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Accurate Plagiarism Checker Online Free!

Are you looking for the most accurate plagiarism checker tool? If yes then we will like you guys to know about the best online plagiarism checker tool that promises accuracy and reliability at its best! Many people today have trust issues with plagiarism checker tools, and because of this very reason we have gathered all the important information about the tools related to plagiarism checking and in this three-minute article we will easily let you know about the complete details about how to use a tool and about the top features of it that make it the best one in the market!

Online Plagiarism Checker by Plagiarismsoftware.Net

Now the best accurate online plagiarism checker tool in our list today is by the! we will like you guys to know that despite all the rumors about the plagiarism checking tools, you should still go for this one and try using it because, in our opinion, you won’t find a more suitable tool for plagiarism checking! So let us now know about the details of this tool!

First of all, know that this tool is a very simple and user-friendly tool that you can use like a pro even if you don’t know anything about the use of the plagiarism checkers! First of all, you have to simply log in with your email account with the website, and if you don’t have an account, then don’t worry. You can simply register yourself, and it will only take a couple of minutes! Don’t worry, and you don’t have to pay anything for the registration or the use of this tool! The tool has both free and paid packages, but they have nothing to do with the reliability of the tool, and no matter what package you use, you will still get the most accurate results!

How to Use the Online Plagiarism Checker by The PS.Net!

Now the use of the tool is very much easy, and when you open up the tool, you will see a simple white box with the document icons in it! Now you can input text with multiple options. The first option is that you write or type down the text in the box manually, the second and more convenient option, if you want to check a portion of content, is to simply copy and paste the content in the box and the last option is to directly upload the document by clicking on the document icons in the text box!

Now there are many features of this tool that we will like you guys to read about so that you can easily clear up your mind for the free use of the tool!

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Features of The Online Plagiarism Checker Tool!

Now here we have listed the top features of the tool that you can read below!

  1. First of all, this tool is one of the most accurate and free tools that you can use, and with the free version of the tool, you can easily check as many docs as you want that are of 500 words each and not more than that!
  2. This tool is a web-based program, and for this very reason, it has the most updated database! You will find more than 30 billion web pages on the database of this tool, and your input text is compared with this huge amount of data within seconds!
  3. The tool uses the most advanced algorithms which are simply capable of breaking down your text into small phrases! Now you must be wondering the importance of this feature, well when your text is broken into small phrases of mere four to seven words and are then compared to the huge database even the smallest amount of plagiarism is detected in this way!
  4. Now, this tool can also accept multiple document formats, and if you have any format other than Microsoft word, then you don’t have to worry as the tool will handle it all!
  5. The tool is integrated with URLs, and this means that you can easily add and exclude the URLs that you don’t want to compare your article with! You just have to add the website URL in the URL bar and then click on the check plagiarism button! This is one of the unique features of this online plagiarism checker!
  6. This tool will generate a complete plagiarism report that will tell you about the percentage of plagiarized content in your article and will also authenticate the originality of it! you can share this report and can also download it!
  7. You will also get to know that exact source from where the content is said to be plagiarized with the help of this tool, and not only that but the text will also be highlighted in red!
  8. The tool does not save your data, and hence your content remains confidential even after checking!


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