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Does The Price of A Wine Bottle Matter? 

There are many speculations and pondering if the price of a wine bottle really matters. Does the price of a single wine bottle affect its taste? Does the quality remain the same if you bought a much cheaper wine? Or does an expensive wine automatically denote a much higher quality? All these bugging questions are expected from non-wine experts or even from first-time buyers of wine. 

Is there really a connection between the price and the wine quality?  

If you ask a couple of wine experts and even sommeliers, well, they will definitely answer you with a resounding YES. 

It’s because they already know the quality of wine they have tasted over the years of drinking and giving critique to different wines. They can tell, and their palate can already recognize each wine’s distinct taste and character. Even blindfolded, they can tell the difference of a $10 bottle of wine to a $100 bottle of wine. 

And if you think that the price of a single bottle of wine won’t reach an over the top price mark, think twice, as Petrus wines are considered the most expensive wine in all of Bordeaux. A single bottle of Petrus can cost you a $1000 minimum, might as well better check it for yourself, and visit

But how does the price affect the quality of the wine? 

Well, if we dig more in-depth on how a single bottle of wine is made, then we will know how the price affects the quality of the wine. Here are the essential factors that you need to know. 

Land Area 

Have you given it a thought why many winemakers are thorough when looking for the right land to plant and grow their grapes? It’s because the land area or the location of the potential vineyard profoundly matters. They just don’t plant in an available ground and grow their grapes on it. The land should be intricately chosen and must produce premium grapes over time. 

Fact: Mario Della Rochetta spent so much of his time looking for the perfect spot to grow his grape, and now, the famous Sassicaia wine was recognized as one of the original Super Tuscan wines because of the great land where its grapes grow

Image by Marissa Todd from Pixabay


To put it simply, expensive wines are made of premium grapes; even more so, vintage wines are made of premium grapes that are grown and harvested in the same year. 

In winemaking, this process denotes and produces quality wine, while cheaper wines use typically grown grapes and have a higher content of residual sugar compared to the expensive ones. 

Fact: RS or residual sugar are observed to be found in many cheaper wines as this is to improve the taste that is lacking. Residual sugar adds a richness that expensive wines already have since they use higher quality grapes. Thus, there is no need for it to go through such a technique. 


There is a vineyard that uses a machine in harvesting while others deploy workers to have it hand-harvested. From that idea already, the vineyard has an additional cost in terms of the workforce. 

Furthermore, the difference in the process of fermentation and the equipment used during the process is a playing factor as well. Some wineries use huge stainless tanks while traditional wineries stick to the good old oak barrel techniques. 

Fact: Oak-aged wines taste better since oak barrels contribute to the taste of the wine. Oak barrels’ significant contribution to wine aging is that it adds more flavor to it and slow ingress of oxygen, making the wine taste smooth, and lastly, a suitable environment for Malolactic Fermentation, which makes the wine taste creamier. 

Photo by pxhere

Branding and Ratings 

It is unarguably true that famous brand wines have a significant contribution to its price. Famous brands are well-known and well-marketed, other than that they are already famous and live to their names to give the consumer a great wine-drinking experience. Thus, they can command to have their price set on a high bar compared to its competitor. 

Aside from branding, the ratings from a wine expert, critics, and magazine publication is also an additional factor that can influence the price of a wine. And it is expected that famous wines are usually in the spotlight and overshadow the cheaper ones. 


Every wine drinker has a different taste and expectations when it comes to their drink. One can enjoy a glass of cheap wine fully while others get to have much fun sipping a glass of expensive wine. The price of a wine bottle matters depends on your taste, as the famous saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

If you prefer to spend big over an expensive bottle of wine or buy a bottle of cheap wine, that all depends on you. Either way, it is how you get to enjoy it matters. 

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