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Canada have Won and the US have Lost in the Global Fight for Tech Workers

Hundreds of technology workers packed themselves into an auditorium for a huge networking event in Toronto. The evening’s host went around the room using a hoverboard and this was exciting to say the least. Jason Goldlist is the co-founder of the company TechToronto. This is an organisation that actually helps newcomers to try and navigate the technology ecosystem. When he asked how many people were from Canada, quite a few hands went up in the air. Chitnis, who is one of the people who attended the event said that he himself moved to Canada from India. He said that the country is vibrant in general and that immigrants are very welcome. There are a lot of services that have been instated by the government to try and help anyone who is new to the industry and this is especially the case for entrepreneurs. The whole ecosystem is very much suited to the needs of the people and it’s much more open to immigrants when compared to the US.

War for Global Talent

If you want to look deeper then you need to take into account online casinos. They draw a lot of talent from all across the world and people who work in tech are required to support their growth. The problem is that there is a war when it comes to global talent and when you look at the bigger picture you will soon see that Canada appears to be winning. The US may actually be losing the edge as well and this is very important to keep in mind.

The Tech Industry In Canada

The tech industry right now is booming and one of the main reasons is because of US Immigration. The Trump Administration have made it very difficult for workers to get access to visas and they have also blocked entrepreneurs from being able to travel to the country altogether. This all comes down to the travel ban which targets the majority of Muslim countries. Trump also has the plan to try and expand this to even more countries at a later date. When you look at Canada on the other hand, you will soon see that they are making great progress and that they are also dealing with things in a much more streamlined way. When you look at what the States have done, it would appear that they are making it as difficult as possible for people to get a job and stay in the country which is never a good thing.

When you look at the Trump administration, you will soon see that high-skilled workers are being rejected and at a much higher rate as well. 92% of applicants for visas were approved in the year 2015 but in the last few years it would seem that this has dropped down to 75%. Immigration and authorities have said that they are trying to make sure that the companies that work within the country don’t follow the same rules. Employers have to show that if they do hire a foreign worker, they are not going to hurt Americans as a result.

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