academic writing service, so you can stop worrying about that. Artificial intelligence is sometimes better than a team of academic experts, especially when it comes to checking a text for common mistakes. 

Read your text out loud

This is a rather obvious yet a very effective technique. When you read your paper out loud, you spot all the mistakes you have missed right away. What is more, such process also helps you make sure that there is a logical transition from one paragraph to another. Perhaps, some parts of the text do not go together with the main idea. Having read your piece of writing out loud, it is easier for you to spot those parts in the text. Plus, there is no need to address your request to some freelance academic writing expert. 

Proofread the printed version

If you have both time and an opportunity to proofread the printed version of your paper, you should not hesitate to do it , and here’s why. The thing is the process of checking your piece of writing for mistakes gets so much simpler when you do it on paper. Staring at a laptop screen for a long time often leads to missing some typos or even grammar mistakes. However, you rarely miss such things on paper. The key aspect is both editing and proofreading is to allocate as much as possible. This way, you will have an opportunity to change the structure of your paper as often as possible to make sure it is easy to read. 

Take a break before proofreading and editing

Being able to take some time off before you get down to proofreading your paper seems like a luxury. Yet, this is the most effective approach no matter what type of an academic writing assignment you are working on. The thing is that taking a break even for a couple of hours helps you unwind and clear your head. As a result, you will get down to editing and proofreading feeling refreshed. What is particularly beneficial is that it will help you think outside the box or even come up with a few last-minute ideas on how to better structure your piece of writing. As you have already understood, completing an academic writing task starts with careful planning. The latter involves not only the writing process itself, but also editing, proofreading and taking a couple of breaks to unwind and clear your head. Besides, there is no need to use academic editing and proofreading services when you create an outline for a paper and a well-thought plan of every single step you are going to take when working on this assignment. 

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